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  1. Depends where you are. In my area Bing is much newer than googles. It's also much higher quality and lets you zoom in much further. Example: Bing is top.
  2. Decided to fly over a thunderstorm at sunset in Italy. I was not disappointed. I then decided to fly through the clouds. Bad idea. I didn't see the mountain that I hit at 400 knots.
  3. I signed up to the insider last week. I got my invite last night / early this morning.
  4. See I don't want that, purely because we now, for once, have an exciting championship up front with only a handful of points separating 1st & 2nd. However I'd love it if the stewards removed the penalty points & 10 seconds from Hamilton. It wouldn't change anything, but RB would be fucking furious.
  5. Yep it was brilliant. I downloaded this last night.
  6. No, but they're also not really scaled down. Mobile devices are plenty powerful these days. The game is running on Unreal Engine which scales pretty well. Look at Fortnite. iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X. They are all crosplay with each other and it works really well.
  7. As @RubberJohnny points out. Phones are plenty powerful enough now to not have watered down versions. Look at COD, PUBG, Real Racing 3 etc. They're all good alternatives to the console versions.
  8. I mean, it's football. You can play it with an analogue stick and couple of buttons. Easy to replicate on a screen. Christ, FIFA has a 1 button mode. Are you saying that all versions suffer because they have a 1 button mode for noobs like me?
  9. I read that somewhere else this week and I'm not sure where. Apparently Alfa are no longer tied to having one of Ferraris drivers in their car, so they could be replacing both drivers this year.
  10. I genuinely think that either 22 or 23 will see Gene Haas sell the team to Mazepins dad & we'll have team Russia or whatever they hell they want to call it. In terms of your stuff above, at least for racecraft, I think 0% he will change. It's how he races & defends. Run people off the road. You saw it plenty from him in F2.
  11. And then give it a couple of years if Mazepin is ever fighting the midfield, and then he can become the new one! At least when he's up fighting amongst other cars people will have a legit reason to complain of drivers being run off the road.
  12. He really is the worlds biggest stirrer. Just jumps in with his big wooden spoon, turns the pot a bit then jumps back out. I love it.
  13. Network transfer has never worked for me. The consoles just don't see each other. I gave up trying to use it.
  14. I'm sure the second one was just a catastrophic failure that wouldn't be spotted before hand regardless. So that's not a valid point. The point I'm trying to make is the rules are already there for unsafe cars. The teams will bring them in or be made to bring them in to be fixed if they're deemed unsafe. They would lose track time by performing that pit. I bet they always go through a choice of "is it worse if we stay out or come in". Making a team start from the back at a restart if repairs are made under redflag is no different than making a team pit for repairs during a race. I don't know why you're all jumping down my throat saying there will be major accidents all the time. There won't, as all it will do is extend the same descisions the team make during the race to during the flag too.
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