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  1. wavey

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sure, plus you can't really have a £10/month extra subscription as a prerequisite for playing a game. I still think there could've been some fun and interesting things indie/hobbyist devs could've done with the music, even something basic like integrating user-selected tracks into AudioShield or similar, but obviously not legally possible absent written permission.
  2. At least give it the first three songs, I'd say - if it hasn't grabbed you by My Shot, it's probably not for you. (Personally I think it's as close to being a perfect show as any I've seen, not to overhype it or anything!)
  3. wavey

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes, I’m sure the music publishers would have had a thing or two to say about it, hence the restrictions. Still, would’ve been cool to see what game developers could have come up with.
  4. wavey

    Xbox Game Pass

    I was thinking more like using specific music at certain points - the game could trigger e.g. a particular Beatles song as a soundtrack to a cutscene for instance, or even have levels designed around / synchronized to songs they wouldn't be able to otherwise license.
  5. Steam sale recommendation: I’m enjoying Tametsi a lot, which is only 65p in the sale. It’s a pleasingly tough Hexcells/Minesweeper-style game, with some interesting twists such as irrregular grids. 160 puzzles, no guesswork involved, the dev reckons it will take 40 hours fo finish. I'm only ~30 puzzles in, but some have been pretty brutal already. John Walker has a review which calls it "one of the best logic puzzle games you can buy on PC". https://store.steampowered.com/app/709920/Tametsi/
  6. wavey

    Xbox Game Pass

    I often wondered why indie developers didn't do this - let you log into Spotify, and then use it for in-game music like GTA's radio stations, with a huge library to choose from but with none of the licensing costs. Well I looked it up, and it looks like it's against their developer Ts & Cs:
  7. Overcooked free on Epic https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/overcooked/home
  8. Indeed - apparently the next games to be given away by Epic will be Borderlands: Handsome Collection and ARK. They're going all out to promote their sale (which is very decent btw - you get £10 vouchers to use on each purchase £13.99 or higher, so e.g. I got Control + Season pass for £24).
  9. Civ 6 free on Epic https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/sid-meiers-civilization-vi/home
  10. Ubisoft are giving away the educational Discovery Tour modes of their Assassin's Creed games: Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. These are really good! There are loads of narrated museum-guide style tours you can go through, with extra photos of historical artifacts etc. If you have school kids around to keep occupied, they make a fun history lesson or two.
  11. Now free on the Epic store: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Crashlands
  12. Second this, a really interesting game with a powerful ending. Another recommendation: Eliza, a visual novel about therapy and the implications of AI. Very well written and acted.
  13. wavey

    Xbox Game Pass

    Separate things, you need to pay for each. But both are included (plus Xbox Live Gold) in a GamePass Ultimate subscription. There are various tricks to get an Ultimate subscription for cheap if you pay in advance (iirc it works out as under £4/month, for up to 3 years).
  14. The Walking Dead: Season One is one of the best narrative-based games of the last decade. Hexcells is a really good puzzler, like a cleverer Minesweeper.
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