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  1. There's another community quest in progress at the moment. Osiris has had a quest since Tuesday which has sent streamers into overdrive. Seems a bit like Niobe labs but without the combat. This'll hopefully explain it far better than I can; I think at the moment you can get an emblem and up to 19 new lore entries by running the different routes. Odds are that the final reward will be an exotic sword...
  2. Totally this, didn't touch gambit in the last 2 seasons and I'm not one for grinding with lesser used weapons for the Pinnacle
  3. This is out today, on Switch! Runs a bit wonky in the town, in that console mmo way, but performance is much better out in the field.
  4. Janski


    I finished this recently and am pretty pleased with myself as I'm rubbish at these types of games. Died loads obviously but the controls are so tight it never real feels unfair. The story was great too and helps push things along. Possible post credits spoiler
  5. Seems as though the new 6-man activity is Menagerie-like mechanics but now fighting Cabal in a new zone on Mercury. Looked pretty good and hopefully you'll be able to target specific drops though the stream didn't mention a Chalice-like item. Devs did say you can't fail the activity and a coordinated team can get through it much quicker.
  6. Janski

    Nintendo Switch

    Definitely, I've never had any issue with getting into games. Even with the role queue added it's always been <2 mins but never takes that long.
  7. It's coming next week now
  8. Yeah the whole consumables side of the game seems really undercooked (lolz). The buffs are really small and you're better off using armour mods for any skill point boosts. I've sold everything that can't go into my healing pack and never had an issue.
  9. Speed runners are having fun with this, one video I saw had the game beat inside 20 minutes!
  10. Combat abilities? Should just be left or right on the d-pad when fighting enemies.
  11. Totally this. I've tried to do the EDZ forge loads since Shadowkeep launched and just cannot destroy the Walker in the final round. Never had this problem before even with full teams who knew what to do.
  12. Yep this. I never really replay games and am a total completionist when it comes RPGs like this; explore everywhere, hack everything, exhaust all dialogue and speech checks.
  13. I'm 11 hours in and still haven't fixed my ship.
  14. For anyone with bad RNG (like me) Ada-1 in the tower now has both Jotunn and Le Monarque exotic quests in her inventory.
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