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  1. Officially it doesn't. Everyone getting it cheap are just exploiting a pretty generous "joining bonus". It costs £132 a year if you pay RRP. I know a lot of people don't pay that right now, but there's only so long before Microsoft have the massive amounts of numbers they need to strip the intro bonuses right down.
  2. It's a bizarre choice. When I heard the first few I just thought it totally went against the whole style of the game. It's not needed at all. And that's coming from someone who swears multiple times in each sentence.
  3. T Pot


    I agree with all of this. I had Inevitable End playing on Friday afternoon after being in this thread. I forgot how good it is.
  4. T Pot


    That's my favourite album by them. Really enjoy it. I didn't get on with Senior after it though.
  5. I'm currently playing through it and it feels like I'm coming to the end. I'm loving it, it's just a super relaxing platformer with some nice wee puzzles and an awesome art style. But my god the pilot is an annoying character who needs to be fucked off into the sun.
  6. I think the only true answer is any 3rd party GAMEWARE controller that was bundled with consoles in the early 2000s from GAME. I remember a square controller coming with my Xbox Crystal. SQUARE. Who the fuck thinks that's a good idea?
  7. Got a Deaf Wife. We have subtitles on for everything. It feels weird if we don't have them on something now.
  8. I've found different weapons are more effective against different enemies. With those guys their own Sentinel Beams are really powerful against them.
  9. Long time fan here. Completed every halo multiple times, read a bunch of the books, love the stories etc. For me this is up there as my second or third favourite.
  10. In Whitley Bay around 2000 you had the Spanish City fun fair and all of your standard Blackpool style amusements. But if you went up round the back there was an old arcade full of machines that were 10/20p to play. I’m talking Outrun, Super Skidmarks, Simpsons, Scud Race etc. Loved that place.
  11. We went to Silverstone for the Quali in 21 as my friend won some blue light tickets. It was brilliant. I'd love to go for a whole weekend but just cannot justify the cost. I'll probably do BTCC instead. £50 for a weekend ticket.
  12. Old Threads 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021 League https://fantasy.formula1.com/ League is not live yet Drivers and Teams Team Drivers Mercedes Lewis Hamilton George Russell Red Bull Max Verstappen Sergio Perez McLaren Daniel Ricciardo Lando Norris Aston Martin Sebastian Vettel Lance Stroll Alpine Fernando Alonso Esteban Ocon Ferrari Charles Leclerc Carlos Sainz AlphaTauri Pierre Gasly Yuki Tsunoda Alfa Romeo Valtteri Bottas Guanyu Zhou Haas Mick Schumacher Nikita Mazepin Williams Alex Albon Nicholas Latifi Calendar Race Date Location Bahrain 20 March Sakhir Saudi Arabia 27 March Jeddah Australia 10 April Melbourne Emilia Romagna 24 April Imola Miami 8 May Miami Spain 22 May Barcelona Monaco 29 May Monaco Azerbaijan 12 June Baku Canada 19 June Montreal Great Britain 3 July Silverstone Austria 10 July Spielberg France 24 July Le Castellet Hungary 31 July Budapest Belgium 28 August Spa Netherlands 4 September Zandvoort Italy 11 September Monza Russia 25 September Sochi Singapore 2 October Singapore Japan 9 October Suzuka USA 23 October Austin Mexico 30 October Mexico City Brazil 13 November Sao Paulo Abu Dhabi 20 November AbuDhabi
  13. I loved the Hunters in this one. Definitely a dangerous pair of enemies vs how they became in previous titles.
  14. Ah okay. I still stand by that the developers know about it and intentionally leave it in. In Cod4 back in the day I remember a patch so you didn't spawn in the direct sight of enemies. Starting with MW2 the games started to get super fast and hyperactive. (Remember sprinting with ninja and the sawn off shotties dual wielding?)
  15. I certainly wouldn't have been. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have it as one of my favourite halo games. I also got a lot more play time out of the campaign than something like a COD title which can be done in about 4 hours.
  16. That's fair enough I suppose! It sounds like the bosses need some tuning on Legendary. They certainly are not bullet sponges on Normal if you use the correct weapons. For example: Shooting them with a standard BR or Assault rifle was barely moving their heath and was taking me ages. Using the sword and landing a few well timed strikes and that had 90% of the health gone in 3 hits.
  17. Which seems to be ruining the game for those people. So surely it would be better to drop to Heroic and have all parts of the game fun? I can't understand playing a game that is so difficult I'm not enjoying it at all.
  18. See, I just don't play on a difficulty that is so high it turns the game into a miserable slog. I'd rather have it on something that makes it fun. Don't get me wrong, you're 100% entitled to play it on a difficulty that is too much for you, but when you have to play the game in a way that sucks any fun or life from it to the point where it's totally ruined your experience, I don't understand why you'd do it.
  19. I don't understand why you would want to play a game like that. It just doesn't sound fun at all.
  20. I'm not in a position to watch the video right now, but I genuinley think the bad spawns on COD games are on purpose. Multiple engines, multiple teams, a new game every year. There's no way the exact same problem spreads across all of them. The game has got faster and faster over the years, it's more of a twitch shooter & get you back into the frantic chaos as fast as possible every year. I honestly reckon the spawns are like that for a reason to push that kick of the "cod rage" and keep you nipping at it. I've lost count how many times I've been in a deathloop, and same on the opposite side, how many times I've been actively shooting an enemy and another has spawned between us and I've got a double kill. Old cod games didn't used to spawn you in the line of site of enemies (especially ones already firing).
  21. Yep really enjoying it too. The spawns are fucking terrible and I constantly get spawned directly in front of enemies with my back to them. The same has happened the other way though. At this point I'm sure it's intentional by the devs.
  22. I completed this over the weekend. Fucking loved it. The grapple shot is a fantastic addition to the series and I loved the open world (considering I was expecting to hate that I'm surprised). Boss fights were fun and the story was great. Most fun I've had in a campaign on any game for a number of years now. Easily my second favourite Halo game after Halo 1.
  23. 3 was a bag of meh, but I really like 2. Maybe because it came out when I was 14/15 and was the first one I saw in the cinema. Also guns, fighting, flying, explosions, Carrie-Anne Moss in tight leather getups? I was a teenage boy ffs!
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