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  1. The de10 only has one usb otg port so unless you’re controlling it telepathically you will need a hub of some sort to run a controller and external usb storage. on to point two; the otg port does not supply a lot of current at all. I very much doubt it can supply the full usb2.0 spec of 500mA so you really should get some sort of powered hub. The picture below is from before I missed in a very heath Robinson arrangement where I took a 5v vcc line directly off the power jack to juice my USB port. You can’t see it here but I disconnected the vcc line from the otg port and wired a jumper direct to the power jack. The mini USB ports are not usable so please ignore them. Thirdly, the stock psu is ok but if you are hanging multiple things off the otg port then do consider an increased ampage psu. I had multitudinous minor issues until a started using a 4A rated psu from meanwell. Many people say that the stock psu works fine for them though so ymmv.
  2. Wait, did you only do one of the pads? Why you hate player 2?
  3. There’s usually a button combo to press to switch modes.
  4. Best bet is hacked windwaker save to launch Swiss and the a sd2sp2 plugged into ext2 underneath. It’s what I ran for a while. you do need a larger third party memory card and a copy of windwaker though.
  5. After you’ve done 13, 15 and the upcoming 16, it’s a xenoblade chronicles from the beginning yeah?
  6. You’ve definitely mopped up more than I did. I don’t think I bothered farming ribbons. I do remember laying the smack down on Gilgamesh.
  7. It’s not the disc drive being noisy is it?
  8. I put each bin/cue in its own folder I.e. games/psx/sotn/sotn.cue and sotn.bin The core should then let you navigate the folders and select the cue
  9. Usb psx classic controller. Really low lag but doesn’t have analogue.
  10. And final boss defeated. A bit of a lazy shoehorning in my opinion. So I have really enjoyed this. Once I had almost all the abilities you can really get fluid zipping about the maps. The new Aeion abilities are a good addition. I particularly liked the radar one. Very helpful. Some interesting puzzles to get all the items. Took me far to long to figure out the super bomb + spider ball fast travel. If I had one complaint I would say some of the boss fights went on too long, especially the very last one. It was a case of “why won’t you stay down!?!” Total time 16h 14m, item 100%. If you lot say this is merely quite good compared to Dread I’m in for a treat once I finally start it properly. (Got Halo infinite queued up next - trying to play down my backlog). My rating: A solid 9/10. Not as good as Super Metroid but easily on a par with Fusion and Zero Mission.
  11. Wha!? thats bonkers. What if you don’t have any internet? They don’t let you wipe it?
  12. I would delete network settings, do a full reset then start the hack from a clean slate.
  13. You could just delete the network settings so it can’t phone home. If you’re on firmware 11.14 or below (I think) you don’t need anything from the eshop to hack it. if you’re above that then you grab this Pokémon picross game then delete the wifi settings. alternatively if you’re gonna hack it anyway you can always redownload what you’ve bought guilt free after a full reset. edit: you don’t have to log in to the store to check. 3ds.hacks.guide
  14. Once you’re done with this, if you’re interested I have the hard back players guide (300 pages) for FFXIII.
  15. Vampire night and time crisis 2 both do according to the manuals.
  16. Apparently not https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GunCon#PS2_games
  17. So I was looking for a light gun topic and this seems the best fit. recently I picked up a (working) crt so I dug out the wife’s ps2 and picked up a gun con for some light gun action. So far Vampire Night is tickling my ivories. It’s very reminiscent of house of the dead including the poor voice acting. Also quite enjoying the Virtua cop collection too.
  18. Indeed the full sound comes through the controller. There is a audio mixer in the x button pop up on the dashboard.
  19. It’s useful for link up play such as 8 player mario kart.
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