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  1. Here's another that comes to mind, this is pretty much Anitra's Dance by Grieg. I played the SMS version of Captain Silver a fair bit when I was in primary school, and found it incredibly difficult! @shiffy A trip to the Opera is well worth a go, some of them are surprisingly funny too!
  2. If we're doing "classical" – GTA3 had an entire radio station of Opera! Quite honestly, it helped build an appreciation for Opera I didn't have until then, with the obvious exception of Nessun Dorma (thanks Italia 90). I've been to the Opera on several occasions, and I think GTA3 gave me that push to embrace it.
  3. I went to the cinema to see this last night, it's an absolutely brilliant film. I am thankful I don't have an experience of Alzheimer's close to home, I can only imagine how difficult it would be, and how painful it would be to relive that experience through this film. As a piece of work it really captures the confusion, the loss of sense of time and place and people, the loss of the threads of a life. It's profoundly moving, exceptionally acted, and without doubt deserving of the highest accolades. I'm not sure I'd watch it again.
  4. Yep agreed – the textures in particular do not suit the aesthetic at all – and i think that's very often the case in games where the artistic choices of the day are necessarily reflective the hardware limitations. Great that there's modding activity though, its all good fun.
  5. Yep, SEGA are the kings. Virtua Fighter 2 – Name Entry – Sega Saturn / Arcade
  6. Enduro Racer (Master System) is really simple but great fun.
  7. Nothing to add here except to say I always loved that box design.
  8. pastry


    I finally gave this a go last night, so here's a very late bump to tell you what you already know! What a profound and beautiful experience. Simple? Yes, but exceptionally executed through changes of emotion with tone, colour, interaction and sound, all in such a short space. I didn't get chance to finish (suspect I am near) but I can already put this up there amongst my favourite gaming experiences of all time. The mechanics don't need to be complex when they are so joyful.
  9. Forest in Sega Rally, Saturn Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans 24, Dreamcast Gare d'Europa in Wipeout 2097, PS1 Silence in F-Zero X, N64
  10. yeah me too, I bought the PAL version at launch and I wondered if the JP release had a little more time, and 60hz of course. I actually think that’s all it is. The PAL release seemed almost unplayable. I have no idea if the emu is working any magic - I doubt it. I’m running it on a 2013 iMac after all. Not a powerhouse, and there is still slowdown.
  11. Playing the JP release of Sega Touring Car after discussion in a FB Saturn group encouraged me to give it another go. I've always thought of it as highly disappointing, verging on uncontrollable, with none of the grace of Sega Rally.. and while that's still true to an extend the handling model isn't as awful as I recall, certainly with analogue. It doesn't quite communicate the road and give the confidence that Rally does, but.. not much does! For what it is – a hugely rushed big name title, released early and under pressure.. it's not even close to how bad I remember. In fact you could sa
  12. I haven't been to a boot sale since you could buy a Master System 2 for a fiver! Any of you ever been to the Long Bennington (Notts/Lincs) car boot sale? That was my local! Used to be massive.
  13. God, they absolutely nailed that game Amazed we haven't yet had the greatest of all High Score / Name entry tracks! Out Run – Last Wave – Arcade
  14. Not strictly flat shading but there's not a LOT between flat and cel-shaded, with mostly shaded polys and minimal textures. I've always thought Auto Modellista looks absolutely amazing.
  15. The not-so-subtle swapping in of doubles is a good laugh though!
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