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  1. @Gabzy cmon, falk is 30! now...viktor fischer...maybe and yeah, the keeper is 38...EDIT my apologies, the keeper is 30!
  2. ah, we've brought on "The Nicest Man In Football" TM
  3. i can understand that ole was giving the first team a rest in the last game, but, it looks like it would have made more sense to have played the first team in that game as they would have a bit more consistency about them
  4. well, sancho was playing every game for dortmund at 18... and we look naff here, bailey is a liability. and why fred not maitc!? and wtf is the ref playing at!
  5. ...odds on bailey getting a red then?...
  6. 5R7

    Xbox Series X

    Fm doesn't work like that...might if SI actually developed it to USE the system it is on mind! but it doesn't, its borked as fuck, and barley runs better on a high end system to a low end. It relies on CPU to get better processing, but, it still doesn't use the system its being run on fully! Case in point, it barely runs better on my i9-9900k with 32gig ram, than it does on my i7-4790k with 32gig ram...its annoying...
  7. 5R7

    Xbox Series X

    c'mon, people are playing wolfenstien on switch connected to 4k tvs in all its 240p glory! It should also be able to do integer scaling out to 4k tvs, which would mean it looks sharper than just upscaling as well.
  8. 5R7

    Xbox Series X

    it wont be a cut down CPU, it wont be a cheaper SSD (bear in mind MS have used a normal nvme drive just in a slightly different size format, not decided to jury rig together their own, so cheaper dev cost). As these will be required. It will most likely not have the blu ray, and could have less ram as if you arnt trying to output high res, you dont need as much. The major saving will be that they are going to be using a gpu component that essentially will be a part that hasnt binned to the standard of the XsX and are thus reusing it. What is oddly concerning, and how sombody didnt think of this, is that it could easily be short called the SS...and...well....yeah...
  9. So....Death stranding PC, which is built on the same engine, and the ps4 version came out last year, was "sponsored" by nvidia and works fantastically well across a wide range of hardware, including amd hardware...as in a 2060 can run it dlss 4k60... and HZD , of which the original came out a few years ago, is "sponsored" by AMD but is borked completely to high heaven on nvidia hardware to the point where it really questions what is going on (seriously watch the DF vid comparing 1060 to 580)...well...
  10. well...30 mins in , this is shite! These players should be showing the belong at the club a lot more !
  11. im hoping a couple goals in the first half, then bring on the kikds for the 2nd!
  12. I've been saying a dm for months! Some people think I'm mad! Glad I'm not the only one. Really, I think there are only a couple options, and apparently one isn't interested. Sandro tonali, who apparently ain't interested, or florentino Luis, both young and play the dm position, although Luis is more defensive of the two.
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