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  1. So Atsu is in and it's time to beat these newly promoted upstarts like a redheaded stepchild. Let the Everton premiership winning season begin!
  2. There's a ftp type program you can use to transfer isos across a network to the ps2 hdd. Hdldump I think it is
  3. i see them more like GF's from FF8 which you can switch to change your attributes/skills in battle.
  4. I'd be enjoying this more if I hadn't got Brazil in the sweepstake at work
  5. Your copy of Persona appears to be missing...
  6. I bought panzer dragoon saga from there for £15. Probably all the good stuff has now gone.
  7. FFS. another £20 spunked on FF games. And I'm only 20 hours into persona 4.
  8. It shows how much ratface carried the red shite last season
  9. It's a good job we've got such an experienced holding midfielder to cut out those balls.. ..oh.
  10. £20 bet with anyone that Gerrard doesn't get deservedly substituted at any time.
  11. gerrard failing to realise the world cup isn't reffed by people who want to see Liverpool win 'for the brand'
  12. Good question, who the fuck is meant to be playing left wing?
  13. Where the fuck was Johnson? I know, elsewhere being shit.
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