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  1. Dunno about PS4, but on Xbox there's usually about 25-30 servers still populated in the evenings. Majority of them are metro 24/7 or golmund 24/7.
  2. it was pretty much down to the resolution being terrible. EA never gave it a one x patch like they did the PS4 version, so now the PS4 version is 1080p with 60fps. XB version never got a resolution bump so it’s still stuck at 720p. At least it runs at 120fps now due to frame rate boost on series x
  3. well of course it was a step down from the PC version, but every console version always was.
  4. Other than being 720p vs 900p on PS4, it was the same game. Same features, similar graphics, same player counts etc. It was nothing like the drop to the old gen version.
  5. Anybody bought one of the 3rd party console shells out there? They’ve been around £100 for ages but you can get them for closer to £50 now. Tempted to get a nice Sonic Blue one to replace the bashed / slowly yellowing stock one I have.
  6. See this doesn't bother me. We used to play BF4 and BF3 almost exclusively on Hardcore servers. I like the idea that if you're a person (not an alien or some form of super soldier) then you're dead in a handful of bullets. But regardless of the TTK, the whole game was just not great. The weapon customisations wasn't anywhere near as good as BF3/4, I didn't enjoy the maps as much. And the usual DICE nerfing anything that is effective was really annoying. (Although that's something that's always been an issue. Ever since BF3 they nerf anti air so much that it's mostly useless agains
  7. This was our group. There was about 8 or 9 of us that regularly played BF4 & 4 none stop. We all dropped off 1 after a few weeks & the same with 5. Hopeing for a return to form.
  8. Still possible if the last gen versions are built on the BF5 engine. Remember the BF4 launch (apart from the brokem, buggy mess), the previous gen versions were a HUGE step down.
  9. I picked it up off ebay for about 11 quid: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313&_nkw=gdemu+mount&_sacat=0
  10. Gave the software a run last night. Very happy with it. Loads of disk based games that didn't work on VGA now work fine. Railroad Tycoon 2 doesn't work at all for me though. Just sits on a black screen, same as the retail copy with a VGA cable. Gutted about that!
  11. Installed a GDEMU on my DC today. Took about 25 mins, and I got a nice cover to replace the drive in the console & push airflow. Using the software to create my SD card there's a wee "force VGA button. Really handy, because now I can play everything via the Pound HDMI cable, rather than some games failing.
  12. Yeah we managed to survive until the nuke. Had a car and a juggernaut in the passenger seat and we just blasted about, but it always cut off at about 3mins10 left on the timer. Looking forward to tonight too. Pro tip for anyone. Loginto the game at about 7:30 and sit in the main lobby connected to the servers. Did us well last night.
  13. I've been in the Ambassadors program for years. Looks like these invites are totally random.
  14. It was good fun. We got in no problem for the most part. One of the party was in a 10 min queue but other than that, no issues. Shame that you couldn't extract, but to be honest you are not gonna be surviving to the end when there's 100+ player controlled zombies after you in a small open area. Also Part 2 hasn't happened yet. That's 8PM tonight. What you saw was just the "15 minutes later from rebirth island". Edit: Also, wasn't MW on a totally new engine? Not the old one that had been updated time and time again since essentially Quake 2?
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