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  1. I didn't play much, if at all last season. Are weekly Flashpoints for powerful gear still a thing? They aren't on my map. What about the 3 Strikes / 5 Crucible games / 3 Gambit matches for powerful gear? They aren't there either so I'm guessing they've dropped them.
  2. There's a crash site near zavala which you can inspect. Edit - Zavala also has some new brief dialogue.
  3. Incoming rockets now I think
  4. I knew there was a reason I had the Sad Trombone emote equipped.
  5. Possibly a Fortnite style live event tomorrow at 5pm BST. Those unfortunate enough to have put enough time into what must be the worst ever season of PVE content have been running public events to power up Rasputin. Tomorrow is the day where the Warmind takes aim at the Almighty. Datamined that the reward for watching it is an . Not quite sure how a live event is in line with Bungie trying to move away from fomo style events/rewards mind. Also given some of the reported engine woes its possible this wont be a live event at all, could just be a cutscene unlocking at 5pm.
  6. Yep, I'll be chucking Respawn a few quid for Season 5, probably for both the Battle Pass and Loba character. The core game in this is still top notch; the weapons, the characters and the general feel and movement are superb. I've dabbled a bit in COD Warzone but I think this is sooooo much better. Season 5 PvE quest overview;
  7. Season 5 starts next week, new character and a new PvE mode? Yes, please.
  8. There's an article about this very issue on Eurogamer today; https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-04-25-the-curious-case-of-call-of-duty-warzone-crossplay Xbox players are bang out of luck it seems, even the dashboard setting change doesn't seem to work.
  9. You can repair at workbenches using scrap too. When you first press repair there's another button press (Y on Xbox I think) to pick using resources instead of the kits. Doesn't help that the interface is really cumbersome.
  10. I'm level 19 now and have learned that the bulk of the Wastelander content only becomes available once you reach level 20. Still really loving the world exploration though and I'm enjoying the survival thirst/hunger elements too. It's not half as annoying as I thought it would be and means you actually have to think about what you carry and get to use up all that stuff that clogs up the usual Fallout inventory.
  11. I've found crafting both healing and food items to be really helpful early on. So I tend to scavenge most stuff and break it down but this does tend to clog up the inventory quite a bit. You can also build your camp close to The Wayward and fast travel back near to the bar for free which means it's easier to buy/sell healing items. There's a common Luck perk card you can get early on which increases the chances of finding food in containers too. I think I got lucky and got 2 so I've ranked that up early on. I think it can I'm level 16 now and haven't had to do any multiplayer stuff at all. I've seen other players around, visited their houses/shops and done some world events. It does seem a little 'slim' perhaps in terms of single player story content; it seems more about exploring the world (which I honestly think is pretty great, so much better than F4's) and scavenging/crafting better gear.
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