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  1. I'm a bit behind on the Daily Show, so I've only just seen Kristen Schaal's bit from last week, about the federal funding of abortions for rape victims. (Here if you can frig the county restrictions, I can't find it on Youtube.)

    Basically, it's amazing. The conceit is that, thank God, the Republicans are finally closing the rape loophole in the health system by limiting funding to "forcible" rape. On the programme they take this and push it as far as it will go, and then a bit further. It even sounds like they are losing the audience at some points (you can hear them shouting "woah!"), like when they reclassify date rape as "rape with benefits".

    The whole bit is uncomfortable and provocative in exactly the right way. The obvious moral fury underpinning it is fucking Swiftian.

    Interestingly, the BBC report about the issue says:

    But until last week, the language in Mr Smith's bill was "forcible rape", meaning the rape of drugged, unconscious or handicapped women for example might not be covered.

    After an outcry from women's groups and a particularly cutting satirical sketch on late-night host Jon Stewart's programme, the Daily Show, the word forcible was dropped.

    So anyway: *this* is how you do offensive comedy, Top Gear.

  2. I've posted on this before but I think Hearts of Iron 3 with Semper Fi is immense, however it plays VERY differently to Hearts of Iron 2 (for example, I'll spend hours setting all the command structures up and automate a lot of the theatres only providing objectives to armies, not micro-managing them as I would in HoI2) so I can totally understand people preferring that. It's a fools job to try and play it like HoI2, which will only end in frustration, I actually think they work well side by side to be honest.

    It's a much harder game to like than HoI2 is basically...

    If anyone's tempted by the £10 HoI3 deal, remember the Paradox Complete pack is £30 (discounted £356!) and has *all* the Hearts of Iron games & DLC as well as all the games from: Europa Universalis, King Arthur RPG, Majesty, Mount & Blade, Victoria, Sword of the Stars, Penumbra, etc.

  3. 3 years I had that thing

    I have a NES from 1985 that works no bothers, but my 3 year old 360? forget it

    anyways, gonna just buy an arcade as a replacement, anyone know where I can get a new one for cheap?

    I* brought my launch 360 back to life this week from a RROD, following this guide, and if you already have some torx screwdrivers and heatsink glue it won't cost you anything to give it a go.

    * (I say I did it, it was really my mate at work who loves playing with electronics and happened to have the screwdrivers and the glue. Thanks Rich!)

  4. OK what the HELL is going on. Just got this email...

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360 from GAME.co.uk!

    The codes you will need to access your LIVE Points and Gamerpics are:


    Which is lovely, except I didn't pre-order from Game! I'm sat at work hoping my Gameplay order has turned up at home. I don't have an account with game.co.uk, and trying the "lost password" thing on the Game website, it doesn't recognise the email address they sent that email to.

    I'm confused :D

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