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  1. Who do you think you are? Turd Ferguson?

  2. I was about to say, "Wincho. I like that name."

    Until I realized I have already said this.

    And then I decided to tell you about it.

    Carry on.

  3. Ugh. I recieved an email from that asshole. He sent me this: even though you're fucking nuts i would like to start all over even though we're out of luck you were my 4 leaf clover even though i saw you cry you always made me smile even though i told a lie the truth was there on file even though you lack emotion you gave me something i could feel even though we had no caution the scene of the crime was not real even though you were never young it never felt like we moved too fast even though we didn't last long at least we managed to last even though you're better off alone i'm happiest when you're mine even though you don't like my tone i just might get better with time even though i would hog the bed at least i didn't hog the cover even though you're fucking nuts i would like to start all over Fuck that guy.
  4. I wrote this poem for my last boyfriend, a few days before I found a loop hole in our relationship and jumped through it like there was no tomorrow. Always joking, never sincere Unsuspecting and quiet, plays life by ear Only serious when he tells you he's God The epitome of sex, hypnosis by cock A complex piece of the puzzle itself Too hard to fit in, too hard to fit else Innocent eyes, dark under the skin Twelve hundred issues, only one pen He didn't like it.
  5. I enjoyed Battle Royale, although, you might have some trouble remembering characters names. I suggest writing them down; making a key. I just finished The Game. I was engrossed. I recommend it to anyone single. Now I am currently reading Evil Genes by Barbara Oakley.
  6. One of the characters in the book I am reading reminds me of CrispinG.
  7. I am reading The Game by Neil Strauss. I took this book from my [now ex] boyfriend with in the time span of a week of us being together. At first he struggled to get it back from me, but I viciously faught for it and stuck it in my purse. It has page markers and a lot of it is high lighted. How authentic. So far I can't put it down. Hopefully, he won't ask for it back before I'm done reading it. And more hopefully, he's forgotten I have it because I want Petty to read it so that we can become pick up artists together, lol.
  8. I'm writing a new story. Something better to fit MASHEEN.
  9. I like how punctual you are, Danster.
  10. I've already started on the next corner.
  11. I just wanna give a big thanks to my fans and God. HURRY UP AND CHOOSE A WINNER. I'm anticipating the next word. Peepeeing my pants.
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