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  1. ... my stream died and i missed it
  2. cos spurs are a bunch of cheating fucks
  3. oh fuck right off. Son you fucking cheateing fuclk
  4. thats a fucking disgrace of officiating. Doesnt give rashford a clear fucking foul , then gives that!? what a fucking joke of a ref.
  5. hmm, one of pogba or rashford are gonna get shoved on the right here arnt they...
  6. amsuing paper talk this morning "West Ham will tell Manchester United to forget any plans to offer Jesse Lingard as part of a deal to sign Declan Rice." ...lingard then goes to score two more goals lol At this rate, they will be offering Rice FOR lingard lol
  7. Offspring booked for end of year! will be the first gig of the year!
  8. chrsit this fucking ref is just abysmal! every single time we go near em he gives a foul and a card! pathetic!
  9. wtf was that bullshit yellow card for pogba!? Christ the streams are shit today...
  10. De gea is now the europa keeper!
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