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  1. Might have fallen off the wagon a wee bit: Purchase 2: charity shop full set of Xbox 360 rock band instruments and rock band 1, 2 and Beatles. £50. Nothing now until March I promise.
  2. You never know. Not splurging in the hundreds for one though. I’m not that mental.
  3. It has a scart, I checked that but it’s a classic well rounded front tube. It’ll do until I find a cheap pvm or trinitron.
  4. I may have just won an auction for a cheap alba 14” crt. Can’t complain for £5.99 collected.
  5. Halo infinite also has quite a few for changing settings in the freebie multiplayer
  6. Charity shop spot today: fully boxed and complete Xbox 360 rock band instrument set with the branded powered usb hub and a set of pdp official drum pad protectors and a gameware toy guitar stand. £50. I was wanting to get back into rock band with the kids so snapped it up. Got home and opened it to find it also has rock band 1, 2 and Beatles inside. Nice. It even had all the inside boxes that the individual instruments came in. just have to get the 360 out of the loft now.
  7. DE-10. Sorry but that's started to bug me for no reason. DEC-10 is a completely different machine and an extra superfluous character to type. Anyhoo, you want the update_all or whatever the latest super script is now and drop that in the scripts folder.
  8. Just don’t go loading it all up with all the roms.
  9. If you want my advice, and you do, then pick one game you really want to play and only load that one up. Flitting across many will bring you no satisfaction. For me it was a third recent playthrough of Super Metroid (though I do also have super Mario world and Metroid fusion currently in the mix).
  10. Sprites, cartridges and bare metal assembler programming. once things went to APIs and optical discs then it’s no longer retro in my book. but that is a personal view heavily tainted by my age and childhood gaming experience. Ask this in twenty years to another audience and they will probably call the PS4 retro which it will be for them. I shall call this the retro window. Between being too simple in comparison to your first system and too modern for you childhood memories.
  11. Ah I read it as though it was across different switches. Dekay is correct.
  12. 1. Nope. It’s Nintendo. 2. about 4 inches or so. A docked switch sits in a half kallax gap with about an inch an half clearance above it (edit it’s actually 124 mm.)
  13. In my opinion if you want a modded gameboy the Color is the one to go for
  14. Purchase 1: Doki Doki for switch physical edition £14 (+£20 from Amazon - I cancelled the Zelda game and watch and got this instead). no more buys until February or until Just Dance 22 gets a heftier markdown on ps store.
  15. I’m reading that like she would really like to be in three movies rather than a confirmation.
  16. Because retro. people like us who grew up with them now have money and are bidding against each other. That’s said, only a few years ago you could get a good condition one for not much more than a tenner.
  17. This is £39.99 on Amazon today so with their £20 for shunning Visa it seemed rude not to.
  18. I either use a tv port or a rechargeable battery pack. Avoid raspberry pi power supplies like the covids. the issue is that the 5v line is not filtered before going to the usb hub chip on the pcb so any minor over volt event will blow the chip.
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