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  1. I still reckon it’s going to be cheaper than people expect mainly because MS will go in low with this Series S, there is no point for it otherwise.
  2. Like the reputation of their biggest flagship title which releases simultaneously on their new console, ergo their brand. Whether you play it on your Xbox One X, Series X, whatever, isn’t the point.
  3. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Me too, I loved it, rock hard though.
  4. Apart from that the hardware itself was transformative. Not really sure what we’re arguing here tbh.
  5. Fuckin A and let’s not forget this is the first time since Halo CE that a Halo game has launched with the system - there really is a lot riding on it IMO.
  6. By any measure Switch had one of the best year one release schedules of any console regardless whether they were ports or cross gen - and every game made use of the new hardware.
  7. It looks like a stand off yeah, both parties won’t announce price until as late as possible. Hopefully it will drive prices down too.
  8. Yeah it doesn’t really matter I think, I upgraded for Destiny which is cross gen, I think MS approach here is not only sensible but adds great value with the patch boosted cross gen games. I just can’t wait to see Halo Infinite running on their new engine on Series X, I imagine it will look fucking incredible and beyond anything we’ve seen so far - cross gen or otherwise.
  9. Being able to fly everywhere and climb anything in Breath of The Wild. So many times I’d get stuck up mountains in Skyrim, or just frustrated generally that I couldn’t climb things in most games of this type. First thing I did after stepping out onto the plateau was go and climb a tree, because I just knew it would let me. For once an open world game that truly fits the title. I mean it wasn’t even doing anything knew, Assassins Creed & Skyrim spring to mind, it’s just the way it combines all its elements so well. And it’s still really the only open world game where I know exactly where I am from sight without having to consult a map or use waypoints.
  10. Wanted to do this for ages, New Order x Sylvester - You Blue Me Monday! https://rave.dj/dzmm-fx28pskcg
  11. A bit of horror core! Aphex Twin x Arca https://rave.dj/dMN4pay9FHVyhg
  12. Plus it made the whole museum section even more bitter sweet, that was excellently done.
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