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  1. "Players will also be able to experience Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition with Xbox Game Pass starting November 11. Grand Theft Auto III – The Definitive Edition will be available on PlayStation Now starting December 7." https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/4kaa7414o5k979/grand-theft-auto-the-trilogy-the-definitive-edition-coming-november-11 so...yeah...but its not Vice, so what's point
  2. Usually conference north/south out of the box. But, there are usually expanded leagues available that are user added that quite often go down to level 10!
  3. ..i was 5R7 before he was CR7... WHAT....A....HEADER!
  4. i had to pee...fuck happened there lol
  5. the two biggest problems are Ronaldo and Bruno. Ronaldo does not contribute enough, and Bruno is acting like a striker! he needs to get back in fucking position!. Take the pair of em off, get sancho on, greenwood up front. and donny/lingard on in the middle. There was a report about Zidane, at least he knows how to manage a team of galacticos and fred does a fred ...
  6. FFS Ole Sends the actual best alt defender we have, Axel, out on loan, and leaves us with fuking vicky there. Fuck it. Ole out. Hes had his chance. He simply Is. Not. Good. Enough.... When it comes to the big games, he does not have the experience, or clearly, the willing, to actually fucking tell the team to do what he wants! and as for the ronaldo singing ...fuck that....he turns up, raises the share price, the parasites extract another £100mil out the club and dont give the club anything.
  7. Least Fred has had his shot lol
  8. what bollox...thats 1 then...
  9. honestly...id rather watch manchester storm lol
  10. shit...i guess im gonna have to like ...watch the game now arnt i...eurgh...
  11. the problem i have with mcfred is that unlike Matic, neither of them drop into the defence when attacking. So with Matic, when we are trying to contain a team in their own half, matic drops into the defence and it pushes up but spreads wider, like scholes/carrick used to do. this allows the fullbacks to push up, as the cover is there, also, neither offer what i would call "an out ball" a player that is simply available to pass back to and recycle play when things look like they are breaking down. I'm also really disappointed that Mata didn't convert himself into a DLP, as he would have been perfect for that role! honestly these are problems that ultimately come down to the manager... genuinely though, what would sir alex have had these players playing like! he always got the best out of players!
  12. *Laughs in PC* Sorry...notsorry. On its actual target platform ,the PC, with the right hardware, it is still absolutely fucking incredible to look at! There are no ifs buts or maybes! it really is astonishing. However, it should have been absolutely canned on Bone and PS4, only released on PC, and then, ported to xsx and PS5! where a high settings (minus RT, which still looks really good!) 60 fps version would have been easy, and a 30fps quality mode (with RT) could have been done as well. No you aint getting 60 with RT on consoles, as the ONLY way to get it is with DLSS. and yeah those sniper rifles need nerfing lol
  13. yeah it did it for me, then i made a new post, and straight to the last post!?! calling @TehStu!!
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