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  1. Most of the advice I've seen for getting Mario Kart to work online has been along the lines of: - Give the DS a static IP - Put the DS in the DMZ - Try different channels Here's someone's guide from the Nintendo forums to set up a Netgear router, it might be worth a try on other brands?
  2. wavey

    Mario Kart Ds

    Well, you'd hope so. Looking at the compatability ratings (here), Netgear generally seems to do quite badly. But! Looking at this message, they're looking into it: And here's someone who's had success with his Netgear router, with details of how he did it. Part of Nintendo's faq worries me, about opening up your firewall... ...is this safe?
  3. Sam & Max: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=26191
  4. From Kotaku: which I read as supporting HDDVD as standard, rather than a future revision. I *really* want this to be true...
  5. So it's only mentioned the once? How many times would have suited you? Actually, no. No I don't. Imagine seeing the following story five times every month: "Small minority of players of latest ambitious PC game are experiencing temporary problems: patch and driver updates awaited" Not interesting, and I think you can safely assume it holds true for all PC games, unfortunately.
  6. Now, I've only skimmed the issue, but: p20: "The launch of Half-Life 2 ... dogged with problems" p24: In Continue / Quit - "Quit: HL2 authentication" p27: An entire RedEye column about the installation (incidentally, so what if his views "do not (necessarily) represent Edge"? Are you imagining readers thinking to themselves "Hmm, RedEye is 'Installing Half-Life 2', is he? I'd be interested in reading some more about HL2, but I'll skip this as I don't want my brain sullied with possibly-non-Edge views thankyouverymuch"? They still printed it, didn't they?) p126: Critical letter about Steam, wit
  7. GTA:SA's mark also includes* this pearler from "Christ Centered Game Reviews" which suggests it is a "digitized form of Satan". *EDIT: oops, no it doesn't. Still, interesting review all the same.
  8. I love adventure games, but this article on Who Killed Adventure Games? does make a valid point about where some of the games were going.
  9. So is Ridge Racer going to be controlled with the touch screen? If so, I hope it works better than I'm imagining it will.
  10. IGN Review According to gamerankings.com, PSE2 Magazine (?) gave it 84%
  11. wavey


    I just got the same email, but I only ordered it yesterday (& it was posted yesterday too). Bizarre
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