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  1. The M4A1 is a really good assault rifle that you unlock pretty early on. You'll unlock loads of add-ons and attachments the more you use the same weapon and it can be pretty heavy going at the beginning until you unlock them
  2. Added all from the first page and the last couple too. My friend code is 7620 3041 3739
  3. Sorry if this has already been asked multiple times (it must have) but what's the best way for me and my son to play this? Currently we only have 1 switch and 1 Nintendo Account/Profile & 1 NNID all under my name, which my son uses for all other games he's allowed to play. I've read AC does something different with multiple users where only one can be mayor or something. I guess we need to have different characters (and profiles?) setup to play but what does the one of us miss out on? Selfishly I kinda want mine to be the main character. . That must sound awful
  4. Janski

    The Division 2

    If you're not yet max level then just keep equipping higher level gear, eventually you'll have gold/yellow gear in every slot. Until then don't worry about builds etc.
  5. This. I've not logged in yet but it seems the only thing you get for your £10 season pass is Legendary Lost Sectors? And the added season track? That's some shoddy vfm even by Bungie's standard.
  6. Janski

    The Division 2

    Season One manhunt is live and plays out just like the WoNY campaign; 4 mini-bosses revealing the location of the main target. The mini-bosses are time gated though, the first one is live now but the second one is only available in 2 weeks etc. Which spaces out manhunt across the 3 month season I guess. They've wrapped up the Project busywork as the way to gain Intel about each of the targets, such as clearing control points, bounties and main missions. Up to season pass level 5 now too and at level 4 there's a fixed roll (I think) named assault rifle, Glory Days which melts. Only other thing that caught me out is if you change your World Difficulty during the manhunt you lose all progress to all of the Targets. Annoying now I'm melting enemies with the Strikers Gear Set so pick your difficulty before you start!
  7. https://www.usgamer.net/articles/bethesda-was-surprised-how-few-people-wanted-to-take-part-in-pvp-in-fallout-76
  8. Janski

    The Division 2

    A shed load of new info in this week's State of the Game. This video sums the new endgame activities/seasonal content coming with the WoNY expansion Edit: list version;
  9. Janski

    The Division 2

    Anyone in an Xbox clan?
  10. Also struck me as a little odd that Vex Offensive and Sundial activities would just disappear never to be used again. A new activity per season was never really going to be sustainable so I can see them being rehashed at some point, probably along with the Reckoning. There was an article on Forbes about a possible update to Escalation Protocol activity on Mars next season too, prompted by the in game cut-scene of the Osiris/Warmind discussion.
  11. Janski

    The Division 2

    Kenly College expeditions are back at tomorrow's reset too. Not the best missions but completing the 3 of them (which have previously been time limited) guarantees the Exotic Diamondback rifle.
  12. Janski

    The Division 2

    Standard version on Xbox one now at cdkeys for only £4.39. https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/tom-clancys-the-division-2-xbox-one-cd-key?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign= A great price for at least 30hrs of solo play action and you'd also get the endgame loot changes coming in next week's update if it clicks - a great time to jump in.
  13. Janski

    The Division 2

    Nope, not till TU8 on March 3rd. Along with the new dlc Edit- it's TU8, not 7, still March 3rd
  14. There's been some interesting changes this season in terms of the structure and both short & long term gains and I'm a bit undecided on them still. The obelisks for example, I spent the first few weeks grinding pretty hard through Saint-14 & obelisk bounties to get them all levelled up but as of last weeks reset you can now effectively just buy the levels if you've enough glimmer and sim seed. Similarly, the seasonal weapons are good but why grind for them when rolls with extra perks only become available at level 92. What's the value of modding the initial seasonal armour when the +60 versions are only available at level 50+? It's all fun I guess, but makes me question if it's all worth the effort.
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