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  1. RMC is building a destination for the community. I couldn't care less if he gets rich off youtube or the cave, it's definitely somewhere I want to visit. I don't think his stuff is clickbaity and there's no evidence, to me, of begging. He's vlogging his passion, from what I can see. We'd all, presumably, like to make a living talking about things we're passionate about, right?, and as long as it isn't exploitative, I think that's ok. I've often enjoyed the KJ stuff and she seems honest about where her research is sourced, which is surely fair enough? The videos are often extremely comprehensive on the respective subject matter too.
  2. I considered both a return to form after his accident. I would hate to rate my favourite order of King books but he went off the boil a bit and that pair of books are fondly remembered by me. I'm looking at the likes of Dreamcatcher but it gets a narrow pass from me due to the atmosphere built around the gang (?) of kids, it was IT like, for me, in that respect. I tolerate Steve, even at his worst, because he's so engaging. Dreamcatcher spoiler
  3. Do you recall the date of the NUL meeting? I recall you offered extra money, and I accepted. I really respected what you did on that day and I don't think I have ever acknowledged it before. Thank you Sean, you are a good person.
  4. @SeanR Tell us about Newcastle under Lyme in 2002, I organised that under my internet dead name.
  5. Bottom of the barrel stuff. Fuck off, both of you and get a fucking proper job.
  6. It's quite a grift. I had become accustomed to watching the lady decade stuff, it tapped into that yearning for vapour (hard)ware thing that I think all retrogamers suffer from. Meh!
  7. A lot of first time business starters make the mistake of using their home address when they first set up. The problem is that even when they professionalise their business the early documents still feature their home addresses. Having done a lot of family research over the years, you find out that a lot of things you would hope to be secret are freely available in the public domain and are not only legal to access but, in these capitalist times, almost everything is available for a price. THGM may publicise his brand managers as a barrier between his business and his home life but like most Brits, where we live can often be found on electoral rolls. That is unless you've opted out of the public rolls for as long as you've been at your current address.
  8. Streisand effect. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/07355999
  9. The clues is in the CDFJ reference. John Champeau is literally the champion of this stuff, he of the 10 minute 'crash course' for this game's programmer. I think this stuff is legit, if you can put it in a cart and get it to run on stock hardware then it's fair game in my book.
  10. I had a Super Wildcard (I can't remember when I bought it, long gone now) I also own a Doctor V64, that's in a box in the garage, somewhere.
  11. I recall MD Consoles, by name only, but that wasn't Steve's company. Technically, we live in the West Midlands but more accurately, it's Stoke on Trent. Stokies don't really identify with Brum and the surrounding areas, mainly due to the local news programming which is likely to piss us right off. Maybe you had occasion to speak to Steve about his wares, as he started with the PC Engine he was one of the first import sceners, or at least as I recall.
  12. I forgot about Fantasy World, how could I? I think they ended up at Videoworld, at some point. I seem to recall Steve going into chipping DVD players. My contact with Steve was on the wane around then, we had become acquainted in the Amiga scene in the mid/late 80s. He was a prolific pirate at that time. They saw in Saturn, Playstation and N64, as I recall. I, also, did buy a Japanese Street Fighter II from them, for the Super Famicom, in 1992. I think I paid £90 for it. I didn't ask for or expect mates rates. It may have been the only thing I bought off them, at least from that point forward.
  13. Almost...my friend Steve Lowe started a business from his flat, which he called PC Engine Supplies. He later diversified to include import Gameboys and Megadrives. When he wanted to expand into a physical shop space, he partnered with Colin Dimond, and that business was known as Console Concepts, and then they imported all sorts, including Super Famicoms, Neo Geos and I'm sure I even saw an FM Towns Marty. I didn't really know Colin too well but he's a very interesting character, he used to be an extremely well known (famous?) Northern Soul DJ, where he was known as Colin Curtis. Steve and Colin got out of the import console business many years ago. I think Steve left first because I recall Colin carrying on in a different premises where he used the title of Colin Dimond Consoles.
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