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  1. I think it's fantastic - they've done a great job of building context and texture around the bones of the early rebellion, looking forward to seeing where it goes and I do hope it remains grounded – those dubious ethical choices added so much weight to the backstory that Rogue One built. Also loving the Captain Scarlet vibes
  2. Blockade - Ace Combat 4 - PS2 I wish I still had my PS2 and AC04 with full S-Rank save! I don't think they've ever bettered AC04.
  3. One episode to go.. it continues to be the most wonderfully cheese-strewn ride. So much fun even with the teen melodrama – which they have toned down a little this season, i think. My only disappointment is.. Chozen has indeed been great
  4. I don't have anything much to add here expect that it all looks incredible on a HDTV, even my (relatively) small, very-much budget 55" 4K tele from Aldi gives a stunning picture, and would've blown my socks off as a kid for the colour, clarity and pure bloody SCALE! I'm using some of @dataDave's settings and advice, took all of 10 mins to edit my settings file and haven't touched them since.
  5. Absolutely, and I mostly do. But I know there are some classics I should try to give some time to. I only seem to manage about 1hr a week at the moment. But tonight I'll probably be playing the Mega Drive version of NBA Jam with my 7 year old – still working on getting her to give Bubble Bobble a try!
  6. Yeah ok, some good ideas there. It's the usual choice paralysis, but even when I try to be really "good" I get this anxiety that I could and maybe should be playing something else. And also conscious of my own bias which means I tend to pick out stuff I already know and love. But lately I've been consumed by Bubble Bobble and I don't feel I could be missing anything – what else is possibly as delightful?
  7. I must admit I’m put off by some of the package setups.. eg I know I am never going to play 300 DOS games or 500 Amiga games. Even worse are the full sets you can get. Makes no sense to me at all. With that in mind I think 128GB is good until Saturn hits, where 256 might be safer.
  8. It wasn't really a shop, just an upstairs "office" space crammed with stuff – he was happy to let me pick things up in person but didn't really want to chat too much or for me to linger about poking through things. A shame because it was absolutely filled with treasures! I bought a PCE Duo with Gunhed HuCard and, I think, Super Fami Jr. from him, along with probably a lot of the same stuff you did – Radiant Silvergun, Garegga, Souky, Silhouette Mirage. He was a massive shooter fan. I really shouldn't have spent so much but it was hard to resist! Worse yet there was a small Gamestation (these were the glory years of Gamestation) downstairs to drain what little cash I had left on the kjnd of unloved Saturn PAL releases that today make my eyes water when seeing the prices. And yet another Gamestation in town, where I got my 2nd hand copy of Panzer Saga for about 30 quid. Still, the day I moved away from the 'boro I did not look back with much fondness!
  9. I got mine in mid 1996; I'd been poring over the little tri-fold brochures (x2 32-bit RISC processors! x2 Video Display Processors!) for a year or more, and trying to get my Dad excited about Pebble Beach Golf. In the end, he loved Virtua Racing – maybe the only true fan of that particular conversion! I spent all my paper round money on Sega Power, SSM, Mean Machines, CVG and occasionally Gamesmaster, and a friend of mine had a PS1 as a Birthday gift in 1995, so I'd played it a lot and knew what I was getting before making the decision to stick with Sega. At the point of sale I had the experience a lot of Saturn buyers are familiar with – "Are you sure you don't want a PlayStation?" And of course at school I was the only kid I knew with a Saturn. But I didn't care about that, I loved it and never regretted buying it. There were enough quality releases to keep me happy, especially given how much I could spend as a teen. Stuff like NiGHTs and Burning Rangers were so different, and only on Saturn. I had a great library in the end, including loads of NTSC-J titles which I bought from Lee @ VideogameImports – @Colonel Panic, not sure if you were local but very handy when you were a Teesside uni student with a loan to blow I must admit in Christmas 1995 I'd have been absolutely delighted to get a PS1 with Wipeout or Ridge Racer. But the ubiquity of the system meant I always had access to one via my cousins and friends, so I didn't feel like I missed out at all. I even borrowed one for several weeks to play through MGS. I eventually bought a PSone when they launched but by then I was well into my launch day purchases of Dreamcast and PS2, having also been lucky enough to pick up a N64 in probably early 1998. God, to have so much free time!! Great time in gaming regardless of which platform you owned!
  10. Sold my collection to emigrate, long before the prices boomed. Every single thing. That's why MiSTer is so damned fantastic to me!
  11. The PAL release I bought in 1998 was a crushing disappointment, but honestly give the NTSC version a go if you haven’t, the frame rate bump is noticeable. It still doesn’t have anything like the nuance of Rally or the launch version of Daytona , but it has some charm!* I enjoyed revisiting it more than I expected and was able to make significant leaps in understanding how to play it. * Well, at least the first couple of courses.. the final stage and especially the bonus circuit are a disaster!)
  12. I'm really just calling out how poor the handling in Manx TT is.. it's either understeer or accidental uncontrollable oversteer. Sure, you can make a smooth turn with the analogue pad, but it'll be understeering around all but the shallowest bend... apply a bit more and if you're not careful you'll suddenly be wrapped around inside barrier. Feels like it was built for a d-pad, as playing it with quick taps of the analogue stick feels much more controllable. I just don't like how it controls at all. It's not satisfying. STCC might have a crap (PAL) framerate and some odd steering characteristics, but at least it's fun! Anyway managed a 1:16:40 around the full TT circuit, time trial with bike #8 - that was the latest #SplashWaveRacing challenge on Twitter for those interested. See if you can do better! Honestly, I didn't enjoy it at all. Best times were around 1:13:XX
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