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  1. Indeed - apparently the next games to be given away by Epic will be Borderlands: Handsome Collection and ARK. They're going all out to promote their sale (which is very decent btw - you get £10 vouchers to use on each purchase £13.99 or higher, so e.g. I got Control + Season pass for £24).
  2. Civ 6 free on Epic https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/sid-meiers-civilization-vi/home
  3. Ubisoft are giving away the educational Discovery Tour modes of their Assassin's Creed games: Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. These are really good! There are loads of narrated museum-guide style tours you can go through, with extra photos of historical artifacts etc. If you have school kids around to keep occupied, they make a fun history lesson or two.
  4. Now free on the Epic store: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Crashlands
  5. Second this, a really interesting game with a powerful ending. Another recommendation: Eliza, a visual novel about therapy and the implications of AI. Very well written and acted.
  6. wavey

    Xbox Game Pass

    Separate things, you need to pay for each. But both are included (plus Xbox Live Gold) in a GamePass Ultimate subscription. There are various tricks to get an Ultimate subscription for cheap if you pay in advance (iirc it works out as under £4/month, for up to 3 years).
  7. The Walking Dead: Season One is one of the best narrative-based games of the last decade. Hexcells is a really good puzzler, like a cleverer Minesweeper.
  8. Exactly, which is why it was so weird - I was changing all sorts of vsync and other GPU settings trying to find the one that had made it slow down. I might email Dan Marshall to let him know what the workaround is in case anyone else comes across the same thing. Anyway, now that's sorted - great game, enjoying it a lot!
  9. Can I ask, how does this perform for everyone? When I'm platforming, the screen scrolling is really jerky, like about 15fps if I had to guess. It doesn't matter what resolution I'm running it in, and CPU and GPU usage is never more than 40% each, so I don't think it's a lack of power. EDIT: oh never mind, found out what the issue was - I have two screens set up in Windows, with the display duplicated (I only ever have one of the displays on at any time). Changing this setting to explicitly disable the screen I'm not using makes everything a lot smoother. Weird, first game where thi
  10. Maybe Valve have cracked it somehow, but every time I've tried to use that kind of movement in a game it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Roomscale + teleport generally feels the best imho.
  11. wavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Huh - that maybe explains what the missus saw on the weekend, someone buying 4 (four) Switches at Tesco, if resale prices are high?
  12. Depending on how attached you are to your Gamertag, there's always the nuclear option of abandoning it and starting a new one to get the 3-years cheap deal. (It's what I did recently, but I never play multiplayer, so don't care about friends lists, and don't have many purchases on my old account.)
  13. I would recommend The Hex, I played it recently and it’s clever and interesting, but go in blind if possible. When RPS reviewed it, they said: “...while The Hex doesn’t quite reach Pony Island’s feeling of a near-perfect package, it’s a far bigger, more complicated, and astoundingly ambitious game.” Eliza and Shenzhen I/O are both excellent as well.
  14. wavey

    Nintendo Switch

    As long as it's the specific contact cleaner version, NOT standard WD40: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KPUBO2S
  15. I bought an Xbox yesterday, it came with a couple of vouchers: 1 month of Live Gold (not valid for current members), 1 month free trial of Xbox game pass (not valid for current members and previous trial users). I can't use them as I currently have the ultimate game pass thing. Are they of any use to anyone here? If they are, PM me and I'll send them on.
  16. wavey

    Xbox Game Pass

    I can’t promise it still works today, but it did work on Tuesday for me. I chose the 3 months/£1 offer and an extra dialog popped up saying it would be applied to the rest of your Live subscription.
  17. I saw a video the other day for a VR game called Boneworks, which does this. But even in the dev's own video, there are places it looks distractingly weird - watch this part for about 10 seconds to see what I mean. I'm not saying Valve couldn't have done a better job of it if they'd tried it, but I do think it's quite a hard problem to solve.
  18. wavey

    Disco Elysium

    Really enjoying the writing in this. I also marvel at the sheer quantity of it, and just how much that I must be missing due to various dialogue / charcter build choices. To me, it feels a lot like how I remember Planescape: Torment. A fundamentally strange - but self-consistent and well-developed - world, the player thrown in the deep end and not really fully getting a handle on what was going on, always with the chance you would be wrong-footed. And like @davejm mentioned, the way different parts of your psche pop up for you to converse with, offering advice and misdirection, is
  19. Looks like Humble Monthly is changing to “Humble Choice”: https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly/classic From what I can make out: more games, different tiers, more expensive top tier, games aren’t secret, and current subscribers get grandfathered in at their current subscription price.
  20. Tried it in VR (Vive) - just to echo others, the sense of scale is breathtaking, and I like the teleportation movement, it seems slightly faster than normal movement? There is some jankiness, some framerate oddities and bugs, but I can see it only getting better. Love the context-sensitive controls, activating the scanner on your helmet and the glove-menu system (I remember something similar in Tilt Brush?) Anyway, great stuff.
  21. Yes, with a wired XBox One controller - but the first time I started the game (v. poor framerate, soon crashed) it didn't detect it at all. The second time I played (better framerate) it worked fine. Both times in non-VR mode - I do have a Vive connected but not powered, I don't think it should affect anything. Odd.
  22. Quoting myself, but just in case anyone had a similar experience: I restarted the game, the frame rate was a lot better and it seemed generally a lot more stable.
  23. On PC, non-VR, new save started on a hugely toxic planet. Frame rate seemed worse than I remember. Then the game crashed to desktop in < 5mins. Ah well, will wait for a patch I guess.
  24. Picked this up at the weekend, enjoying it a lot, and last night got to the final boss with ~45% of the map done? I assume the ending I got was the "bad" one. So what would be best to do now - go straight to a guide to find out what I needed to do to get a better ending? Or would it be fruitful to keep on exploring by myself and hope something happens that indicates what I should be aiming for?
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