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  1. Yeah it definitely is. Probably because it's not linked to an exotic quest with weekly requirements of sorts like Harbinger or Pressage. I need another 800 data to get the last 2 upgrades on the splicer glove and then I've got it Edit: I remember hammering Season Of Dawn (upgrading all those towers was painful) going for the seal, only then realising I also needed the Collections badge too, which I never got.
  2. Yeah the last lorebook entry for Beneath the Endless Night released last week, which might have leaked early as it's pretty spoilerific about the story. I suspect it may have been intended for an end of season epilogue.
  3. I think you just get the corrupted keys from normal activities. They drop and look like blue Gambit motes.
  4. Only to camp the heavy ammo (like everyone else unfortunately). Sorry, not much help I know.
  5. I bought a cheap Xbox key about a year ago and completed this - got around 15/20hrs out of it for my £5 which wasn't too bad really. There's some baffling design decisions but I'm sure me playing it a year after it first launched means I didn't get half as many technical issues as those playing it at launch. I enjoyed it for the most part until you get to the endgame and realise there's very little gear and not much at all in the way of content/activities.
  6. Those Guardian Games armors look great. Hope they aren't Eververse only.
  7. I finished the slightly longer First Outriders sidequest in the quarry and received about 10 legendary weapons in the end of mission drop
  8. This is a great find, cheers.
  9. Started as Technomancer and it seems a pretty tricky class to go solo with. I'm level 9 and have had to knock it down to WT6 as I was getting rushed and wiped fairly quickly. Just unlocked the rocket launcher/mini gun skill so that's evened the odds a little
  10. Yep, you can recruit the buddies and train them and swap them in and out when you're on missions. You can send them on the Mercenary missions for resources and I think the Argosy/submarine bit is like the farm from MH: World; you select 1 buddy per sub (of which there are 3 once unlocked) and send them off to collect resources of a similar type and can boost the gathering chances with items. The sub bit is near one of the ships in the separate area over the bridge (right from the smithy)
  11. All the YouTube vids I've seen recommend to get your buddies recruited/trained as soon as possible. Get them all trained in the dojo, shipped out on the Argosy and out in the field as Mercenaries.
  12. I've warmed to this over the week and actually ended up playing the demo quite a lot. Best advice is don't bother using cover at all (despite the extraneous prologue/tutorial explanation) and treat it like Diablo. Be really aggressive and use your skills loads. Definitely some good looting to be had.
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