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  1. "Should women be allowed to create and play video games without fear of being murdered in real life? Let's hear both sides of the story." https://twitter.com/Hello_Tailor/status/522223367072780288
  2. Just finished the story missions on this, what a superb game. Only about 42% complete though, I can see myself going back to complete more of the side quests. But I do think this scene in the tutorial was a bit much:
  3. Here's some more positivity to come out of the whole depressing affair, posted by a game dev on another forum: Which both completely validates the need for the Tropes videos in the first place, and shows how effective they've been.
  4. wavey


    Alan Wake's American Nightmare free for the next 25 mins
  5. wavey


    Torchlight is free now.
  6. wavey

    Nintendo Wii U

    No, the Luigi DLC is an extra £18 download.
  7. Some spare games from bundles if anyone wants them: The Longest Journey Legend of Dungeon Humble Bundle gift links (I assume you need an account there for these, all Steam though): Galcon Fusion Ittle Dew gone to VN1X Frozen Synapse Galaxy on Fire 2 Crazy Machines 2 The Book of Unwritten Tales Digital Deluxe Edition Risen Giana Sisters: Twisted Bundle PM me if you want any.
  8. I played it earlier this week using this: http://gtaforums.com/topic/388658-relgtaiv-xliveless/ - copy the .dll into the game folder, and it bypasses the GFWL nonsense. (Although I didn't have it crashing in the intro, I just couldn't sign in)
  9. Couple of random keys left over from bundles CKFA-WTQYX-4LJYY Little Racers Street 4L482-DQ34Y-MDING Mutant Storm Reloaded
  10. Episode 2 out now on Steam.
  11. Steam keys available for Lego Batman, Kairo, Mutant Storm Reloaded. PM me if you'd like one.
  12. Unclaimed keys, help yourself! Gnomoria: Sideway New York: K0Z4V-YW6TW-F8PWM I Have No Mouth etc: WQLTT-GE9P0-TLYBN
  13. If anyone's interested in this, it's currently in this bundle, and the whole bundle is about that price. Speaking of which I have some spare Steam keys from that: for Lovecraft roguelike FPS Eldritch, gnome village sandbox Gnomoria, and 2.5D platformer Sideway New York. PM me if you'd like one. Edit: and, er, "Best Dark Game of 1996" I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
  14. Here's a mystery PC/Mac game if you like apparently mediocre WWII stealth: KAPCZ-IYAPF-LM07J
  15. Unused keys: Two Worlds II: XPJ5R-3JCYD-LT8TG Gorky 17: 3IQKN-86XYR-KDW0M Enjoy!
  16. All these still available - PM me if you want one. Otherwise I'll just post the codes for any unused ones tomorrow and let the bots / fellow lurkers have at them.
  17. XCOM Enemy Unknown & Enemy Within are on sale at amazon.com for $9.99 each (£6ish), both are steam keys.
  18. Steam keys available for: Two Worlds Epic Edition Two Worlds II Enclave Gorky 17 PM me if you'd like one.
  19. Steam key for Electronic Super Joy, plus a humble key for Cities in Motion 2 going spare. Both gone now.
  20. I have a spare Dishonored steam key if anyone wants it. Gone to paddyo
  21. I'd be up for one if there's a slot going.
  22. New Indie Royale bundle, £3.50 give or take: AI War + all expansions A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Tidalis Shattered Haven (all Steam codes except the newest AI War expansion which is an early beta)
  23. Plus you can use quidco with Greenman for a little bit of cashback (6% of the price before the 30% voucher was applied).
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