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  1. Won some fut rivals last night with my disgusting sweat team. I can see how people get addicted to getting new cards on this.
  2. Arena is weird. Often get Randos on your team with no intention of sticking together and just run off like it's a death match. Very strange.
  3. Im still really enjoying it. I can buy a new hero but not sure which one to get I still love the core crew
  4. Have faith. They are due a great game. Iv heard rumours it's going to be day one gamepass!
  5. Maybe his agent charged 30 quid image rights per game
  6. I note you can do forty games against the cpu, but recall you saying at some point the rewards are disproportionate? Can you remind me on that one please
  7. I'm really enjoying playing the cpu on rivals, nice addition. Online is very toxic. Some goober messaged me asking to quit a friendly as I was losing and when I refused sent me a load of hate. Are there any easy SBC I can do? My team is BPL and very low value, though origi and Wilson are banging goals in for fun
  8. I'm quite enjoying playing the cpu but it's hard to find the correct difficult. I won 11 - 1 Vs the cpu on one difficulty then got spanked on the next difficulty. I tried it on the hardest one for a laugh and could barely get the ball from the opposition.
  9. It is an exceptional game. The fact we got any remake in the first place is a miracle in itself, let alone a good one. I'm hankering for an Xbox release...
  10. Yeah Fortnite and cod deffo do. Could you link me the packs you bought please?
  11. An oddly attractive giant Karen.
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