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  1. I know, Microsoft taking “simultaneous worldwide release” to new levels.
  2. I never knew about a portable cdi, but it’s a bit like saying Panasonic made a games console with the Panasonic Q, when it’s really a Game Cube (yeah I know they made the 3DO too). I think it’s fair and more accurate to say PlayStation is Sony’s first real foray as a console manufacturer and platform holder.
  3. That’s the one I have and ditto with the pedals, they appear to be as rare as hens teeth.
  4. So have any of you guys bought a hotas specially for this? Honestly I’m running out of things to chat about but I want to keep chatting about it because I AM SO EXCITED
  5. Isn’t Eurogamer Essential basically the highest award they give? I’m asking because on Metacritic their score is 90/100, so I guess they must supply a score after all.
  6. Well technically it was, wasn’t it? What other games consoles did they make before that?
  7. I mean it’s not rocket science is it, erm.
  8. A review, although it’s more an impressions kind of thing but he does talk about frame rate and stuff if you’re interested.
  9. It’s just one aspect of the sim as well - we’ve seen a lot of low level flying but I’m very interested in flying the big airliners at 35,000 ft as well, the take off, descent and runway approach, I love all of that. Of course I won’t be starting out with those as neither will most newcomers which is why the focus is currently on smaller planes and the gorgeous scenery (and to show it off of course). I booked tomorrow off work, should have booked Wednesday as the game only comes out when I’d finish for the day anyway
  10. Went the down the rabbit hole of watching Squirrel’s YouTube channel, great videos, including one where he updated his studio recently - that guy has some serious gear.
  11. Check Argos but it depends where you live, they don’t seem to deliver so it may have to be click and collect. Or https://www.techinn.com/en/thrustmaster-t.flight-hotas-one-pc-xbox-one-joystick-throttle/137477002/p That’s all I could find, nothing at Amazon, for example.
  12. I don’t think anyone’s really examined it enough to say but overall it looks pretty smooth in the footage I’ve seen with, maybe a drop here and there, but nothing too noticeable, and that’s on Series X and Series S.
  13. Ah thank you for that, otherwise I’d have to connect a mouse and keyboard, although I still haven’t ruled that out. I’m actually going to start by just using the Xbox pad I think,
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