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  1. Agreed, loved the especially. A bit of a coincidence was that I was talking with friends about the trolley problem earlier in the week, and experiments asking what people would do in various permutations of it (I'd just listened to a RadioLab episode about it), and one of my friends suggested that people should be put in a VR simulation of it to see what they would really do. Anyway if there is a better moral philosophy-based sitcom around at the moment I would like to hear about it.
  2. While I'm sure that Humble being sold to IGN will be nothing short of a complete success, just in case it isn't I thought I'd better get rid of my unused Steam keys. PM me if you want one and are at least a semi-regular poster. Good and/or popular-seeming games: Rise of the Tomb Raider Stories Untold The Walking Dead: Season 1 Offworld Trading Company Pillars of Eternity Wuppo Kentucky Route Zero SUPERHOT Undertale The Swapper Thirty Flights of Loving VVVVVV Steamworld Heist Others, spoilered for length:
  3. wavey

    The Witness

    Where you see a bug, I see a feature. It certainly allows - even encourages - you to assume a puzzle-type is obeying a simple rule where a more complex rule is actually the case. Typically you come across a puzzle that contradicts the simple rule, and then you need to construct a rule that satisfies both the new puzzle and the old ones, and experiment. The maze puzzles are one kind of challenge in the game; working out the rules for the mazes is the higher-order challenge, and that for me is what the game is about.
  4. wavey

    The Witness

    The last few posts seem to be missing what I thought was the whole point of the game. There's not a single instruction in the game, and everything you learn is through induction; part of the puzzle of the game is questioning the assumptions you have made along the way, which I think it does brilliantly. It's a game about inductive reasoning, not the kind of deductive reasoning you would use to fill in a crossword.
  5. I'm really enjoying this, and don't have much else to add except to say that every time Chidi says "What?!" I *will* laugh. I feel the same kind of warmth to the characters as I did in Parks & Rec. I read somewhere that the writers have the first 3 seasons plotted, so I am intrigued to see where they take it. re spoilers:
  6. Not sure about the best, but the third best is Boars, Gore, and Swords - two American stand-ups recap each episode. It's more of an entertaining review of each episode rather than the kind of in-depth plot analysis you'd get from Cast of Kings, and obviously funny is in the eye of the beholder, but I really like it.
  7. Apparently I have a spare Steam key for SpeedRunners - first person to PM me can have it. Gone to @ilpostino
  8. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Galactic Civilizations 3 SimplePlanes Armello Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Kero Blaster Hyper Light Drifter 2000:1: A Space Felony Next month early unlocks are NBA2K17 and Pillars of Eternity. (I seem to have got two keys for NBA - did this happen to anyone else?)
  9. No, it's usually obvious what you do next, due to both how it's all laid out and the camera will occasionally subtly point you in the right direction if there's something important to notice. Great game, I'd recommend going in knowing as little as possible about it. For purchasing decisions, know that you'll complete it in about 3 hours, and I don't think they'll be any particular value in replaying it, if that's a factor.
  10. I've bought a couple: Pinball FX2 VR - I'll just say that I'm sure the Mars table is great for people who can cope with spiders constantly in their peripheral vision - and Thumper, a rhythm action game, which is excellent so far and looks really good in VR. (Both seated games, not room-scale) Job Simulator is fun for a couple of hours, and a good demo to show new people to get used to the controllers etc. It's my kids' VR game of choice when they get the chance.
  11. Might be a temporary glitch, but I got to the end of my discovery queue and got 13 summer sale trading cards - worth a go if you want the badge / pennies?
  12. Oh, I enjoyed it - I never said I was any good at it though! It's one of those games I played for a week, enjoyed it a lot - it's super tense for a turn-based game - and then either life or another game intervened and I would now have to relearn it. I keep meaning to go back to it though!
  13. I have some spare Steam keys to give away, but I've noticed recently keys are tending to be snaffled by lurkers. So I hope people don't think I'm being too arsey, but to restrict it to active rllmukers these are only available to those who have EITHER at least 100 posts OR at least 100 reputation OR are a supporter / donor. Requests via PM, one per person please. I've bolded my favourites: 2064: Read Only Memories 7 Grand Steps ABZU AI War: Fleet Command Beat Hazard Ultra Beyond Eyes Chroma Squad Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble Day of the Tentacle ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West GRAV Guacamelee! Gold Edition Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition Hand of Fate Home Human Resource Machine INK Inside Invisible, Inc. Killing Floor Luna's Wandering Stars Mini Metro Monster Loves You Mushroom 11 No Time to Explain Nuclear Throne Octodad Dadliest Catch Oniken Project CARS Project CARS Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut Runestone Keeper Ryse: Son of Rome Samorost 2 Secrets of Raetikon Spirits The Stanley Parable Stardew Valley Subnautica Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Super Hexagon Super Meat Boy The Swapper Thirty Flights of Loving Tower of Guns Town of Salem VVVVVV Waking Mars The Witness World of Goo XCOM 2
  14. Tweetbot 4 seems fine, it's not on my list - are you using an older version? Otherwise I have a bunch of kids' apps unsupported, and the only other ones on my phone I'm bothered about are XCOM and Magnetic Billiards (though I suspect there may be more on my ipad, will have to check later).
  15. New episode up! https://www.patreon.com/posts/consolevania-2-n-8641004
  16. A bit niche, but if anyone enjoys the kind of mellow comfort hidden object games can provide, here are a few spare keys for some Artifex Mundi games (from this bundle): Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink *G9Q6-T40ET-MATDH Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride *G35F-E8GGE-WMJ8E Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan *FJ6T-W9QVT-V0C4G Mind Snares: Alice's Journey *GQKN-AE7E6-V00ZK To confound the bots, I've removed the first characters - add the number two to the start of each of them to get a valid key.
  17. If you're subscribed, payment is taken a week before the games are unlocked.
  18. Decent Best of 2016 Humble Bundle: $1: Else Heart.Break() Evoland 2 Victor Vran BTA (~$3 atm): Rust Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition Stronghold Crusader 2 $10: Homeworld Remastered Collection
  19. Interesting interview with Epic's Tim Sweeney regarding VR in general. He is not a fan of the relatively closed way Oculus is currently doing things, mentions that HTC Vive is outselling Oculus 2-to-1, and that current PC VR sales in total are "a little more than half a million PC units; I don't know the PSVR numbers".
  20. Thought I'd have a quick clearout of the duplicate Steam keys I have on Humble - PM me if you want one. Although nothing particularly stellar here, there are at least one or two interesting games you could have a look at. Samorost 2 Gunmetal Arcadia Zero Town of Salem The Banner Saga Rust Lethal League Galak-Z Space Quest Collection INK Home Cook, Serve, Delicious! Runestone Keeper Oniken Beyond Eyes Chroma Squad Hacknet Killing Floor (Occasionally Humble will show redeemed keys as unredeemed, so apologies in advance if that has happened to any here.)
  21. As far as I remember, there aren't any jump scares, no. There are parts I definitely found creepy purely due to the environments, sound design and general immersion of VR, but there weren't any cheap tricks.
  22. The 20EUR ones are still in stock - I just bought 3 with the 5% Facebook discount, which currently gives you £50.61 Steam credit for the total cost of £42.72. Slightly less good percentage-wise, but still a decent saving.
  23. If anyone's still wavering, now available at cdkeys for £9.89 (EU-only Steam version, use code CDKEYSPP10 for the extra discount). Just picked it up based on the broadly positive campaign impressions here.
  24. One thing I'd urge anyone with the touch controllers (and the necessary sensors / cables) to do is to at least try out a room-scale setup if at all possible. Obviously for most people it can't be a permanent thing, but take a lazy Sunday, move your PC to the biggest space in your house, and give it a go for a few hours. The feeling of walking around inside a videogame, bending over to pick something up, crouching behind walls, dodging bullets / attacks, etc etc is really something else. There are plenty of free games and demos on Steam to try out - I'd go for: TheBlu (full version £7, but there is a demo available through Wevr though it can be a bit of a faff) Irrational Exuberance - these first two are just nice short experiences that benefit from 360 views / room scale Budget Cuts demo of course Accounting isn't one to play in front of the kids The Lab Portal Stories is a fan-made demo, but a fun 20 minutes or so Destinations if, I don't know, WALKING ON THE SURFACE OF MARS is something that appeals Abbot's Book Demo is a quick demo I enjoyed, spooky atmosphere, contains one cheap trick though
  25. Picked this up in the Steam sale, finished it last night, and I was pretty much blown away by it. I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been posted in this thread, but I think this might be the best-looking videogame I've ever seen. You could write an entire dissertation just on the use of light in this game. And the ending... I think the length of the game was perfect, I wish more games were this short and well-polished. Great stuff.
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