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  1. Iv not had any lag at all on Xbox and played all day. Onto act 2 and I'm level 43 after doing all the side missions 🤣🤣 Best game ever
  2. The cosmetics look so good. But not 35 pounds each good!!!
  3. There's no wrong really. I always find the magic users harder due to being squishy. Maybe go barb and just chop stuff up.
  4. This game is so good. It has that addictiveness that wow had at launch. If done one campaign mission and just running around doing side missions, exploring and killing shit. I'm level 35 on act one 🤣 I can't wait to try out some YouTube builds and other characters, this is the game of forever
  5. It's a bargain. Plus with the love stuff wel be playing this for years. Iv got a druid on the go on coop only mode and a necro on my solo. I really like the graphics, having hated them in the beta. It's like they took diablo 2 and made it in 2023.
  6. You can do activities together and see each others progress and meet up etc. I assume you just go on the menu, clan tab and put in rllmuk?
  7. It's glorious. I mean my son is 8 so we skip the cutscenes but he loves the looting and making builds etc. Beat diablo by far. 10 / #0.
  8. This is ace playing couch coop with my son, which I didn't even know you could do until we tried it.
  9. Anyone found a good Xbox price? I'm Def buying this I love diablo 3, just playing thorough as a mage it's as fun as ever
  10. Played with my eight year old tonight. Once two monsters started chasing us around he noped the fuck out of the game and doesn't want to play anymore 🤣 I blame the creepy tablet ambient music. Maybe I'll give it a few more years!
  11. I bought the above. Played a bit last night on my own. Wow!! What a magically interactive game. The tablet integration is just brilliant.
  12. Deffo. You can also see the shagohad getting delivered in the sky when the lightning strikes. This is going to be amazing! What took you so long? Kept ya waiting huh!!!! It's gonna be shit isn't it 😭
  13. That's because it wasn't snake though, it kind of makes sense. Snakeeeee eaaaattteeerrrr
  14. I completed the uninstall the game after a week objective. It's so so boring. FIFA needs a reboot
  15. The music is sick though. Dun de dun dun Dun de dun dun Dun de dun din Cha cha
  16. Errrr mag geeerrrrddd snake eater triangle.
  17. Go on the actual Xbox and use the picture calibration. It makes a huge difference
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