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  1. So he’s got a really tiny penis then?
  2. Buying cheap retro stuff doesn’t count does it? Managed to avoid buying anything so far this year.
  3. Yep. Even though I had already ruled out the fourth and fifth letters I had to try it to confirm the first three letters.
  4. Top lad. Fortunately I had £3.44 in gold points so I was able to snag one after buying a months online. Much cheaper than scalper rates.
  5. Rad2x https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/SUPER-NINTENDO-PAL-GAMECUBE-N64-HD-RAD2X-HDMI-CABLE
  6. That looks interesting but won’t it be supporting zombie Atari?
  7. Despite owning a mister, numerous sufficient pcs and not having any emotional attachment to the Amiga, I kinda want one. I think the whole package looks really interesting.
  8. I’ll keep an eye out for a reasonably priced copy then.
  9. It appears to be a reprint as the Zelda 1 article was still holding out hope for a 3d remake on the 3ds…
  10. They used a really flaky low power motion control chip
  11. So is the forum consensus that this is worth a punt but not at an inflated price? I realised I’d never played this one. secondly, did anyone play it on the slab type 2ds? Did it work ok?
  12. I currently have a play sega usb board inside a Japanese pad shell. It works ok but it’s a bit heath robinson. The white usb cable looks wrong.
  13. Have they fixed the quality issues on the retrobit Saturn dpads?
  14. I just grabbed mine from the mister GitHub unstable psx branch but that was a few releases ago.
  15. I know. It’s “paid” not “payed”.
  16. And Krikzz already having a green card for Spain due to previously living and working there anyway. It just seems that TO are shit posting for no real reason or benefit. Maybe they’re just dicks.
  17. And finally got last chieve to unlock this morning: Now where’s my sequel? I look forward to Cal getting amnesia in the opening 5 minutes and having to relearn all his Jedi skills.
  18. And Doki Doki lit club!!!
  19. Yeah you should have hit Nalbina fortress pretty much after getting Basch if I recall right. Enjoy the side quest to get the ferry running again…
  20. For the first time I actually did the donate step on one of those bonuses rather than just selfishly pocketing the 500 points.
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