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  1. Prime linekar is hilarious. 98 positional awareness and rapid, he just gets into spaces others don't. Most people just quit now If he scores. I wish he had the shit your pants custom celebration though
  2. When I hand in completed sbc I often get an error and kicked back to the title screen. Is this a common thing?
  3. I wonder if the issue is at your end. I played twenty weekend league games today and play about three or four games daily and very rarely to ever get lag issues.
  4. Someteams are Outrageous. I find the pay to win players go all out attack and it you go two up just quit anyway. Sometimes even send you a nice hate filled message.
  5. With shit pants linekar can I now put anyone at RM? (Il be changing him to cm when I can afford a card :))
  6. Rank 6 in weekend league. Only had an hour so played first goal wins with most people. Nothing good in my packs but about 40k liquid cash so can buy linekar now ( gonna wait for Toty though hoping his price will drop)
  7. 198k burning a hole in my pocket. Anyone recommend any icon strikers please? Wrighty or linekar any good?
  8. I'm downloading candy crush right now. Long live Microsoft!
  9. Go post on gamefaqs, youl find some excellent company there. Unless your too busy playing GOTY returnal.
  10. You enjoy getting your 69.99 worth by playing returnal against for the twelfth time and crying about ms whilst I go play the whole cod back catalogue, blizz catalogue, bathesda catalogue and loads of actual AAA titles with my gamepass subscription. Sony have killed themselves this gem and ms have played some utter blinders. For the gamers.
  11. Returnal is not AAA. Nor is dead nation. What you talking about Willis.
  12. I can't believe Linda Norman didn't consult with the rllmuk barristers about whether this is deemed a monopoly or not before they bought it. Gonna look so stupid when this deal gets undone.
  13. Ps5 is getting a remaster of Syphon filter. £69.99.
  14. Some people are never happy. This is great news. What a day to be alive.
  15. Icardi is really good. He just put four rippers in against me in one match.
  16. Sony be like fucking 69.99 for returnal. 69.99??? Wtf were you thinking. The Xbox had gamepass for 1 pound. 1 pound!!!
  17. I give free wins once I get to rank 7. Unless they have Ronaldo in their team then I don't. Also just bought okacha. Can't wait to try him out. Pirlo next!
  18. It's so hit and miss. I qualified once since launch, they then changed it and iv qualified every week since that, sometime easily and sometimes on the last game
  19. I got a torrent of abuse from them after the game, I just couldnt resist also got a gloating one in reply after I got banned. anyone ever tried okocha?
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