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  1. That's because you're self-conscious. Boyatseeeeeeeeehhhh! I'm, like, in a funny mood and up to no good and you're not on MSN. Oh, wait, yes you are.
  2. Boyatsea respond to my post! It's, like, witty and shit.
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That am defo what I did, and I am would've gotten away with it if it were'nt for quincey the forum regular here! Hahahahahaha. Brilliant.
  4. Forum regular unveils new fella as a mong! Ruh roh This forum is the best!
  5. Hahahahaha. You, my dear, are spectacular!
  6. So 'online' is the answer. How very insipid.
  7. Could someone ridicule this please. I really don't know where to begin. Seriously.
  8. Halo 3. It's a FPS that , one presumes, will feature open, bland environments with no impactful scenery, repetitive set-pieces, unadventurous weapons, a shambles of a narrative and somewhat sluggish controls. It's being developed by a team called Bungie, who - let me tell you! - have thousands of ideas up their communal sleeve, they can't wait for this franchise to end so they can start focusing on playing Jazz with a 360.
  9. A BBC preview of a game they haven't played. I once hoped they'd provide an alternative to the utter bullshit that hits the shelves. A shame. Still, Margaret's column was nice enough.
  10. Hahahahahaha! Her sweet can. Her swee-sws-sws-swseet can.
  11. Hahahaha. Yeah. It's a shame that they're still using shorthand at all. You wouldn't see: "Pupils are to get lessons in STAR WARS instead of English and maths." or "Pupils are to get lessons in THE SMITHS instead of English and maths." No, you'd get 'film' and 'music', oddly enough. Shorthand like 'Space Invaders' makes the whole medium seem limited in its content. I guess Alex West is missing out.
  12. Thought people would be interested in reading some advertising-space-filler for an unprincipled Sunday Tabloid. It's an EXCLUSIVE! By Alex West! Was thinking people will share my fascination with such inane stupidity, which is my excuse for routinely surveying the 9/11 TRUTH movement when I'm bored. Source: The People They Also published this today. It's an EXCLUSIVE!
  13. CONGRATULATIONS! MR PECKERSTON! GAME 2 WAS INDEED STREETS OF RAGE 2! It's like Boo! You've won Metal Slug Anthology for the PS2. All you have to do, is pay us £34.99 postage. (JOKE!)
  14. Email was down back then, sorry. Blinky's on holiday, and Thorntonian is busy making an anagram of 'Stephen Hawking's Football Boots.' Sorry, and good luck!
  15. Yes it is, and sorry, we didn't get your email. So..... erm..... hopefully you'll email the answer in before anyone else does!
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