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  1. Grealish gonna go from a shit FIFA card to 90 rated in one transfer window.
  2. Katamari is so good. My six year old who loved donut county loves it.
  3. Apparently its just a free to play period
  4. What if they leaked the story on purpose and the real one is nothing like this. Like when a TV show films four different series endings.
  5. This is like too human next gen edition. Good job I loved too human. My opening cutscene loaded funny and played no walking animations so just had character models gliding around.
  6. I loved that little psone. I always wanted the screen for it, however it would have been I impossible to play as the you would barely be able to see anything.
  7. Iv not had a single problem with mine and iv used it every day since launch
  8. You know when you land, does the game end? Iv done a few flights where I get to my location and request a taxi then nothing happens and I turn it off.
  9. Or just charge 70 pounds for new games
  10. How do you navigate to your house please?
  11. Just remember not to quit when your losing like I did. If you lose a few in a row youl get matched against a useless player and rack up some wins.
  12. He's non tradable I'm afraid
  13. Il break the embargo. It's great. 10 out of 10. Xbox extravaganza. Preload it.
  14. I packed 95 Benzema. He's utterly Insane.
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