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  1. My Little Brony
  2. Meh. once you go fpga you never go back. If you want to keep thinking a pi4 is good enough, never try a mister.
  3. I however am more than happy to live with 2 frames. Still much snappier than emulation.
  4. Indeed. The Super Famicom uses a regular dc power adapter at 9v (don’t remember the polarity off hand but same as a megadrive1. The uk PAL snes for reasons uses a 10V Ac power supply since that is what the UK nes used. There is a rectifier circuit inside a pal snes to convert from ac to dc so can technically run on a dc supply. The super famicom however as the above says, will not run on an AC supply. Tl;dr: Nintendo are stupid.
  5. As an aside, anyone tried any other sticks or pads with it yet?
  6. Could you edit the database to the new l’ha file?
  7. After all this pgr talk i happened across a copy of pgr3 in a local chazza shop for a quid. I’ll have a tinkle on that later.
  8. It’s a standard figure of 8 mains lead. You probably have several all around the house.
  9. And this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Best-HIT-Chronicle-SEGASATURN-HST-3200/dp/B07ZTDW238/
  10. Microsoft have refurb series x on their web store. £420.
  11. Sounds like I should give it a swerve and stick with my consumer rgb 14” tv.
  12. I think you really need to go shrine hunting first
  13. It’s this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384814047219 the seller had another 14” which sold today for £100. This one is a relist since it got no bids before.
  14. I already have a 14” tv that does rgb, is a Pvm that much of an upgrade?
  15. There’s a pvm near me for £100 but it’s only a 14” and only has svideo at best. Worth it? There was a rgb/ypbpr one also for £100 but I missed that one.
  16. Now I’ve just realised where the heck the name for PGR came from. Only took 20 years…
  17. Don’t bother with those cheap guns (especially 7mm stick guns). Get a proper 11mm stick gun.
  18. You’ll never get it. There will be ‘stock issues’ and a nebulous promise that something will come eventually.
  19. A good jape would be to actually announce half life 3 but have everyone think it was a joke.
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