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  1. I agree I often stop just to admire some of the sights and textures
  2. Something looks weird about this. Unsure if it's the lack of hud, it looks like a fake prototype you see if a game on a thumbnail, like the zelda unreal engine remake.
  3. Poor gooner will never know the answer to his question because everyone in here has him on ignore
  4. What's it actually good for? I just used my sword to make the jumps easy mode
  5. Just completed whisper of the worm before it gets vaulted. What an intense session that was.
  6. Just started this one one x. If you told me it was a series x launch game im pretty sure id have believed you it looks incredible.
  7. Go on the navigator menu and just do strikes for two weeks until New expansion. Or crucible ( p v p)
  8. What is funny is all the halo Infinite promos on the drink bottles where i live. 2 x xp with this drink for a game that doesn't even exist yet!
  9. This threads so boring now, everyday the same non xbox people saying the same boring things. Ban gooner and make it series x/S owners only
  10. Iv made a hunter Alt but can't face the grind again, will wait for dying light to drop as I imagine it will be much faster Iv added all the xbox players from the clan list
  11. Yeh just downloads in the order you download them
  12. Sorry I meant money in not buying external storage
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