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  1. I'm sad to hear a true British computing pioneer has left us. He did some great work. I think I'm more in love with the romanticism of what he achieved than the man himself, but it's difficult to separate the two. All our heroes are built on romanticism and nostalgia, so he is no less worthy than my favourite popstars from the 80s. Rest in peace, Clive Sinclair.
  2. I'm sure I'd like it if I played it. There's no chance a machine originally manufactured in 1985 could play such a game any better than this. I think it looks really playable and it certainly looks like it plays as a Doom-like experience better than some of the Doom conversions which came to various consoles and devices after the PC version was originally released*. I'm sure we could come up with a list of bad Doom conversions not to mention most, if not all, Doom-like games which were released on Amiga, and were suitably crap. * I'm struggling to remember but did we have crappy 3DO and 32X versions? Both machines came way after the Amiga. How would a 1985 PC have fared?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/c/KKAltair/videos Ep 04 covers what you're talking about and what you're driving at is sort of what they were doing, I'm not going to try to describe my understanding of it either. It's just so amazing how they got from using that trick to improving the final fidelity of the graphics.
  4. How utterly stunning is the sound quality when you reflect it's running on a chipset which was final (in its original format) and on sale in a finished piece of computer hardware and was actually on sale during 1985?
  5. Most Doom-alikes are dogshit on the Amiga. I made the mistake of watching a Youtube video about the best Doom clones on Amiga, it was an unwatchable sight and I quit. Now this proof of concept Doom type engine which is being made for a totally original game looks very exciting. As a demo which is close to Doom it makes me confident that a great game can be made with it and had they made any attempt to try to port Doom as near as possible would probably just lead to a gripe list of all the things which aren't quite right about it. Aesthetically it has developed into a graphical environment where people could genuinely argue for the merits of this* over Doom and vice versa. It has obviously been developed in a way to be less intensive on the Amiga hardware but by targeting the hardware specifically it seems to have resulted in something which is reasonably pleasing in its own right. I am watching with interest. * Seeing it on a CRT monitor near the end of the video is what I was thinking of, particularly, when I typed that sentence.
  6. What was the best conversion of Green Beret circa 1985? Which is my point. I know that Amiga hardware is technically greater but we don't have many (any?) great conversions, of it, from that time. It's still a thrill to see one of my favourite arcade games re-created on home hardware which was available at the time it was released.
  7. nice. The game was released in 1985 and whilst this may have been an arcade system coming to the end of its time (I don't know), it is a game released the same year the Amiga 1000 was. I think what makes it even more impressive is that it's being made using something called the Scorpion Engine in a relatively short time. It's work in progress but as a fan of the original arcade game, I love it.
  8. I'd suggest he could include the game stats which somewhat vindicate him. He said he'd never played it and I assume that it was his opponent on that had alreay finished the game on 120 stars at the time the challenge took place.
  9. I'd ask him to tatt me up with an image of Mario falling off an ice slide.
  10. I think I could jump into any film in any order without much of a worry as a good deal of the lesser characters have been ret-conned to fuck. Not the big ones, obviously. This was the *Ant-man I grew up with when I was reading the comics. After that, any major plot twists based on movies I haven't seen can be accepted with an 'ok, I see'. * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hank_Pym
  11. She obviously meant text adventure with graphics (graphic adventure) which seems like a reasonable claim. The game you mention is obviously an early RPG and I would argue that they have always been separate genres.
  12. This seems rather definitive. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-03-19/doctor-who-christopher-eccleston-russell-t-davies/
  13. He'd previously done 'The Second Coming' with RTD.
  14. Who really cares what a console looks like? There's always someone ready to declare it ugly.
  15. That was one I didn't have... I've just watched a video of that. The Joust I had played better/faster with better sounds and the scale of the sprites compared to the background was more accurate. I have occasionally seen screenshots of Jouste and questioned my memory but watching it on Youtube has removed all doubt.
  16. I was certain I had a pirate copy of this back in the day. Having such things wasn't unusual back then, see also Crystal Castles by 'Thundervision'.
  17. Wan't the PS2 unpredictable with some RGB scart cables?
  18. It was a slippy slope but he plumbed the depths.
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