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    this is...genuinely...the best video game movie ever!?! its so good, so fun, and yes, so heartfelt! its just...fun out of ten! its what ready player one could have been, if they actually made the book!
  2. Just chucking it out there, but, if you have a VPN, set yourself to the states and you can watch most of the pre craig bonds for free at pluto tv - https://pluto.tv/en/on-demand/category/5d69b3f9b2b69c9750eae029/view-all
  3. the only disc game i still own from the og xbox...as it still runs! and looks even better! as its 4k60 on a one x/xsx and you can still buy it! so, not "console" exclusive, more brand exclusive
  4. ffs, that has been coming. mason not passing to better positioned players really showing it up. Nothing going on the middle of the park. no control. no adapting to the game from ole. fucking garbage display today
  5. jesus fucking christ Mason NEEDS to pull his head out of his arse and pass the fucking ball!
  6. paging @Gabzy Fred has had his shot
  7. Ffs Mason, Pass the ball to the player who is wide open!!
  8. pretty much the "1st" team then
  9. funny to see this thread back up, as i have also been replaying it! well, a modded it any way! - https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls2/mods/978?tab=description Tell ya what though, trying to come from DaS3, or even 1, straight to it is a nightmare! as everything about it is just so "off" compared to the rest! The pursuer can be quite a pain, or, quite easy...you use the buckler to parry his charging attack(not the blue one!). As the buckler has an extended parry frame!
  10. Man remeber when valve made the steam link for just this kinda thing! ... ahead of its time man. There is the option of a Pi with steam link on it, but, get rid of the wifi, its just goign to cause problems for streaming. of course, there is the obscenely high end route of "a single cable" and a dock...a very...VERY expensive single cable lol
  11. @Popo The spec is simply, must be gen 4 pcie. It won't work if a gen3 drive is put in. But considering Sonys website basically says, we don't guarantee games will work properly off it, and if it don't, put it on the internal. Not really very reassuring as a long term option when the first party devs actually start using to its fullest.
  12. hope ya kick the fuq outa them!
  13. SO... We have a World class 1st choice attack, a world class 1st choice defence, TWO world-class keepers...a midtable midfield at best...and...a B team that cant beat the team we just beats B team... oh yeah!
  14. ah, i see we have now taken the "gung ho " approach! ...ok... yeah, cavanis fitness really is an issue! as this should be HIS game!
  15. "muscle strain"...apparently... i mean Greenwood would be the obvious choice, but i would quite like to see Elanga...although, hes best when he can run at people, and there isnt very much space. This is the game where have a clinical finisher would help! I also really wanna see Donny moved into the "A" team, and played with Scotty, as, i dunno, i just think it might work, as he seems to be getting more "imposing", in his work ethic, he's putting the boot in, and then trying stuff. And with a more energetic partner, that might well work!
  16. so, we are just "not allowed" a pen against west ham then!? Noble clearly pulled him down!?!
  17. that was fucking pathetic Phil Jones wouldnt have backed away there! he'd have dived in....and fucked himself up! Fuck it, lets get Phil on now! lindelof and bauley have never worked.
  18. christ, telles wrong sided completly there! Be glad when we get Williams and Laird back next season as alts...well...laird may take AWB's place if he carries on the way he's started!
  19. priorities elsewere! id like "this" team to win, so that "this" team gets another game!
  20. complete line up change for this one! and Phil "looks like a bag" jones on the bench!?
  21. not gonna lie, i only got half way through the first ep of What If before being so fucked off by that excuse for "animation" that i turned it off! this by comparison...i admit im only 3 eps in, is marvelous! Its what What if should have been! Yes its basically star wars animatrix, but so what! edit - ok, the 1st is sublime as a stand-alone thing. But, the 5th ep, "The Ninth Jedi" THAT could be a pilot ep for a series! that really needs to be developed into an 80's style weekly action adventure cartoon!
  22. The Shield - all of it! 10/10 Top Tier TV! fucking superb! i watched some of it back in the day, but didnt finish. So went through it on Prime. its still so fucking good, but more than that, it makes more modern shows look absolute shite with its use of BEING ON LOCATION!!!!! and not being a fucking CG fest! The acting, the writing, and most importantly , the cinematography to get it! The HD treatment well and truly works (apart from a few early blunders in the first couple seasons where you can see crew now and again)
  23. And in the "its so simple" camp we now have one user recommending a drive which is below the recommended minimum speed requirements! ... "Sequential read speed 5500 MB/s or faster is recommended" https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/hardware/ps5-install-m2-ssd/
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