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  1. third highest net spend in premier league era...
  2. spurs aint gonna catch us so the priority is cementing a top four finish and arsenal and city look too strong for us to catch.
  3. Gerard is looking a better prospect but unfortunately for Barcelona. Barkley is our future.
  4. whoop there it is. I frickin hate those clay-head nobbers and hughes can go take a long fuck off a short cock.
  5. A bit like the rat's stamps on Mirallas and Distin last season or his 9.0 scoring dive when he got Rodwell a red the season before?
  6. hold down RT then tap Y rather than hitting both together
  7. Spurs once more saved by the ref? 9 points from dubious penalties, are they the new liverpool?
  8. Unfortunately they were all for Welbeck
  9. How the fuck is welshite a professional footballer? Anyone?
  10. I borrowed FF8 disc three from a nice person a few years back as mine was too scratched to run. Maybe just use the wanted/trading forum or make a new sub forum in market place?
  11. I so wanted this bump to be news of the third. Cheers you gits.
  12. Don't worry lads, we'll lose the next 6 on the bounce and be back in the second half by Chrimbo.
  13. After seeing city's performance tonight, Barclay and Lukaku should tear them new ones on Saturday
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