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  1. England call up for young Ossie. How many caps would he have if he played for the sky four?
  2. Five full internationals in that team too. Open your eyes, Rodgers is a Muppet out of his depth.
  3. I'm sure the BBC have it as part of their contract with Lawrenson that they have to have at least one RS article per day. No other mid table team gets that level of (deluded) publicity.
  4. So apparently Everton play like Stoke. And that's with more possession, more passes and fewer long balls than tiki-taka-pool. Could the starfish get any more classless? A mid table team with a superiority complex who can't even claim to have won the passing.
  5. Well rat boy mcdivey did his best to injure anyone who was beating him. Both the assaults on Mirallas and Distin were worthy of red cards. And fair play to Pip for putting his hands up over going down easy. Thats how you do it.
  6. I wish my wife went down as easily as Suarez.
  7. Alt update: gave the ghetto GBA to oxfam and found an ags-101 so back on ff5. What other carts should I be looking for?
  8. Bump. Somehow I found me one of these in my local indie. It's the graphite model. Set me back £25 and is in near mint condition.
  9. I dunno if this counts but today in my local indie I found an AGS-101 sp in charcoal for £25. Near perfect condition too
  10. I'm awaiting Moyes Turning snide and making phonecalls to the referees. "Please Mr referee, we no get penalties". Then again he's not a massive bell-end of a manager.
  11. I take it back, c'mon the villa. This'll be a good upset!
  12. ah cock. Oh well it's only the mickey mouse cup, won by second rate teams such as Birmingham and that lot from last year.
  13. ..it evens itself out over the season apparently. Anyhoo, that was epic today. Can we start ordering Champions league badges for next seasons kit yet? 30 more points and we'll be safe
  14. Guys, despite the previous result, having seen you on motd tonight, I really fear for your defence. Lamberts got some serious work to sort that out or I think you'll be in proper trouble
  15. despatched moments ago. here's hoping first class delivery gets it here for saturday.
  16. I hate you amazon!!!!!! "processing order" Not even despatched yet!!!!!!11oneoneone
  17. Amazon!,,, why you no send me borderlands 2 early????
  18. Yeah. Still gutting though. Last year we'd kill for 7pts from first 4 games. Still 5pts above the shite though
  19. England are playing better with 10!
  20. If he stays until the end of the season then fine. He'll want to come back eventually anyway.
  21. This is turgid. Gerrard off, he's been useless again tonight
  22. [Fingers in ears] LA LA LA nothing happening [/fingers in ears] Well he's done 5 years so if he wants off for euro football and a payday then we can't begrudge him that.
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