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  1. I bounced off it a bit at first but now I love the new Phoenix album, in fact I’d rate it up there with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Bankrupt! as some of their finest work. Some great dissociative lyrics from Thomas Mars as usual “I’m not a prophet I’m your friend”
  2. I bought 1-2 Switch at launch, I think I played it once, maybe twice (heh) didn’t even try it in multiplayer - not one of Nintendo’s finest and strangely overlooked when people talk about how great the Switch’s launch was. Ryse is on Game Pass so I’m covered there if I ever get the urge.
  3. Yeah don’t worry the endgame is superlative in this, you can tackle the berserkers at your leisure then and there is LOADS more to see and do, unlock etc. it’s generous way beyond what you’d expect. Just superb this game. Also with regards to where you are:
  4. I don’t know really I’ve just always wanted to try it as it looked like a really pretty game to show off the PS4, but the reviews put me off somewhat.
  5. I’ve been waiting years to pick up The Order 1886, a game which came out near the start of the PS4 generation, and let’s face it, didn’t exactly get a great response, £13.99! Surely it should be buttons by now that one. I’m in no hurry so I’ll keep waiting, sub £5 and I’m in.
  6. Here’s the whole list of the top ten from them https://radiotoday.co.uk/2022/11/bbc-radio-6-musics-album-of-the-year-2022-revealed-on-air/
  7. Yeah the characters are done brilliantly in these games aren’t they, I love Sindri, and thought Odin was pitch perfect, and Thor, so many great ones.
  8. I read that in the voice of Mimir
  9. I think @dataDave’s post might have went over a few peoples heads
  10. Everyone does, because they effectively are first party.
  11. I don’t know, so we call Naughty Dog second party?
  12. Monolith Soft and HAL Laboratory respectively. Nintendo bought Monolith in 2007 and HAL haven’t released a game for anything other than Nintendo systems since the 80’s. It’s as close a partnership as you can get.
  13. Oh man that post credits scene (big BIG spoilers) That was perfect. Very nice now that I’ve finished it to just pootling about exploring and admiring things, and there’s still lots to do.
  14. People are always weird about Nintendo, like expecting new mainline Mario or Zelda games every year yet ignoring the fact that what makes them so special is that they take their time with them to make them what they are. Don’t get me wrong I find them really frustrating when they release something like Mario Strikers which plays beautifully but is so barebones it’s taking the piss, but then they put out XC3 in the same time frame, a game which is so fully featured, and Splatoon 3, and it’s just utterly confusing. But yeah saying there’s been nothing since 2017 is bonkers, more so if you’re criticising them for Wii U ports considering a fair few came out that year compared to none this year.
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