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  1. That sounds fucking cool. God I love this game.
  2. Backwards compatibility would be so cool on PlayStation, I really hope it happens.
  3. That’s like saying Daily Mail readers might vote conservative. IGN is gash.
  4. The space mods bit was weird and the music seemed not to go quite, but then I realised it was Thundercat playing the modder, the coolest dude on the planet.
  5. Can you play this in one player?
  6. I would love to know what Microsoft’s longer term plan for Xbox is, because surely it won’t just be limited to gaming. I can envisage a Game Pass subscription which covers all entertainment, and more. Right now I have an Apple family sub which gives me extra cloud storage, Apple Arcade, TV, music and fitness. Surely MS has plans for something similar, maybe they will try and buy Netflix
  7. Gotcha, streaming is great, certainly for some genres more than others, and it’s a good way of trying out Game Pass games before you decide to download them, or if you are going after rewards points and the like.
  8. It’s more like if you actually bought Nando’s.
  9. Yeah it’s hard isn’t it - I stuck it on last night via Xcloud, just to check it out, and died three times on the first boss. Will download it and have a go properly later.
  10. I mean even if you’re not interested in console wars, and honestly, who is, this buyout will mark an important juncture in gaming history I think, which is why it’s sparking discussion everywhere.
  11. It looks a lot like the first game which is no bad thing, more of the same, the running/sliding animation on the players arms and legs is super shit though. It’s a very unique game and I love the parkour and the scavenging, looking forward to it.
  12. I’m ambivalent towards it and judge it as just part of MS’s continued plan for world domination Seriously though this news makes little difference until we see what they do with all these properties, and more importantly how they plan on sorting Activision Blizzard out, because clearly there are a shitload of very unhappy employees there, sadly.
  13. No one has, although let’s wait and see shall we? I believe that local hardware, as that continues to get better as well, will always offer a superior experience.
  14. Choosing a better way of playing a game doesn’t make anyone a luddite.
  15. You don’t have to wait it’s available now.
  16. One thing ‘we’ could do to help solve this problem in reducing lag, and offsetting the price of the hardware to the consumer, is to run the games locally, on some kind of hardware, a console or something. It’ll probably never catch on.
  17. I’m infamous? Go me. I think you’ve already admitted earlier that you have nothing to compare it to, and if you did you might notice it, or whatever. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. I don’t have an irrational fear of it it working btw, why would I?
  18. My PC is so powerful my input lag is in minus figures.
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