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  1. The wait times are crazy at the moment. Almost makes me wanna put mine on eBay for maximum cashing in. Almost, but I won’t. It’s too good.
  2. Also the PS4 mini Hori pad apparently works too.
  3. I’m hoping for another random game character to be unveiled in a 39minute smash segment.
  4. Metroid Prime Trilogy DX please
  5. I mean, I can see what they’re going for but surely that niche was already filled by the wii 15 years ago?
  6. I’m guessing that it’s playing silly buggers with the Linux boot process that starts up before the menu rbf is loaded.
  7. Have you updated recently? There may have been a change to the driver in the Linux. The dongle could just have gone bad.
  8. I always prioritised buying new majiks so once they unlocked on the licence board they were usable
  9. And done. So I could go back in and mop up side quests, try to get all blades etc or start new game plus but to be honest happy to move on now. After 105 hours I’ve still got Metroid Dread to start. Doki Doki Literature Club next though.
  10. You missed a good one. Metroid prime trilogy got 30 minutes and there was nothing on smash or Pokémon.
  11. I don’t think I’m very good at this. January: Doki Doki lit club bought rock band full set of games and instruments for x360 bought Metroid Fusion completed. February: Mario Kart 8 deluxe bought
  12. Give it a spin and do a video for your YouTube
  13. As long as we’re all agreed that the lack of HD remaster of Sega Rally 1995 is criminal.
  14. Hori split pad pro. I don’t have a pair but others swear by them.
  15. I would so buy this, play it three or four times then put it in a cupboard so I’m in.
  16. Looks better than the master system version.
  17. Wasn’t there a phase on here of people binning disc boxes and putting the disc in wallets?
  18. It’s getting harder and easier to be a retro gamer without piracy. You want to play on original hardware then it’s either be quite wealthy or get an everdrive. Then there’s the mini consoles that give you a legitimate way to emulate. By the time your into Misters though it’s rom time.
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