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  1. While I broadly agree...who amongst us wants to lose the satisfaction of fucking nuke boosters up? It adds another dimension to the game, at least!
  2. Well, I think the answer is an obvious one - and it's not that FFA is 'easier' than TDM. It is, of course, far easier to get a better K/D ratio in FFA than TDM, because you have seven less people competing for the same kills as you. It's like saying that it's easier to win in TDM than in FFA - the analogy simply doesn't work, because to win an FFA game you have to be the top scorer out of eight, whereas to win in TDM you just have to be part of the winning team out of two. Does that make one 'easier' than the other? Of course not. Your K/Ds are still impressive though, if they are wins - my personal best (winning) score in FFA has been 30-4. I've no idea how you'd come out with a 20-1 K/D though, unless it's for one of the following reasons: 1) You camped your arse off during the game (which makes FFA pretty dull imho), and/or 2) You had a really good air support kill streak. Of course, this is much easier to achieve in FFA than in TDM, because you get less people switching to (or even using) anti-air classes, and you're far more likely to get killed by another player while trying to take the chopper/harrier down. 3) You were in a match against seven other people who had just got the game! 4) You are The Predator Which one is it, damn you?! EDIT: This is ZOK, by the way...
  3. That's a heck of a long time to go without posting. Any reason for it?

  4. I'm so familiar with the books I just spent the whole time thinking about what they had missed out, wondering how they were going to fit everything in - glancing at the time constantly to wonder this properly. I also couldn't stop speculating on Daniel radcliffe's beaky nose and then I wondered for quite a long time whether he would have a nose job and thinking probably not because young men don't tend to do things like that, and then I thought well, maybe they do but they keep it more firmly underwraps, then some further speculation on the nature of vanity, the media, how shallow everyone but me is - this closely followed by the thought that someone should really tell the lass that plays Hermione to pluck her eyebrows.
  5. http://www.radiotimes.com/content/features/tvod/ 'Brian's other birthday wish was "Like, a big cake with Jodie Marsh in it!" Oh, Brian, I do love you, but you're a daft sod. Believe me, 24 hours trapped with Jodie Marsh in a cake is not a birthday present any boy really wants. Especially not on his birthday. Yes, the first four hours might be Jodie covered in fondant icing, but it would also involve her telling Brian at great length how she's here to totally change perceptions about her and get back at all the vile, jealous media bullies who slag her off. Then the next four hours would be Jodie shouting about group sex and putting everyone off their birthday cake by running about with her body dyed the colour of chicken tikka, with a River Island conch belt positioned over her lady-garden and squealing in a tragic manner about how the world is against her and that's why she needs a reality show to find a husband. In the end, after Charley punched her lights out, the remaining hours of Brian's birthday would probably involve him holding Jodie's hair out of the toilet while she puked and moaned on about how everyone in the house was victimising her cos they couldn't stand how GLAMERUSSS she was, right??!! Not a happy birthday, Brian, believe me. Ask for Leilani next time - at least to my knowledge she can't speak.'
  6. With her feet on the chair and her fanny staring you.
  7. They have told Brian about the new woman not being Australian, and being an actress etc - he has to keep it to himself. It's the gift of knowledge because it's his birthday.
  8. I think Nicky would be perfect for getting kicked out, interviewed and put back in. She isn't as thick skinned as Charley and I think will be fascinating to watch after she realises that everyone doesn't think she's the reasonable one and that everyone else are the fuck ups.
  9. There's a twist tonight involving someone new going in. It's a woman but she's not all that she seems. She was in a band in the 80s. This from BB insider on Digital Spy.
  10. Yeah sounded like a right load of old shite. He said if he stayed then he would be waking up every day for the rest of his life doing the same thing (my household was most perplexed by this statement). Then he 'elaborated' that he had entered the house to prove that he was a good guy but he knew that now so he didn't need to stay in the house and presumably is free to wake up in the future and do a range of different things.
  11. It is rumoured that Nicky's punishment for talking about nominations is that she has to choose 2 people to go up for eviction next week. Can't really see how this is a punishment for Nicky - I can just see those cold bovine eyes lighting up with glee at the prospect. So that's ANOTHER week Charlie escapes being nominated. It's actually going to be hilarious watching how these increasingly convoluted schemes for keeping Charlie in the house progress... ...perhaps the week after next Big Brother can reward Charlie with immunity as an apology to all of the black people of the country because Emily called her a ni**er.
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