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  1. Still noisy. Took it apart and cleaned it all twice. It didn't used to be noisy but it's a launch model
  2. My series X fan is so noisy now. Is taking it apart and putting new thermal paste on an option?
  3. My first game of this season was One solo game, one win. Now I can uninstall again
  4. They are collectathons, with basic but fun combats, funny cut scenes and some of your favourite film characters and locations. This star wars is the best one of them all in terms of scale and depth.
  5. Senegal gonna beat England. McGuire red card early on. Southgate out. Heard it here first.
  6. First seven wins since patch. Straight to bronze 2. Finally I can uninstall this absolute pile of crap
  7. The striker Martinez is FUUUKIN SHITE
  8. Imagine if he said it was 6/10 as they were leaving
  9. Why are you killing our dreams. Iv just brought my fish and chips home and youv pissed on them
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