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  1. pfft. No chance. 4th is Everton's now.
  2. I would. Threatened an estate agent with it once over a deposit. They caved. When you commit to going to court, most shysters fold quicker than a cheap suit.
  3. I would just serve small claims court papers on them. It'll cost you more than the claim is worth but it's the principle of the thing. Plus it might shit them up if a judge/magistrate rules against them.
  4. I would cry tears if Utd won the CL and Liverpool came fourth. It would be sweet retribution for 2005 and the Collina refereeing 'performance' that kept us out since UEFA didn't want 5 english teams in the CL.
  5. Ninja Doctor


    Well congratulations, the score flatters you, but you were the better side on the day.
  6. Kinect 2: You can roll a turd in glitter, but you can't make it shine.
  7. Any predictions for this seasons' relegations from the EPL?
  8. Nights. It really is that good. hotd. Considering the limitations of the machine, everything is in there despite very flakey graphics. I think there's a story about the dev knocking up a quick proof of concept and sega rushing that out. burning rangers. Desperately in need of a update. panzer dragoon zwei. More fun and a better game than saga. death tanks. No explanation needed.
  9. Just finished ff9. Persona 4 now loaded up. Should i just play through Layton and the lost future first?
  10. I fancy us taking Arsenal at the emirates. With all the players fit again and them still being in Europe, could play nicely for us. Bet we get City in the semi's though. It's gonna end up with some yarg championship team in europe as runners up.
  11. Ninja Doctor


    As an Evertonian, see you in a few weeks lids.
  12. I've been boycotting EA since they bought out eidos and canned soul reaver 2 on dreamcast. Eventually they'll fall.
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