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  1. So that's Rod Liddle, who received a police caution for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, not taking violence against women seriously... Nice.
  2. Touch controllers apparently £190.
  3. Finally started this last night, really enjoying the first few hours of pootling about, gradually learning the games systems. Anyway sorry if this has been posted before / is obvious, but to remove the pre-order ship nagging notification on Steam you can just do this:
  4. Just a reminder (because I had forgotten, and nowhere seems to be doing any discounts at all) if you're a Humble Monthly subscriber and want this on Steam you get 10% off on the Humble store, plus another 10% goes to your charity of choice. Which makes it basically £32 if you look at it a certain way and need the excuse to take the plunge and oh god I'm so weak.
  5. New humble bundle up: $1: Tharsis Savage Lands Kholat BTA (~$4): Space Engineers Rust Shelter 2 $14: Planetbase If anyone wants my key for Rust, PM me.
  6. Yep - Human Resource Machine is a very nice UI on a series of assembly language problems, which will be great if you haven't any experience with them before. But if you have coded in assembly, there won't be anything in there to surprise you at all. TIS-100 though has such a peculiar (but fascinating) setup in the way the machine works that most of the tricks and methods you've picked up programming real-life computers won't be that much help, and you have to invent new ways of doing things yourself, especially when optimizing. For me, it captured the feeling of teaching yourself how to progra
  7. Steam keys available to regulars, PM me for one: EDIT: all gone now Programming game for programmers TIS-100 Programming game for normal people Human Resource Machine Double Fine old-school point & click adventure Broken Age Database simulator Her Story Cyberpunk visual novel I guess? Read Only Memories 90s arcade throwback Strider Indie darling literary adventure Kentucky Route Zero
  8. I had a quick look at Party Hard on Steam, saw the GIF under "Recent Updates" showing a lorry ploughing through a party, and ugh... I don't think I could stomach playing this any time soon. EDIT: looks like they have now removed the GIF
  9. Yep - here are the exact words Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe used less than a year ago talking to Gamasutra: "The games we're actually going to fund, they're going to be made for Touch...or gamepad," he says, noting that Oculus is funding both Rift-exclusive games pitched to it by external studios, and games it actually took and pitched to external studios. "Oculus Studios is not out to buy exclusivity; they're out to fund full games for the Rift." I have a Vive, and really want VR - of all stripes - to succeed. VR on whatever platform is pretty fucking amazing, and it's one
  10. Lucky's Tale is free on the store, no code needed.
  11. To celebrate me apparently forgetting to cancel Humble Monthly, here are some spare Steam keys, PM me if you want one and I'll send them later tonight: Rocket League DmC: Devil May Cry Bionic Commando: Rearmed Remember Me Strider Human Resource Machine Infinifactory
  12. One thing I want to really recommend if you have a Vive and either can code, or fancy learning: have a go at making a simple game or prototype. I had an idea last week for a game that needed VR - it involves kind of drawing out structures in 3D space to solve puzzles. (I wouldn't be able to implement a mechanic like this as a non-VR game - I can't even imagine what the UI / control system would look like. But in VR you can just click and drag out components in 3D without really thinking about it.) So I wondered what the VR support was like at the moment in game engines - I chose Un
  13. Spent about an hour today fiddling with the settings for Project Cars (Nvidia 980, i5). (Seriously, an hour- every graphics setting change needs the game to be quit and restarted like it was 2004 again ) Trying out settings with the go karts, I could put most of them on high and keep at 90fps - except any kind of antialiasing, which would introduce jitters. But then I tried a normal car race, and the framerate was awful, particularly when there are many other cars on screen (like at the start of the race, say). Reducing every setting I could find didn't let me get a consistent 90fps - the only
  14. Good idea - I'm wavey in the Rllmuk group, if anyone wants a steady supply of easily beatable scores. One thing I'll add about Vanishing Realms, as I was playing it the feeling of presence was so strong I actually yelled out at one point! At the start of the game, you potter about a dungeon completely alone while you learn the mechanics of the game. I managed to unknowingly let loose a skeleton warrior before I had any weapons, and these are slightly bigger than human size and attack you with swords. But just having this enemy suddenly appear so close felt genuinely physically threatening
  15. Yes, and you've summed it up well there. It's one of the most polished Vive games I've seen so far. It's an exploration / adventure type of thing, quite slow paced, and has some really well done aspects - inventory management is done by pulling a backpack off your back, for instance, and the end sequence is good. But once you've seen everything and solved the couple of puzzles in there, that's pretty much it - there's little value in replaying. So it's basically a good demo of a kind of game that suits VR really well - whether that's worth the 20-odd quid they're asking, I don't kn
  16. Sorry, it was just taken by someone else on PM
  17. Some spare Steam keys, PM me if you would like one of them: South Park: The Stick of Truth This War of Mine Human Resource Machine Mushroom 11 Towerfall Ascension
  18. Good news! Here's a collection of links that should be useful during set up: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/4gubq7/modding_the_vive_is_important/ which includes how to change the eye-to-lens distance - I didn't know this was even an option (!) until I read it today at lunchtime: http://www.roadtovr.com/htc-vive-hidden-mechanism-maximum-field-of-view-lens-to-eye-distance/
  19. Tried a couple more of the "seated" games, and developers are going to have to be really careful about movement and cameras in these. There's an Adventure Time game (very short - like demo-length, bog-standard 3D platformer, the licence helps though and there are some cute moments) where you gently float after the characters you're controlling, from quite high up. My wife tried it and the first thing she said was "oh my god this is making me feel sick". There's a definite unsettling lurching feeling when you are first moved - if type of thing this was your first experience with VR
  20. I got a Vive earlier in the week, and I was prompted in the Oculus thread to post some impressions. Sorry about the wall of text incoming! Basically SuperNashwan's post above nails it. First, a disclaimer: my day job involves fairly low level 3D graphics programming, so I can easily spend a month or two optimising a system to reach 60fps, and any visual glitches are pounced on by the boss. So I may be overly sensitive to frame skips and glitches etc. First experience is that it's blurrier than I expected. I've tried google cardboard before, and you can see individual p
  21. I have a Vive and I've bought Virtual Desktop on Steam. I think it comes with a code for the Oculus store - it's 25 characters, I assume you can redeem it in a similar way to Steam codes? Anyway if it's of any use and anyone wants it, PM me.
  22. Not sure this is true - scanning Reddit there are people in the UK that have estimated delivery of tomorrow, but so far these are only people who paid via Paypal (which is a bit annoying as I tried to pay by Paypal to start with, but HTC's system kept rejecting it so I went with credit card in the end.)
  23. Comprehensive hands-on preview of the Vive hardware at RPS: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/03/17/htc-vive-guide/ One interesting thing is the enthusiasm for watching films and TV in VR, and playing non-VR games in the VR theatre mode - I assumed it would be just a gimmick, but I'll be happy to be proved otherwise.
  24. I was reading a (long) article about the underlying causes of the rise of Donald Trump, viewed specifically through the lens of authoritarianism: http://www.vox.com/2016/3/1/11127424/trump-authoritarianism The authoritarianism here is not of party leaders, but "a psychological profile of individual voters that is characterized by a desire for order and a fear of outsiders". The question discussed is what (sorry Jez) "triggers" this large section of voters into supporting the kind of extreme policies of Trump (building walls, banning Muslims, etc
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