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  1. I wish they did a gamepass+ where you could play the whole catalogue of Xbox and 360 games. There's some bangers in there but buying them off eBay is a pain in the arse. For example id like to player conker live and reloaded but its not worth a tenner to buy off the store, or the last story. Or blue dragon. Or jade empire etc
  2. Banjo tooie is so hard to figure out where to go. I miss modern game hand holding.
  3. It does on series X. Looks like it good have been release today
  4. Just started this. I dunno wtf I doing. Played it at launch but gave up. Just caught a squirtle though!
  5. This game is AMAZING. graphically it still holds up so well and the gameplay is fun. Odd because I hated it first time round
  6. Dunkey reckons this is a prototype for the next Mario game, which will be big seamless linked world's with minimal hubs in-between. Sounds awesome!
  7. I want something that will blow my balls off. Like gear 5 did on the one X. Like gran turismo did on PS3. Like uncharted did on ps3. Like sea of thieves on Xbox or final fantasy X on PS2. I want to sit there and be like 'this would not have been possible on my Xbox one ' and sit their grinning like a mother fucker
  8. I agree. My most played ATM is rare replay!
  9. If you piss on your snowball it does double damage Spending hundreds of pounds on packs of imaginary football players isn't the same as gambling it in a casino
  10. Oh I love mine to bits. I just mean it's going to be even more awesome when our next gen console has some next gen games
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