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  1. No but occasionally they appear on eBay. Here’s a massively overpriced one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334345617290?hash=item4dd88d3f8a:g:iuAAAOSwQ9ViG7Hg I think I paid about £7 for mine.
  2. get a ps classic usb controller. They work perfect with it with minimal lag.
  3. It is also usable with my single 32mb ram too. get the nightly version from the GitHub.
  4. The current core apparently is more likely to have bugs with CHDs over Bin/Cue as it stands. I would avoid until v1.0 of the core is ready.
  5. I also tried the PSX core earlier with sotn and resi 2. Both worked fine and I couldn’t hear any audio issues from running them on single ram.
  6. Even that won’t be enough. I generally go with a few bits of bubble wrap inside to hold the disc then tape case shut (if plastic) followed by a good wrapping of bubble wrap and then into a box followed by a waterproof posting bag. Has worked so far. For card boxes, the same as above but NO TAPE on the box.
  7. And done. Got all databank, maps, échos etc aside from two in the bloody last level which it apparently won’t let me reenter. Bah!!! Still, very enjoyable and I’ll probably look to mop up the last few achievements before starting on the next game on my list.
  8. For 25 quid it does RGB, has built in speakers and supports 60Hz. Can even change the settings using only the buttons on the front. Bargain.
  9. Really got into this now. Spent the last few hours going from planet to planet mopping up all chests and secrets and map percentages. Clock says 27 hours so far. Not bad since I’m sure I got it for under a tenner using ms points. Anyhoo, finally got the mystery doodad so let’s go open a crypt
  10. Bubble doubles your hp limit but wears off after a bit. Bubble belts apply it constantly. It’s very useful.
  11. When I last played it I made sure to buy all the majiks once they appeared in the shops then I only had to unlock them on the board. If you see either the bubble magic or bubble belts anywhere deffo get them. You will not be disappointed.
  12. Normal Roms for console games that you dump from your own legally owned carts. Massivewinkingsmilie sfc/smc for snes, md/bin/gen for mega drive.
  13. Ok. From the look of it that power supply is not sufficient to run your mister and all your usb devices. I use the 4A meanwell psu from mister fpga here: https://misterfpga.co.uk/product/mister-fpga-power-supply/never had any problems with it.
  14. Firstly, take the Wi-Fi dongle out and use it for a week or so offline. If no issues, bin dongle. Secondly, how is the usb hub being powered and what PSU are you using? Wi-Fi dongles are juice heavy and if the hub isn’t powered right or with a beefy enough psu it will cause all sorts of issues.
  15. So after the disappointment of my £5.99 alba crt having some sort of software snafu I’m picking up a new 14” crt telly on Tuesday. yay! £25 though.
  16. I applaud but I feel a mega drive should have a red led. Blue just looks wrong.
  17. A vga2av converter might be a usable idea in that case. I don’t know if there’s a decent vga to rgb adapter.
  18. Tou can do it all on a Mac, it’s just sticking files onto a fat32 sdcard.
  19. Without wanting to be that guy, would a cheap Jamma cab plus a mistercade or jammix be a better option? Admittedly you will have fewer games to choose from though.
  20. https://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive.pl?Language=English&No=1046
  21. Apparently terasic has them for sale direct from Taiwan. They’re a little more expensive but apparently ship pretty quickly. edit: yeah see above which was posted whilst I was typing lol!
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