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  1. Even if it isn’t microtransactioned to fuck, i don’t think it’s a £60 game.
  2. Played a bit of this. My 2c: Graphics are great Handling is weird. Drifts like Sonic All Stars Racing, but floatier. Without using drifts it hard to get round corners with any speed. In races you get power ups, one will teleport you forward a few positions. About 75% of the time it spawns you against a wall. AI rubber banding like crazy, but only if you're in front. They will be on you at all times, but if you drop too far back, good look ever catching up. You can smash the fuck out of everything when racing, but it's magically repaired every lap. Not something I'd pay full price for.
  3. I have a MacBook. The SteamDeck is my gaming PC. I don’t even setup a keyboard and mouse, I do it all on device and it’s fine. Downloading ROM, installing software, other admin stuff on the desktop, all on device for me.
  4. I’d say Decky Loader is pretty essential for two things. Adding ProtonDB badges to your library and changing the constrast of the screen.
  5. The AliExpress things are like £23 shipped. Plus shipping plus import VAT that’s £53. No doubt it’s a better product, but it’s more than double the cost.
  6. Unfortunately it's not a patch on pure.
  7. Anyone got one of these cheap ass AliExpress flash carts? Any good?
  8. Really happy with it. Not a big colour screen like the laminated ones you see, it's the same size as the original I think. Really bright, tapping the top changes brightness. Chuffed. Now to see how it's fitted and possibly get another case for it.
  9. It's been delivered! Love coming home at lunch time to parcels.
  10. Duuude. Don't launch a boardgame. I'll have to buy it for my wife!!!
  11. Yeah gonna see what it's like when it arrives. I fancy a frosted white transparent case with orange buttons.
  12. So it looks like I made a cheeky offer on an IPS colour on ebay. Didn't mean to... Also it was disgusting. Like 50% the seller was asking for. He accepted it.. So if it works I guess I'll be putting the pocket up for sale!
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