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  1. Indeed the full sound comes through the controller. There is a audio mixer in the x button pop up on the dashboard.
  2. It’s useful for link up play such as 8 player mario kart.
  3. I find the smb server transfers to be fine.
  4. Which model number is it and does it have a memory stick? Also check the battery condition, they swell up and pop.
  5. I think you’re off to find some big crystal thing and use that new sword the ghost things gave you to cut a piece off or something. I’ll be honest, since I stopped sniffing glue the plots in ff games have stopped making sense.
  6. I don’t bother with the usb board. I have a simple otg cable into a usb socket with a 5v line tapped off the power jack. If I need to plug anything more than a single controller in then I use an external hub.
  7. If you are not wanting to hook up to a crt then you don’t need the analogue io board. The digital io board is mainly used for the three buttons and to hold a fan. You can wire up switches directly to the second set of gpio pins for buttons if you wish (I do that for my case mounted menu button). Personally I don’t think it’s needed. You can get a cheap stick on heatsink and fan from misterfpga.co.uk that you can power from the gpio pins. yea, the digital io board does have a power switch and feeds the power to the de10. You don’t need the inline switch if you get this. Some inline switches cause power drops. The usb hub board, do you know how you are powering that? You might need a power splitter or if using a digital io, a jumper cable to take power from the unused de10 power jack.
  8. Yarrrr! i did see a copy in CEX today which was also £45. You can get it a bit cheaper on eBay if you bide your time. Or you can be a filthy pirate scum and download a cia file from archive.org and install it on your luma hacked machine via FBI. Apparently.
  9. He’s posted a brief comment on misterfpga.org. Under Russian occupation, limited internet and comms. Still trying to do his coding when he can. Crazy situation.
  10. So a reasonably priced copy accidentally fell out of the internet and into my recently acquired and hacked 2ds. Im quite enjoying it. Finally got the hang of the free aim. Ability wise I’ve got spider ball and lightning armour and am ploughing through the third area taking down metroids like Russian air assets. However it feels different to the 2D metroids. Can’t quite explain it, not necessarily worse just different. i think it’ll be a good primer before jumping into Dread after this.
  11. Collectors edition to be exclusive to sports direct in UK
  12. Have you checked out seedminer?
  13. You’re probably more than high enough a level to go to nabudis. I would probably head there next - it’s past the silikawood
  14. They shouldn’t be unless they are visibly damaged. They’re just old and really inefficient.
  15. It’s at the local sainsburys not a proper recycling centre. Anything there is fair game.
  16. I told my wife about it and she made it very clear I made the right choice leaving it behind.
  17. Today at the sainsburys recycling point I spotted a 28” Sony widescreen dvb crt. It had been out overnight and rained on so I unfortunately left it.
  18. Maybe there’s a particular hdmi port that supports variable frame rate.
  19. My Little Brony
  20. Meh. once you go fpga you never go back. If you want to keep thinking a pi4 is good enough, never try a mister.
  21. I however am more than happy to live with 2 frames. Still much snappier than emulation.
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