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  1. I went to see Stewart Lee last night, and he talked about Barry Cryer, and how important he was in bridging the gap between generations of comics. From the reaction in the room, you could tell there was a huge amount of warm feeling towards him, which was touching. One anecdote he shared really made me laugh, but I'll spoiler it as (fair warning) it has some quite offensive religious language, so please skip it if that's not your thing.
  2. I bought Death's Door a few months ago, and it's excellent. I not only finished it (rare) but I was enjoying it so much I went back and did some optional extra bits to get the secret ending (I *never* do this). One of the best games of the year, I'm just glad more people will get to play it now.
  3. I know it isn’t any help, but I don’t think the publishers did it deliberately - for both those games there are some regions where they do qualify for the voucher. It’s a quirk of the way they set up the offer, eg in the US you get a smaller discount for a wider range of games ($10 off games $14.99+), I don’t know if a VPN would work?
  4. Ah, apologies @Strangelite I missed that you weren’t on Ultimate.
  5. Correct - adding e.g. 1 year of Xbox gold before your sub expires will only add on 4 months of Ultimate. Wait for it to expire, and you'll get the full year for the same.
  6. wavey

    The Witness

    They went back to try the music box challenge - so many memories from when I went through the ordeal:
  7. wavey

    The Witness

    I just don't get why people watch game streams - why watch when you could do it yourself? I've seen my kids watch streams, and they just look like the most inane waste of time. Or at least, that was the case until I tried this one out yesterday morning, and now I'm nearly finished with part 6. I love the enthusiasm for the puzzles in general, but especially his joyful appreciation when a puzzle blows his mind with its design - it's such a great way to re-experience the game, and if anything it makes me appreciate it even more than I did when I played it myself. Anyway part 7 is tonight and I'm thinking of watching live so I can type "BEAM" in the chat and I don't know who I am any more.
  8. I remember the 3D Freescape games on the C64, they would have an on-screen progress bar that filled up up between frames.
  9. Yeah, I remember playing a previous game in the series, Spintires - found it genuinely stressful, reminded me of getting my own car IRL stuck in mud and struggling to get free. I'm sure its accurate, but very much Not For Me.
  10. Not sure, sorry - I can tell you I bought 12 codes a few weeks ago, and 4 today, they all worked ok.
  11. @bradigor - understand the whole saving thing, just wanted to make sure you saw this which was posted earlier, 7-day GP Ultimate codes: https://www.eneba.com/gb/xbox-xbox-game-pass-ultimate-7-days-subscription-xbox-one-windows-10-xbox-live-key-global If you buy 4 of these at once, you get 4 weeks of GP Ultimate for £3.10 (scroll down to select the cheapest price). Each code will just extend your subscription a week, so you don't need to let your membership lapse or save for an initial outlay. I used them earlier today, and can confirm the codes work on UK accounts.
  12. Yeah, there's nothing stopping you doing that, but my worry would be if they had some kind of expiry date or if MS rescinds them - I assume they were harvested from some product promotion.
  13. If anyone needs to top up their Ultimate subscription, here's a slightly tedious way to do it for £3.95 / 28 days: https://www.eneba.com/us/xbox-xbox-game-pass-ultimate-4-x-7-days-subscription-xbox-one-windows-10-xbox-live-key-global It's delivered as 4 separate codes you need to redeem one at a time. I have a UK account and these worked for me, I've just added 12 weeks to the end of my subscription. The price is in Euros and they cheekily add on a service fee for PayPal, but £3.95 is what my card was charged (though of course this will vary a bit based on your credit card terms for currency conversion).
  14. wavey

    Disco Elysium

    I would advise against this - it's been a while since I played, but I'm pretty sure there are dialogue options which have in-game consequences.
  15. Apparently pressures caused by the pandemic changed the finale quite a lot, e.g. https://www.slashfilm.com/wandavision-finale-matt-shakman-cut-storylines/
  16. The EA Play stuff took a while to turn up in my app as well. Oddly, the Xbox app doesn't show all the available games you can get - in the EA Desktop app, it shows 132 games included on the EA Play tier. The Xbox app seems to be mostly missing the fairly decent (if old-ish) collection of indie games on there.
  17. That reminds me, I enjoyed this a lot:
  18. Is this a recent thing, or is it your first time with PC Game Pass? If it's the latter, I think it needs a certain Windows update before it will work properly - I remember having to find a way to force a particular update through. But if you've had it working ok before, that won't be it.
  19. I thought this was interesting: a well-written and highly critical review of the game, questioning whether Cyberpunk is actually cyberpunk. https://www.quartertothree.com/fp/2020/12/15/looking-for-the-cyberpunk-in-cyberpunk-2077/
  20. Really enjoying this so far - just got to Act 2, playing on a reasonably good PC. But I think I'm going to leave it there for a few months... I've seen dozens of glitches so far (no crashes yet though), and I do think it will be worth the wait to experience the rest of the game when it's in a better state.
  21. wavey

    Nintendo Switch

    I know I should really, just laziness on my part and wanted to avoid the hassle if I could.
  22. wavey

    Nintendo Switch

    I finally bought a Pro controller this week. Out of the box, it didn't have any charge, so plugged it in and used it for a bit, seemed great. The next day, I tried to use it wirelessly, and it would keep disconnecting and turning off, every minute or two. The console reported it was fully charged, then 5 minutes later, that it had no charge left. I was about to send it back when I noticed that I could cause it to disconnect by gently shaking it, suggesting a loose connection - I opened it up, and the battery did have a little room to slide back and break connection with the contacts. So I taped some cardboard to the side of the battery to wedge it in firmly, and it's been fine since. Anyway, just posting 1) in case anyone else sees the same behaviour and wants a quick fix, and 2) c'mon Nintendo, you can do better than this for a £55 controller!
  23. wavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep, just to confirm this: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Mario-Kart-Live-Home-Circuit-1832413.html
  24. Yeah it seems to accept the code, then there's a few more screens to click through, before it finally gives a "PUR-conversionblockedcurrencycountrymismatch" error. Maybe it's something special about my account? Reading through a recent thread on hotukdeals most people seemed to get Brazil codes to work, and a handful got this error.
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