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  1. Unfortunately they were all for Welbeck
  2. How the fuck is welshite a professional footballer? Anyone?
  3. I borrowed FF8 disc three from a nice person a few years back as mine was too scratched to run. Maybe just use the wanted/trading forum or make a new sub forum in market place?
  4. I so wanted this bump to be news of the third. Cheers you gits.
  5. Don't worry lads, we'll lose the next 6 on the bounce and be back in the second half by Chrimbo.
  6. After seeing city's performance tonight, Barclay and Lukaku should tear them new ones on Saturday
  7. Kewl. Got gravity rush, sextekken and uncharted downloading onto ps3 overnight.
  8. So I got plus tonight. What should I install first?
  9. There's a whole thread filled with them over on grandoldteam.
  10. Normally it'd be all fume at this point but Spanish Bob's first defeat was gonna come sooner or later. We'll just have to win the fa cup instead
  11. Alas no, I'm only an hour into it.
  12. First thing I did was pull down ff9 so you're not alone.
  13. and that's the last time liverpool will be top of the epl.
  14. I really love Baines in a leave my wife and make a lifestyle change kinda way at times. UNDEFEATED! SNIFF IT!
  15. My current plan is to get a 8gb card (for now, I'll upgrade to a bigger one when they get a little cheaper) and a ps+ sub for a year. That seems to be the recommended way to game in this thread. Once I've grabbed E'sG, my psn is varnishmike.
  16. So I picked up one of the black ops models from CEX as I had a shed load of credit to burn up. The hardware is quite nice is it not? Anyways, I need a memory card if anyone wants to shift a 8gb card away. Also, what's the psp emulation like on the vita? Does it just look like a regular psp interface or is just for launching the software?
  17. Guys, the xbone and psfour threads are getting a little sullied with insults and what can only be described as childishness. Here i have created a playground for all the bitterness. Enjoy. p.s. Vita/3ds flames also welcome here.
  18. This is why I'm not too bothered about jumping on the next gen yet. Too much stuff left to do
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