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  1. I’ll say again, for the umpteenth time, I miss the corpses staying putting and filling up the screen.
  2. PS4 Pro is around that so imagine somehow condensing that kind of power into a handheld. A Switch by comparison is around 1 teraflop.
  3. A 4 teraflop handheld would cost a fortune though surely?
  4. Yeah I’d like to see it on Switch too as that’s the version I’d prefer, I think it’s time to break their silence on the subject. Looks insanely good btw.
  5. I’m fairly sure he was one of those recently banned fools who kept trolling, Kirby and that other one spring to mind.
  6. Part of me now hopes it’s delayed until next year for a proper next/cross gen release otherwise we’ll have a ridiculously packed autumn schedule this year,
  7. They have close ties with Sony too, Japan Team having already worked on Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls. I don’t think MS would waste the opportunity with Phil Spencer in charge but I still can’t see it happening.
  8. Those leaks are ridiculous, yes GTA VI next March because that makes sense
  9. Stanley


    I watched those too, really interesting but also weird that I’ve been listening to ‘Modern Life’ lots over the last couple of weeks for no particular reason, spooky. Who is that doing the interviewing btw?
  10. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes even a lot of stuff we do know about such as Panzer Dragoon and Doom Eternal still have no date. To be honest I don’t mind - we know from past experience that Nintendo just like to announce things as and when, that said I’m hoping for some sort of a Metroid game this year, and BoTW2 would be amazing. If that comes out for Christmas I couldn’t care less about PS5 or Series X. Pretty excited about Panzer and Xenoblade as well tbh.
  11. The thing is it’s not even funny really, I mean at first it is but then the more he continues you realise he must have quite a serious disorder.
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