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  1. This program is hilarious! Cheers
  2. I can't it was just a YouTube hole I fell in. It's all to do with his acceleration at thee right times which put him in those positions. If I was a top tier club I'd be signing him for whatever they demanded at this point.
  3. I watched a good documentary about Haalands movement on the pitch, he's utterly outrageous
  4. The thing is they are going to have to nerf your characters some how between the games, as if they are two-three years apart then everyone will have hit level 99 and unlocked all limit breaks etc. Or they treat each game as separate and make you start anew each time. I'm sure they will have some sort of solution in place to overcome this
  5. I love it but disc 2 is a travesty, such a strange decision.
  6. I can't believe there isn't a card you can buy that negates chemistry so you can make some monster hybrids. Seems like a no brainer to me.
  7. I want this so bad but its too late in the cycle to buy a ps4 Pro, really hope it comes to ps5.
  8. Are we thinking this is being shown on a ps5? It looks far better than any other ps game, too good in fact.
  9. If honey bee in is in it, the rest is gonna be! Believe.
  10. I think it looks absolutely amazing. I lasered a door and the particle effects were like nothing iv ever seen before.
  11. So I had my TV set on movie not game mode...... Changed it back and its loads better. Whoops. Anyone played deliver us the moon? Can't find a thread
  12. I'm really enjoying it on PC max settings. Simple brain dead gameplay
  13. Just bought this to play on geforce now, is this better than the newer coop game?
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