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  1. Yeah that would work actually, basically add Nintendo Switch Online games to the Xbox Game Pass library and offer it across both platforms.
  2. You know a game is good when your 7 year old wants to play it over any other game, she loves it!
  3. Yeah it’s really, really good - my initial observations about it feeling dated now feel slightly embarrassing as it’s head and shoulders above any other game in this type of genre, the nemesis system is just brilliant.
  4. Didn’t we do this about two years ago?
  5. Why have Sony had a bad week? These people create their own narratives.
  6. Ah right I was hoping that was possible.
  7. My missus likes this show and I’ve never watched it before until this one, it’s absolute garbage with dreadful acting throughout - am I missing something?
  8. I made an orc my bodyguard and he got killed. What can you do with captains you’re controlling other than have them follow you around?
  9. I’m on Act II now and shit just got real, time to build my army
  10. You know when you get to that point in a thread where no one even knows what we’re discussing anymore.
  11. That sounds like an interesting strategy, it’s just endlessly experimental this game with so many different ways to play.
  12. Yeah I had the wrench maxed out too and found that pretty unequalled along with throwing stuff.
  13. It depends how it’s implemented I suppose, but I know what you mean - used to piss me off when I was half through a dungeon or whatever in Majora’s Mask and the world ends
  14. Arkane won’t mess up, it’s Arkane. I mean I hope they don’t
  15. Stanley

    The Jazz Thread

    I’ve been enjoying the new Esperanza Spalding ep from which this is taken.
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