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  1. 9 minutes ago, stefcha said:

    That also means you've probably fucked your chances of performing some minor chicanery in order to get up to 3 years worth of Ultimate for £3 a month, thus saving yourself up to around £275.


    Depending on how attached you are to your Gamertag, there's always the nuclear option of abandoning it and starting a new one to get the 3-years cheap deal. (It's what I did recently, but I never play multiplayer, so don't care about friends lists, and don't have many purchases on my old account.)

  2. I would recommend The Hex, I played it recently and it’s clever and interesting, but go in blind if possible. When RPS reviewed it, they said: “...while The Hex doesn’t quite reach Pony Island’s feeling of a near-perfect package, it’s a far bigger, more complicated, and astoundingly ambitious game.”


    Eliza and Shenzhen I/O are both excellent as well. 

  3. I bought an Xbox yesterday, it came with a couple of vouchers: 1 month of Live Gold (not valid for current members), 1 month free trial of Xbox game pass (not valid for current members and previous trial users). I can't use them as I currently have the ultimate game pass thing. Are they of any use to anyone here? If they are, PM me and I'll send them on.

  4. 36 minutes ago, fattakin said:

    Is the game pass £1 for lifetime of your XBL deal gone? I can only see the 3 months for £1 deal on my dash.

    I can’t promise it still works today, but it did work on Tuesday for me. I chose the 3 months/£1 offer and an extra dialog popped up saying it would be applied to the rest of your Live subscription. 

  5. 38 minutes ago, JPL said:

    Why can’t the articulation of the arms just follow what the hands are doing? Just some generalised natural movement.


    I saw a video the other day for a VR game called Boneworks, which does this. But even in the dev's own video, there are places it looks distractingly weird - watch this part for about 10 seconds to see what I mean. I'm not saying Valve couldn't have done a better job of it if they'd tried it, but I do think it's quite a hard problem to solve.

  6. Really enjoying the writing in this. I also marvel at the sheer quantity of it, and just how much that I must be missing due to various dialogue / charcter build choices.


    To me, it feels a lot like how I remember Planescape: Torment. A fundamentally strange - but self-consistent and well-developed - world, the player thrown in the deep end and not really fully getting a handle on what was going on, always with the chance you would be wrong-footed. And like @davejm mentioned, the way different parts of your psche pop up for you to converse with, offering advice and misdirection, is really well done.


    Also - importantly - it's properly funny. I've been actually laughing out loud at some of the situations and dialogue.

  7. Tried it in VR (Vive) - just to echo others, the sense of scale is breathtaking, and I like the teleportation movement, it seems slightly faster than normal movement? There is some jankiness, some framerate oddities and bugs, but I can see it only getting better. Love the context-sensitive controls, activating the scanner on your helmet and the glove-menu system (I remember something similar in Tilt Brush?) Anyway, great stuff.

  8. 26 minutes ago, Flub said:

    Has anyone been able to play the PC version with a controller?


    Yes, with a wired XBox One controller - but the first time I started the game (v. poor framerate, soon crashed) it didn't detect it at all. The second time I played (better framerate) it worked fine. Both times in non-VR mode - I do have a Vive connected but not powered, I don't think it should affect anything. Odd.

  9. Picked this up at the weekend, enjoying it a lot, and last night got to the final boss with ~45% of the map done? I assume the ending I got was the "bad" one.


    So what would be best to do now - go straight to a guide to find out what I needed to do to get a better ending? Or would it be fruitful to keep on exploring by myself and hope something happens that indicates what I should be aiming for?

  10. 7 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    It's finicky from mobile. They embed fine from web.


    I've noticed this - I think the problem is the mobile.twitter.com part of the URL. If you change the "mobile" to "www" it should work fine, even when posting from your phone.

  11. The artist behind the advert responds here: https://www.polygon.com/e3/2019/6/12/18662443/cyberpunk-2077-trans-advertisement-cd-projekt-red-e3-2019



    Redesiuk said that the world of Cyberpunk 2077 includes many people who are gender-nonconforming, some of whom enjoy showing off their bodies in public. They are a demographic group with significant purchasing power, and so, megacorporations use their likenesses to sell soft drinks. It’s supposed to be a play on the same sort of hypersexualized advertising that modern companies use to sell products today, just brought in line with the kind of future CD Projekt wants to portray.


    This is not to say that the player should see this kind of advertising as good. Redesiuk said that it was designed to feel jarring and overly aggressive, like all the other ads in the game, but not because of the femme-presenting trans model.


    “This is all to show that [much like in our modern world], hypersexualization in advertisements is just terrible,” Redesiuk continued. “It was a conscious choice on our end to show that in this world — a world where you are a cyberpunk, a person fighting against corporations. That [advertisement] is what you’re fighting against.”


  12. 44 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

    What is your profile pic, @wavey? Looks like a cross between Archer and Alan Partridge.


    It's a drawing of Stephen Colbert I stole from an article about him, back when he was doing The Colbert Report:




  13. The Steam Link app is now available on iOS. Had a quick go, seems to work well. 


    And this his might be old news, but I’ve also just found out that if you update the Steam Controller firmware, you can connect it straight to an iPad as a normal Bluetooth device. 

  14. 29 minutes ago, Harsin said:

    Remember after Game of Thrones these two chucklefucks are supposed to be writing their what if slavery was never abolished makes u think huh show. A project that would need a hell of a lot of sensitivity and nuance to even remotely work. That’s going to be a glorious train wreck.


    Jesus, I was sure Confederate had been cancelled, but apparently not. Yikes.


    I wonder if the most important part of the episode was


    Gendry being made a trueborn Lord Baratheon - would that make him next in the line of succession should something unfortunate happen to Dany & Jon?


  15. 58 minutes ago, 5R7 said:

    anybody had problems trying to get humble to link to uplay?


    I did: not sure if it was an extension or security setting on Chrome that was the problem, but got it to work by using Firefox instead. 

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