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  1. If you're subscribed, payment is taken a week before the games are unlocked.
  2. Decent Best of 2016 Humble Bundle: $1: Else Heart.Break() Evoland 2 Victor Vran BTA (~$3 atm): Rust Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition Stronghold Crusader 2 $10: Homeworld Remastered Collection
  3. Interesting interview with Epic's Tim Sweeney regarding VR in general. He is not a fan of the relatively closed way Oculus is currently doing things, mentions that HTC Vive is outselling Oculus 2-to-1, and that current PC VR sales in total are "a little more than half a million PC units; I don't know the PSVR numbers".
  4. Thought I'd have a quick clearout of the duplicate Steam keys I have on Humble - PM me if you want one. Although nothing particularly stellar here, there are at least one or two interesting games you could have a look at. Samorost 2 Gunmetal Arcadia Zero Town of Salem The Banner Saga Rust Lethal League Galak-Z Space Quest Collection INK Home Cook, Serve, Delicious! Runestone Keeper Oniken Beyond Eyes Chroma Squad Hacknet Killing Floor (Occasionally Humble will show redeemed keys as unredeemed, so apologies in advance if that has happened to any here.)
  5. As far as I remember, there aren't any jump scares, no. There are parts I definitely found creepy purely due to the environments, sound design and general immersion of VR, but there weren't any cheap tricks.
  6. The 20EUR ones are still in stock - I just bought 3 with the 5% Facebook discount, which currently gives you £50.61 Steam credit for the total cost of £42.72. Slightly less good percentage-wise, but still a decent saving.
  7. If anyone's still wavering, now available at cdkeys for £9.89 (EU-only Steam version, use code CDKEYSPP10 for the extra discount). Just picked it up based on the broadly positive campaign impressions here.
  8. One thing I'd urge anyone with the touch controllers (and the necessary sensors / cables) to do is to at least try out a room-scale setup if at all possible. Obviously for most people it can't be a permanent thing, but take a lazy Sunday, move your PC to the biggest space in your house, and give it a go for a few hours. The feeling of walking around inside a videogame, bending over to pick something up, crouching behind walls, dodging bullets / attacks, etc etc is really something else. There are plenty of free games and demos on Steam to try out - I'd go for: TheBlu (full version £7, but there is a demo available through Wevr though it can be a bit of a faff) Irrational Exuberance - these first two are just nice short experiences that benefit from 360 views / room scale Budget Cuts demo of course Accounting isn't one to play in front of the kids The Lab Portal Stories is a fan-made demo, but a fun 20 minutes or so Destinations if, I don't know, WALKING ON THE SURFACE OF MARS is something that appeals Abbot's Book Demo is a quick demo I enjoyed, spooky atmosphere, contains one cheap trick though
  9. Picked this up in the Steam sale, finished it last night, and I was pretty much blown away by it. I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been posted in this thread, but I think this might be the best-looking videogame I've ever seen. You could write an entire dissertation just on the use of light in this game. And the ending... I think the length of the game was perfect, I wish more games were this short and well-polished. Great stuff.
  10. Patch 1.0.1 just released, ~560MB, release notes:
  11. Cracking new bundle, tiers: $1: Volume TIS-100 Legend of Glamrock 2 BTA (~£3): Infinifactory The Secret World Dungeons 2 ~£11: Grim Dawn I can vouch for TIS-100 and Infinifactory, Zachtronics programming-style games, both excellent in their own way, but fairly hardcore. Grim Dawn is a well-regarded action RPG. Legend of Grimrock 2 was very well reviewed also.
  12. wavey


    Limbo added to GOG connect. Black Friday sale on, nothing amazing by the looks of it, but YMM, as they say, V.
  13. The Steam store has just updated: http://store.steampowered.com/about/newstore2016/ Looks fine I guess, no huge changes as far as I can tell.
  14. wavey


    There are some new games temporarily up on GOG connect (free GOG games if you own the Steam version): Alien Shooter Broken Sword 1 & 2 Eador: Genesis Frozen Cortex Frozen Synapse Hunie Pop Metro 2033 Moto Racer 1, 2 & 3 Risk of Rain Sins of a Solar Empire Starbound Witcher 1 & 2, + adventure game Worms World Party Vangers Zombie Shooter
  15. I never do, but after seeing this I gave this month's a go. Really fun, simple & clever use of the keyboard that I haven't seen before, well polished and my kids demanded to play it and have completed it twice so far. So thank you for the recommendation!
  16. Well, if anyone doesn't hate it, Humble are having a sale on the DLC at the moment: Guardians for £0.49 (assume this is a misprice! £6.99 on Steam) Shadows £2.49 And the base game is £7.49.
  17. Go on then, which rights of women should be unequal to those of men?
  18. Yeah it makes sense narratively, no problem there. But gameplay-wise, when you first solve a design and see how many people are to the left of you on the graphs, you don't know whether those people have been working within the same constraints as you, or have used something unlocked later in the game. So you don't know whether it's even possible for you to get those scores at this point. I guess this might only be a problem in the early stages, I don't know when you get to the stage where everything is unlocked.
  19. Sorry! I don't know if it's the case here, but as you go through the game you unlock more parts and capabilities, and you can re-do previous problems with them. (Not a fan of this design choice really). I think I've only shaved fractions off doing this so far though. Bundles, Steam sales, and endlessly trying to fill the aching void within.
  20. Also wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the in-game fiction - I've tended to basically ignore the stories in their previous games. The writing is spot-on, and the tone of the emails is eerily similar to some I get at work in real life - the enthusiastic sales/marketing guy, the slightly off-hand / deflating boss. Some of it quite funny as well, I enjoyed the idea of the "rogue loops" etc. If anyone's playing feel free to add me (http://steamcommunity.com/id/some0274/) on the understanding that you'll be causing me very real distress when you inevitably beat my scores.
  21. Really enjoying this so far (and I'm slightly ashamed to say I did go out to buy a folder & dividers specially for it). The same kind of structure as TIS-100 / Infinifactory etc - solve a problem, get shown how many people have solved it better than you, become outraged that you're not the top of your friends list, spend five times the length of time you originally spent then optimizing the crap out of the solution, repeat until the difficulty defeats you. But I do keep getting distracted by the Solitaire game easter egg - I'm no expert on these, but it seems to be like Freecell but with 3 suits, and "dragons" which make it infuriating. I don't know if it's a standard Solitaire game type or one invented for this game, but it's very addictive and seems tonally a good fit with the rest of the game - overcoming struggles with constrained resources etc.
  22. I'm guessing this game might be for you then. The very first page of the manual has recommendations on the actual binder and dividers to use:
  23. So that's Rod Liddle, who received a police caution for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, not taking violence against women seriously... Nice.
  24. Touch controllers apparently £190.
  25. Finally started this last night, really enjoying the first few hours of pootling about, gradually learning the games systems. Anyway sorry if this has been posted before / is obvious, but to remove the pre-order ship nagging notification on Steam you can just do this:
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