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  1. We're still in transition really. Next season will be when Spanish Bob really has us playing how he wants
  2. I dislike Caroll as much as anyone but Flores needs a sanction for his massive girliness.
  3. Shit pitch + stuck studs = double lower leg break
  4. out for the world cup now too. Poor Bryan.
  5. Not really. I just want shot as i cant get any of the video cables to work with it.
  6. More or less quicksandy than a team built on one world class striker/cheat who will probably be banned again before the end of the season? p.s. Super Kev!!
  7. I'm getting rid of a megadrive2 for free. collection from reading.
  8. Unlucky there Villans. Always difficult playing against 12.
  9. Remember the last time we were in fourth and they were fifth at the end of the season? Collina and a rule change on the request of sky iirc.
  10. Everyone's golf for me i think
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