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  1. I think this really needs a restating, ALL, of those slides state smart memory...which seems to only be for 550/570 motherboards... So...it will be interesting to see real world examples, and what the difference it in terms of using one on amd or intel, as, if it actually offers a measurable amount of difference, or was the only way to get better results. It could put people off buying it if they only have the money for a gpu, and that they wont be getting the full benefit... Guess we will know in a couple of weeks though!
  2. What an odd statement in the vid, he mentions support for variable refresh rate...but...i dont know of a single VRR display, that goes below 40, never mind below 30!? (Gync does, but only the hardware version) If somebody can find one, please, point it out!
  3. Could always try it on a 750ti
  4. Man, anybody who thinks this looks alrite, and something they want to buy, having not played the souls games, based on that "gameplay" trailer is in for a shock! (as that character simply couldn't do that at the start, or possibly, the end of a run!)....and never mind where they dropped off...and "landed"... tbh, demons is still prob my fave (emulated on Pc its superb!), but, i wont be getting a ps5 just for it, and now im not sure i will, as i will be missing things by not preordering, that can fuck right off!
  5. OLE...OLE ole ole...OLe...ole
  6. no...not at all..weve looked disjointed as all fuck!
  7. Pogba made that, by being in his best postion, being allowed to RUN forward with the ball! and Mason..well, hell of a finish... yes...offside...
  8. its so odd, as pretty much EVERY striker KNOWs how to play that ball/cross! as its where they want the ball!
  9. it was full of monster, the modern day mountain dew lol
  10. Anyone wanna fridge... Seems odd that PGR4 is shown on the back wall...
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