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  1. Sheesh the new Stasis Supers near enough instakil existing Raid bosses.
  2. Hi, I've sent a clan request to rllmuk overlords. Used to play playstation but migrated to Xbox now. GT: Apollo Cerberus Cheers
  3. https://twitter.com/BungieHelp/status/1314717668981710849?s=19
  4. Vid shows Destiny 2 running on the Series X, looks much better and this is without the incoming 60fps patch in November.
  5. I wonder if as part of the FotL event that the Cipher Decoders from Spider are the way we can trade in all our soon to useless planetary materials. I'm sure Bungie mentioned there would be some way to get rid of all the materials from the vaulted planets for when Beyond Light launches.
  6. Feared that would be a rehash of the last 2 years and whilst it probably is, with those same weapons being available, there does appear to be some new stuff. https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2020/10/1/21497172/destiny-2-festival-of-the-lost-2020-event-haunted-forest-return-exotic-rewards-ghost-ship-sparrow
  7. Anyone had the issue of one the mini SL or SR buttons on a detached joycon not working? Mine suddenly seems to have stopped and it's not picking the SL button up in the system test. Just wondering if it's a known issue/easy fix.
  8. PC? Doesn't really work for my home setup.
  9. Very true for me. I just want to play Destiny 2 without the appalling loading delays we get now.
  10. Wonder why some Devs are making news that their game will work on Series X e.g. Borderlands 3, Rainbow Six, Division 2, Destiny 2. I'm guessing these are games that are having the proper patched job to make them 4K or some thing, but won't all Xbox one just work?
  11. Seems a fairly substantial patch is due next week for consoles. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-05-inxile-takes-aim-at-wasteland-3-bugs-that-in-some-cases-make-the-game-unplayable
  12. I was hoping the MS money train would have made stuff much easier for the devs but it's the same as Wasteland 2 was at launch it seems. Something about the Unity engine and memory leaks makes it really unstable.
  13. Hoping the incoming hotfix sorts the constant crashing at least. Unsure whether to wait for the bigger update at the end of this week now.
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