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  1. Thought I’d try this after subbing for a month to EA Play, only really interested in the campaign, it’s not very good is it? Coming to it straight after Fallen Order didn’t help, makes me realise just how good that game is. Maybe I’ll try the multiplayer although having played the first game to death I’ve no real desire to.
  2. Technically Skyrim was the generation before last.
  3. Do I go Series X or PS5 version first world problems right there
  4. Harsh man, I love all those games.
  5. Spot on, Doom 2016 is arena battles whereas the originals were purer level based affairs, agree about upgrades too, doesn’t need them - the shooting is super enjoyable though.
  6. Tbf Doom 2016 is very different from the originals too, they are still the best imo.
  7. Is anyone picking this up (digitally) on Switch? I’d love to try it but £50 for a game that’s a fraction of that price elsewhere..
  8. Completed it last night, my overall impression is still pretty much that I enjoyed it all the way through - some sections were exceptional, one side quest in particular I found as good if not better than anything on the critical path, but I do have a few criticisms. The first two tombs are the only ones with any real puzzling and they’re done and dusted really in the first half of the game - I would have liked much more of that kind of exploration and puzzling mixed with platforming, that’s what the game does best. The combat I found became less enjoyable towards the end of
  9. Yes we’re definitely thinking of the same one.
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