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  1. I will (£3 will be fine though) (edit - have sent a friend request, or PM me your email address)
  2. wavey


    You can - on the game page with the "install" button, click More -> Get backup & extras, and there you can click on the file listed under "Game backup copy". By default this will download to <your gog games folder>/!Downloads/<game name>/ but I think you can configure that to be somewhere else. But if you're finding GOG Galaxy annoying, you can download the installers straight from the website if that's easier.
  3. Oh man, I hope you weren't stung out of any dev payments, I know they've been having issues for a while. This part of the story was actually quite shocking: via Twitter ffs!
  4. If anyone has any games on Desura (likely via bundles?) it would be a good idea to grab them soon and back them up: Desura's parent company has filed for bankruptcy
  5. If you can get past how it looks and learn the dozen or so commands available, I think you'll be absolutely fine. Being assembly language, each command does one simple thing, and the manual does a reasonable (if terse) job of explaining them. And there are enough strange concepts and restrictions in here that make the puzzles feel closer to something like SpaceChem than any programming I'm familiar with - the forced parallel processing, no RAM, only one real variable available per mini program, the only maths available is adding and subtraction, etc.
  6. It's looking promising - there have been new builds pushed daily, and a couple of them have specifically improved the default data sets to catch more bugs, so fingers crossed this will be less of an issue. Core War that tyagi mentioned looks intriguing, will have to give that a go.
  7. Here's a new puzzle game that's so incredibly niche I wonder what on earth the developers were thinking. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic, but it feels like it is aimed at such a tiny, tiny audience. I'll try to describe it, and if any of the following puts you off, then it probably isn't for you. TIS-100 is by Zachtronics, the developer of Spacechem and Infinifactory. First off, it looks like this: You solve programming problems using an invented 8-bit-era assembly language. (You literally have to type in the programs - the only concessions to post-1980 IDEs is that you can copy and pas
  8. Really good steam bundle here: Tropico 4 Steam Special Edition Magicka S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky Mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword System Shock 2 Deponia To The Moon Prime World: Defenders £1.59 for the next 20 hours or so
  9. If anyone's still after it on PC, it's on Nuuvem for < £8 (the key doesn't seem to be region locked, I've used mine in the UK fine).
  10. wavey

    Nintendo Wii U

    If anyone's starting Metroid Prime Trilogy - and you're a completionist - start your game with one of these saves: http://www.gamefaqs.com/wii/960329-metroid-prime-trilogy/saves (choose one with "15 friend credits") Apparently some of the unlockable extras require "friend credits" to buy, and these are unavailable now, due to them relying on some kind of online bullshit that has since been shut down. (source: http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Friend_Credit ) These saves should be empty apart from the friends credits you'll need if you want to unlock everything. To get them on to your Wii U: copy
  11. If you're at the start of the trade route and there's no coffee, try different stations in the system if they have different types - probably look for agricultural ones.
  12. Some spare Humble Bundle steam keys available to anyone who wants one - PM me if you do. I've highlighted some of the better ones: Airline Tycoon 2 BioShock Cave Story+ Crazy Machines 2 Eldritch Euro Truck Simulator 2 Frozen Synapse Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD Galcon Fusion GRID™ Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Hitman: Codename 47 Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Jazzpunk Patrician IV Puzzle Bots Q.U.B.E. Ravensword: Shadowlands Risen Risk of Rain (x 3) Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure Sid Meier's Civilization
  13. There are Intel adverts on Gamasutra again... https://mobile.twitter.com/frankcifaldi/status/533026428011683840 EDIT: via Gamasutra - "Yes, @Intel reinstated ads on Gamasutra. Yes, it's a paid campaign. No, it's not an ad service. Thanks for reading!"
  14. Steam's suggestion engine is working as well as ever
  15. There's a beta of Red Faction: Guerrilla available on Steam, with the hateful GFWL removed (via another forum). Right click the game -> properties -> Betas and the beta access key is: nordicrfgbeta This lets you select the "publicbeta". I've noticed a couple of bugs so far, so you may want to hold off until it's officially released, but it's good to see that older games are getting GFWL stripped out of them.
  16. "Should women be allowed to create and play video games without fear of being murdered in real life? Let's hear both sides of the story." https://twitter.com/Hello_Tailor/status/522223367072780288
  17. Just finished the story missions on this, what a superb game. Only about 42% complete though, I can see myself going back to complete more of the side quests. But I do think this scene in the tutorial was a bit much:
  18. Here's some more positivity to come out of the whole depressing affair, posted by a game dev on another forum: Which both completely validates the need for the Tropes videos in the first place, and shows how effective they've been.
  19. wavey


    Alan Wake's American Nightmare free for the next 25 mins
  20. wavey


    Torchlight is free now.
  21. wavey

    Nintendo Wii U

    No, the Luigi DLC is an extra £18 download.
  22. Some spare games from bundles if anyone wants them: The Longest Journey Legend of Dungeon Humble Bundle gift links (I assume you need an account there for these, all Steam though): Galcon Fusion Ittle Dew gone to VN1X Frozen Synapse Galaxy on Fire 2 Crazy Machines 2 The Book of Unwritten Tales Digital Deluxe Edition Risen Giana Sisters: Twisted Bundle PM me if you want any.
  23. I played it earlier this week using this: http://gtaforums.com/topic/388658-relgtaiv-xliveless/ - copy the .dll into the game folder, and it bypasses the GFWL nonsense. (Although I didn't have it crashing in the intro, I just couldn't sign in)
  24. Couple of random keys left over from bundles CKFA-WTQYX-4LJYY Little Racers Street 4L482-DQ34Y-MDING Mutant Storm Reloaded
  25. Episode 2 out now on Steam.
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