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  1. It might just be my setup, but doesn't this cable support widescreen switching? Even though I've set the console to widescreen, my TV reckons it's getting a 4:3 picture still, so I have to change manually. OK, not the worst thing that's ever happened to me, but a little bit annoying.
  2. I honestly wouldn't worry. The vast majority of people who have phoned up Argos on this and other forums have had the Friday delivery date confirmed. I'd guess there's the odd call centre employee who's not up to speed. Argos got me my 360 on launch day. On their webpage, they state that the Wiis will be delivered on 8th Dec (or they certainly used to: I saved the page just in case). I doubt they'll be phoning everyone, apparently they've had 15,000 preorders (source: someone on the internet, so it's bound to be true). It'll all be fine!
  3. According to another forum, Argos said they'll be sending out letters today or tomorrow confirming the Wii orders. Which, if true, I'm surprised they haven't mentioned to anyone on here, so take it with a pinch of salt.
  4. What exactly did Argos say? Everything they've sent me so far says I'll be getting it at launch. And what happened with the £10 voucher - do you have to return it or anything?
  5. I just got the "Thank you for your order" email the day that I ordered, nothing since. I wasn't expecting to hear from them until December to confirm delivery times. From one of their emails: "Argos will contact you in the week prior to launch to arrange delivery of your order"
  6. I pre-ordered my 360 with them, and they delivered it on the release day.
  7. Well Argos said they wouldn't take any pre-orders until they knew how many they were going to get, and they started taking pre-orders on Oct 20th. So I reckon most of the UK retailers should already know.
  8. Argos pre-orders open, no forced bundles! They were pretty good with 360 pre-orders.
  9. wavey

    bioware games

    I *really* hope that's a typo.
  10. I hate tearing a hell of a lot more than dropped frames, but I can see why some people might prefer the opposite. So, game developers: PLEASE make it an option!
  11. wavey

    Fanboy Watch

    Hang on, are we all talking about this game? Which other platforms was it ported to?
  12. I've been meaning to email them to complain about this, but keep forgetting. Didn't the Guide's game coverage get some kind of Edge award once? Their "internet" section is the print equivalent of getting a "FW: Fw: Look at this!! Funny!" email. From someone you hate.
  13. There's this from here:
  14. That's a shame, I think he's excellent. It took me a while to get into The Daily Show, but I'm glad I did - once I got used to the style and, crucially, managed to ignore the insufferable studio audience, it's become one of my favourite programmes.
  15. Ok then. Is this an accurate summary of what you're saying? You think that preowned sales are "damaging to the industry and it is a disgusting practise in principle". So your solution is to restrict preowned sales, and the publishers would provide more budget titles at more price points. In this situation, games cost less because they [will] sell more copies. This is obvious, because why would [publishers] keep prices artificialy high when they can increase sales furter ... by bringing the prices down to a level with DVDs. Which sounds lovely, and I agree for the most part. I disagree that tha
  16. I really want the new Super Mario Brothers game. Which publisher would you recommend I go for? Well what's stopping them from doing so? Preowned games? If they did what you suggest, bringing the cost of games in line with other impulse entertainment purchases, I wouldn't be surprised to see the second hand games market shrinking to become as negligible as the second hand DVD market.
  17. If they are selling more copies, and by removing the second-hand market you've removed the little competition publishers could face, why on earth would games cost less? What would be the motivation for anyone to lower their prices? Are you saying the only reason that publishers don't halve the price of their games, Fairplay-style, is because there's a second-hand market in existence?
  18. Hmm. Which one is better for the consumer?
  19. Of course, from a consumer's point of view, buying a game and buying a car are vastly different experiences, and of a different order of magnitude. You'll get no argument from me about that. Here's why I keep banging on about the car industry. Take a look at it against the games industry: both involve selling products to consumers. Both have a second-hand market for those products, in which the original makers of the products don't make any direct profit. You're suggesting that some profits made on the second-hand market for one of these industries should be given back to the manufacturer. I w
  20. It could well be. In fact, something similar (in spirit) has happened recently in the art world, where every time a piece of art is sold, the original artist gets paid royalties. But is the games industry really so much of a special case that we need something similar? And if so why not also, say, the car industry?
  21. So, to apply the same logic, if second-hand car owners did do that, they should pay the car manufacturer a slice of their profits? It's all about market forces. Game and CEX do what the market allows. Car dealers would do the same in a second if the market would let them get away with it.
  22. Is there something "inherently wrong" with second-hand car dealers as well? Because apart from questions of scale, what's the real difference? Or should the games industry be treated as a special case when it comes to pre-owned goods?
  23. Or: Total cost of playing both games and keeping both: £60 Total cost of playing both games and keeping Game B: £50 Given you'd only trade in Game A if you've finished it, are bored with it, don't like it, whatever, and don't want to play it again, bang, you've saved £10 on the cost of the overall experience.
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