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  1. Stanley

    Best New Music 2020

    Man this is fucking superb, cheers for sharing
  2. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    How is the battle system in the first one compared with 2?
  3. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Yoshi and Labo VR were around this time last year I think, and Mario Bros U Deluxe was Jan.
  4. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    There’s a hardware drought so entirely possible that’s why things are pushed back, if they have been - or Nintendo are just holding back announcements until they’re sure they can supply it again.
  5. Why what’s up with it? (Just got in so haven’t seen the direct yet)
  6. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s almost as if there’s a global pandemic holding things up.
  7. Stanley

    Google Stadia

    With the rumours of throttling and resolutions be scaled back Stafia could not have arrived at a worse time.
  8. Yeah but it looks awesome, also Minecraft with path tracing shown running on the hardware and the Hellblade II trailer is said to be in/engine.
  9. Do you think this will come to PSVR or is it not really possible?
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