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  1. 5 minutes ago, Vimster said:

    Do you need to subscribe or is that just a one-off?


    You can subscribe and then cancel after you get the games, I think, and end up just paying for one month.


    If you want to know what the other games are likely to be tonight, they possibly leaked earlier.


  2. 17 minutes ago, therearerules said:

    Just looked into it a little more- apparently it’s rogue-lite, which saves me a purchase!


    Was listening to a review of Moonlighter on One Life Left this morning, mostly positive but apparently way too much emphasis on crafting, which did sound tedious. Can't remember the score they gave it in the end though.


  3. 11 minutes ago, Stanshall said:


    Bastard customs charged me like sixteen quid on top. Crooked bastards. 


    What was the total value they put on the customs declaration? Under £18 should be tax free IIRC. 

  4. I know how people love grip talk, so: my Satisfye turned up today, first impressions are that it feels great, but it hasn't magically made me better at Celeste. Yet. 


    If anyone else has ordered one: it took a week to arrive from Hong Kong, and it was marked as value £17.30 so didn't have any extra customs / VAT charges. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Stanshall said:

    I got the Satisfye grip. Fuckin brilliant, feels more like Pro Controller handles.


    Good to hear - coincidentally I ordered one last night, after trying the ORZLY grip for the first time and found it pretty uncomfortable.


    The main reason is to try to help me play Celeste better. I picked it up in the weekend sale (or rather, like @bm, my friend from America "WaveyUSA" was visiting and bought it on my console) and I love it. It's difficult but absolutely fair - it's like a series of platforming puzzles, and you spend a little time working out what you need to do (usually after an initial "oh fuck off I can't do that"), and then a longer time trying to execute it. It feels brilliant to control, really well honed, and a good variety of challenges so far - I'm only somewhere in chapter 3 at the moment though, under half way. A really nice touch is the way it gives you optional extra challenges - there are occasionally awkwardly-placed strawberries you can collect, which I think have no effect other than increase your strawberry score, but they are still really satisfying to get.


    Anyway I know it's had some love in the forum previously, but adding in my recommendation for whatever that's worth.

  6. I don’t really know what’s going on in this fully, but I think someone from here joined my game tonight? I’m only a few hours in, level 6, someone else popped up, I died (while I was paused, trying to look up what the health potion button was, during many little things attacking me) and then the game seemed to crash - I couldn’t move, the screen was about half as bright as normal. Anyway my apologies to whoever joined me, I hope I didn’t come across as rude for quitting out when it crashed. Otherwise I’m finding it fun if a bit overwhelming, there’s lots of things I don’t feel I have a proper grasp on yet, and maybe just haven’t been adequately explained yet. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Majora said:

    there doesn't seem to be any consistency to the chain of events


    Is there anything in particular that’s bugging you? Either I or others in the thread could probably give you a quick yes/no on whether an apparent inconsistency is resolved later on in the series. 

  8. 20 minutes ago, 5R7 said:

    Right now on GOG, Shadow warrior 2 is currently FREE! https://www.gog.com/10years


    This review is why Shadow Warrior 2 was on my wishlist:




    As you play Shadow Warrior 2, one of things you learn is that the absolute batshit over-the-top nonsense isn’t, in fact, nonsense. But who could blame you for thinking this is all just a glut of silly killing? The game seems to say as much. Here, have some guns, it says. Have some spells, have some gear. Oh, have these special melee moves. Now have some burning and freezing and poisoning. Have some more guns. Have even more special melee moves. Have more guns. Have a second kind of chainsaw. Now have some slo-mo fury. The more you play, the more of this stuff spills from the absurd gaping maw of the Shadow Warrior cornucopia. It’s overwhelming in the same sense that a Christmas morning would be overwhelming if you thought you’d opened all your gifts, but you kept finding another one behind the tree.


  9. Just in case anyone's missed it, there is an official Good Place podcast. It's hosted by Marc Evan Jackson (who plays Shawn) and has a couple of guests per episode - typically a writer and an actor, but also occasionally someone from the production side. It's just as warm and enthusiastic about the show as you would expect, and everyone seems so genuinely nice. There are some really interesting behind-the-scenes stories, like the writer's room getting in philosophy professors for actual lectures, and who knew what when about certain plot events. 


    There's a podcast episode dedicated to each TV episode, but it has been recorded recently so there are spoilers for the entire first two series throughout.


    Anyway: utterly delightful.


  10. On 05/08/2018 at 02:19, hat said:

    Holedown looks like fun and comes from the same guy who made the fantastic Rymdkapsel






    Holedown is superbly done, and really addictive, to the point where I was glad it was fairly short lived, and there’s an easy place to stop.


    End game spoilers:


    I thought more more could have been done at the end - once you buy everything, I was kind of hoping for new kinds of upgrades that would alter the gameplay in some way. But instead, you’re just left with an endless mode to score attack, which I’m not bothered about, so a good point to uninstall and call it done.


  11. 6 minutes ago, Poet said:

    Anyone know if I should be able to use the code on the Switch eshop?


    Don't know if this will be any help, but I redeemed mine on a Wii U and linked the Nintendo accounts, which merged the money over to the Switch account. (It had to be on the Wii U itself, I couldn't redeem it online for some reason.) Or if you have a 3DS, would be worth a shot on there?


    EDIT: ignore me, just saw BossSaru's post, I didn't try mine directly on the Switch, and sounds like that should work

  12. Let it here be noted that on this, the twenty-eighth day of December in the year of our Lord 2018, after 20 years of playing Mario Kart in various forms, I FINALLY managed to deflect a blue shell.


    I might print out a certificate.

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