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  1. Apparently terasic has them for sale direct from Taiwan. They’re a little more expensive but apparently ship pretty quickly. edit: yeah see above which was posted whilst I was typing lol!
  2. Part ex on your trinitron then? The tube works, I think it’s something gone bad with its software. Which bit of bucks are you in? Trying to work out the driving times from Hampshire.
  3. So as above my £5.99 alba turns out to be a dud, still got the trinny?
  4. My £5.99 crt doesn’t work right. Maybe it was the few weeks in the garage that did it in but it comes in then starts displaying setting menus in some foreign language (not recognised) and then cycles various channels. Back to eBay to find another.
  5. Once you go fpga you can’t go back to software emulation for anything pre 32bits.
  6. Or when you tell her you want to swap out the shiny hdtv for a 32” crt from 2002…
  7. I binned some off a while ago that had got damp in a cellar but I generally try to keep the boxes. for everything. Seriously, my loft is a massive fire hazard.
  8. FYI the second plug is usually just needed to provide extra power in the event of being plugged into a weak USB port. You may find that it will work with just the data plug connected.
  9. So lay man’s explanation: some clever folks have worked out a way of measuring the time taken between a button press on the controller, the signal to go to the mister linux and then that signal to be passed to the Fpga core. at about 1ms it’s near certain that the core will see the button press within the same display frame that you pressed it in. Rubbish controllers have a latency such that your button press takes so long to get to the fpga core that the frame has changed and something different is happening. Rule of thumb, snac > wired usb > 2.4GHz > Bluetooth
  10. I also have it and recommend. my controllers: psx classic - main controller retrobit mega drive 6 button blue pc engine mini 8bitdo sfc30 snes classic with elecom adapter wii classic pro with above adapter really cheap snes usb clone (which isn’t actually that bad) emio snes classic with adapter (does snes classic controller to usb) play sega usb saturn controller in official mk2 pad shell i think that’s enough. Mainly I only use the psx classic controller.
  11. I looked and it was about 30usd for the kit and shipping. It’s all open source so you could build it all yourself. I’ve been toying with getting an arduino pro and just making a two snes port deamonbite. try this link https://github.com/timville85/DaemonBite-Retro-Controllers-USB and you can make some simpler cables just using an arduino and a cable extension.
  12. I use a rechargeable battery pack or a Nokia usb charger.
  13. https://github.com/timville85/TripleController https://www.tindie.com/products/timville/triple-controller-classic-gaming-usb-adapter/
  14. This. I’ve boxed up my 8bitdo sfc30 and elecom classic controller adapter in lieu of this. I don’t play much mega drive but when I do it’s the retrobit usb mega drive controller. @Das look up the daemon bite triple adapter by timville. It uses an arduino as a controller adapter and takes snes, nes and mega drive originals. Latency is about a ms apparently.
  15. Still wondering how they’re gonna shoehorn Klaus into this.
  16. XC > XC2 btw. Though XC2 did take me 105 hours apparently.
  17. Gotta love Nintendo. ” this will be our last reveal…” boom! Sequel to the sequel to the best rpg ever and it’s coming out in 7 months. ’bows’
  18. Yeah, sorry but I’ve just watched the direct so I’m out. Maybe next year.
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