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  1. Although the build is content from a few months ago with unfinished, missing and disabled assets & features.
  2. I put a couple of hours into it last night. With the enhanced graphics on there is no way you'd think this originally came out in 2017. It looks like a brand new game.
  3. Exactly. Who gives a fuck? GP is awesome. I've barely spent a £ on any games since I got my Series X on launch since all of the new releases I've wanted to play came to GP on day 1. It's an amazing service.
  4. ?? Good point. The new Series X update came out this week, the game looks absolutely stunning.
  5. At least with this one, it's a 4 year old game, not a new release. So I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. T Pot

    Formula E

    Watch Monaco from this years FE. It was absolutely brilliant.
  7. Post it to someone on here. There's a few people who will be able to either revive it or enjoy having it on display.
  8. Loved it. I thought it was 2 hours of just complete and utter daft fun. Plenty of stuff to scratch that action itch, plenty to laugh at. Good old Rllmuk. Managing to pull the fun out of everything since 2001!
  9. Coulthard does the C4 show and also the W Series. No idea what Jenson does. I know he did a bit of racing again but haven't seen him in a while. I hope Nico commentates a bit more on Sky. Really enjoy him on the show.
  10. Friday Practice, Saturday Practice and Quali, Sunday Race. Monza will host another Friday: Practice & Quali, Saturday Practice and Race, Sunday Race. I don't know where the 3rd this year will be.
  11. I do like it when they get him out around the track during practice He finds an awesome corner with a really cool view point then talks about the cars and the challenges of it while he's barely able to be heard as they scream past.
  12. It's either today or Thursday that 2020 comes to GP
  13. Yep tried that. A proper power cycle is the first thing I always do when I have a problem with an Xbox.
  14. I found once it hit about 8pm I could no longer get in and was being stuck into a queue.
  15. Weird controller issue here, just checking if anyone else has had it before I file a return. controller randomly wouldn’t connect yesterday. It has a slow double pulse on the light every 10 seconds or so. It won’t connect to the console wirelessly at all. It will connect via USB, updated the firmware, didn’t help. Reset the machine, didn’t help. New pad time or is it solvable?
  16. Servers seem up for this now. I got in a game with no wait. if you’re just connecting for the first time, use this referral code: IAXGXH Get some free in game currency.
  17. That's exactly what I did. I also got a wee mount that was about £12 to divert the air in the same routes as the GDRom drive did. In another note, my Clone GDEmu was working fine for weeks. Then all of a sudden it just started to freeze on the menu about 10 seconds after booting. Anyone got any ideas on what could be up?
  18. It's not available in the UK. SKY have exclusive broadcast rights. Don't expect it here until about 2025.
  19. No, I've always thought it should be the case. It rewards the drivers that keep their noses clean. And yes I know there are some that get caught up in things, but that just racing. It happens.
  20. I still think it should be a rule. Either ban it or have it so any work done on the red flags you go to the back of the grid. Plenty of other racing series do it and it's not an issue. I'm just avoiding going into it on here as I'll just get drowned out and shouted down by the "We don't like change everything should stay exactly how it is" crowd.
  21. I know. Hence why I'm not advocating for teams to pay for rivals repairs.
  22. I think you're quoting the wrong person here. I don't want the teams deemed at fault to pay for accidents. It could kill some of them depending on the size of the crash. I think something like a provision for if your car is DNFd due to a major crash then the repairs are not included in the cost cap. Or something. I dunno. I don't know how it would be enforced, but the FIA seem alright at enforcing current budgets and part limits so I assume they'd find a way.
  23. As someone said on Reddit, the FIA would have to have almost a forensics level of oversight on the teams accounts. Also could you imagine the fallout. 2 races before the end of the season, 5 points in it between Max & Lewis. Perez causes a huge pile up that blows RBs budget. That's championship over for Max. I don't know if they'd have to sit out, get DSQ or be heavily punished for going over budget, but there's no chance he'd be able to get the championship. Other teams paying costs won't work, but maybe an allowance for repairs on not at fault accidents could be something.
  24. It's something they've never dealt with before due to the new cost caps. Maybe the answer is leave it as it is now, or don't include repairs from crashes in your cost cap or something else entirely. But I can certainly see why team bosses are now wanting the costs covered by another team in the event of accidents. Staff lost their jobs so teams could hit the budget this year, and it's only going to get tighter over the next couple as the cap goes down.
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