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  1. I've a feeling that there's some good fun to be had in 4-player coop in this, but the demo matchmaking seems booked. Looking at the skills and weapons perks I think there's some decent scope here for an almost Diablo like looter.
  2. Yep the skills seem to be the best thing in this as the shooting isn't up to much. There's options to tweak the controls but the aim acceleration seems really odd, it's far too twitchy. Also seems strange to make such a big deal out of the cover system in the early sections when it really isn't needed - it's only good for charging skills and doesn't provide much protection at all. The weapons all sound so weak and there's very little impact when you hit enemies. I find I'm needing to rely on the radar to spot enemies too as its quite hard to make them out, all seems ver
  3. I've not tried the most recent dlc but I've done a bit of the Stir of Dawn update in NG+ mode. There didn't seem loads of content to be honest. It added some optional rock solid bosses and I think you can opt to apply a penitent debuff in the playthrough to make it harder e.g. half damage, 1-hit deaths.
  4. Yep, it's the 2nd crucible step that's killed it for me. I think the first 50 kills requirement counted team kills which racked up pretty quick given everyone was using it. The next step is 50 kills of your own and if you're not great at precision shots it's a grind. Edit - I think there's a seasonal perk on the battle pass that speeds up progress significantly. Cuts the number of kills by more than half I think.
  5. I was a bit meh on the seasonal battlegrounds initially but the more I play them, the more I like them. Not as intricate as strikes but the enemy density really is a step up from what has gone before. With the new stasis supers it can feel more like Diablo at times as you freeze and smash tonnes of enemies and it's refreshing to not have to rush through or compete for kills with other fireteam members. I did the Shadowkeep strike soon after and it was a bit rubbish by comparison.
  6. The Destiny TWAB mentions they're aren't putting any more of D1 Cosmodrone back into the game, despite Bungie saying back in June last year that we would get "D1 Y1 Cosmodrone parity". https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/50102 Something a bit screwy happening with the new Strikes too. They aren't selectable from the Director yet but it seems no one has played the Fallen SABER strike either.
  7. I'm guessing so though very little, if anything has been shown of it. I think there are two maps available for the activity but I can't imagine it's much more than a 3-player horde/firefight activity. Possibly round based and similar to the Forges/Sundial activities they've just put into the vault, is what I'm guessing.
  8. Cheers, I'll try to join again later this evening.
  9. Its been done by the Switch port wizards at Panic Button so I'm hopeful it'll be pretty good. I was optimistically hoping Respawn would announce a cross-save feature when they announced the Switch port but that doesn't look like it's happening.
  10. It's kicked me from the club as apparently I've changed cross-play settings (I haven't)
  11. "25 new and returning weapons" next season apparently. Looking at some of the season promo art they might be bringing Year 1 Leviathan Raid weapons back. Midnight Coup with random rolls could be pretty decent.
  12. Yep, I was optimistically hoping for the ultimate edition to pickup my original Control save (played on Series X) but it hasn't done it. All have is New Game option.
  13. From the TWAB they are ditching the weekly bounties in favour of the Fortnite/Apex styled weekly challenges. Will probably slow season pass progression down a bit on the early weeks of the seasons moving forward.
  14. Yes (I think it is anyway). Its really smooth on the SX and there a lovely FOV slider in the Options now too
  15. New update is now live - 8.82GB on Series X
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