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  1. It seems to just be mine. Nothing recent on google / twitter. 7 online last night in our group and just me having the issue. Genuinely no idea what’s caused it. Moved over to Sky on our broadband yesterday morning, but it’s not stopped any other game from working.
  2. Still fucked tonight. Same stuff, every login it makes me sign the user agreements agin, then gets stuck on looking for update. reinstalling the bastard now.
  3. Does adding non-steam games into steam solve the control issues?
  4. Yeah can't figure out what is wrong. 7 of us were on, everyone else could connect fine. Mine throws me straight into the accept agreement pages even though I've been playing since day one and I can't get past the checking for update screen.
  5. Anyone having issues with this tonight? I logged in on xbox to be given the user agreement screens again, and now I'm stuck on checking for update. Cannot get past it at all.
  6. Ui is solved now. Valve have swapped out big picture mode for the Steam OS layout in the beta version of the client. I've read that drivers and tweaks are pretty good now vs a few months ago, but not tried it.
  7. Anybody rocking Windows only on their Deck? I'm tempted to bin off steam OS and Uuse Win11 with steam auto launching in big picture mode at boot. That way I have acess to my Gamepass games and a few others that just won't play well with Steam OS no matter what I do.
  8. Yeah was surprising how easy it is. I'm waiting for a 512gb to come down so I have a drive big enough to dualboot Windows & SteamOS
  9. So it seems PSX emulation has randomly just totally broken on emudeck for me. Default emulator states as missing now, others won’t boot games and duckstation just fails to load any ISO. Fuck knows what has happened there.
  10. Get a deck. You can emulate switch on it too so you can still play BOTW.
  11. Does anyone know how to get 16bit screen mode for older games? I’ve installed the original Moto Racer with Lutris, but the game won’t boot as it requires 16 Bit screen mode. Apparently you can use something called Xephyr in Lutris, but when I enable it I get an error that it can’t be found.
  12. Yes you still can buy them outright. They are mostly £8 each RRP but often drop to 50% off or even less. I think the newest DLC is 3 years old at this point. The game doesn't really get any more updates either. It's a shame they won't bring over the controller support from the console version to the PC version as it would be perfect for SD.
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