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  1. I've just had a look at stroke play, that's going to take the completionist in me a long time to get through alone.
  2. New track from Gaspard Augé of Justice, and it's an absolute treat. A retro futuristic uplifting slice of goodness. Force Majeure
  3. I’m getting properly addicted to this, I think the new Mario golf game will have it’s work cutout as a £60 title to take my attention away from this. I may however be totally bored of this by the time Mario Golf comes out, in which case disregard this.
  4. Just bring back the original and best battle royals game, 1 vs 100.
  5. Shit on it. Nice bit of squirrel. I intend to use this for every single meal my wife makes from now on in his honour.
  6. Ipad and I tried using my apple pencil which made my shots a lot more accurate.
  7. Top Gear is so much better now they seem to like each other, the "banter" of the earlier seasons toned down and replaced with genuine warmth is much more watchable. The Sabine tribute was a real celebration of her life, she was an incredible woman who brought so much joy to the show.
  8. Fletch

    Apple Arcade

    This has had me resubscribing to the service, I've been loving ClapHanz golf and introduced my son to Taiko no Tatsujin and the Song Pop Party is the kind of game I like to dip into that usually drives me crazy with ads. Who knew mobile gaming could be fun without constant ads, cool down timers and loot?
  9. Had a quick play and this is ace.
  10. If this was deliberate, that’s genius.
  11. Fletch

    Narita Boy

    Ready Player One The Videogame
  12. What racing games are available for the Quest? I don’t have a PC so the stand-alone option seems like a good shout, would 64gb be enough?
  13. I saw the Toki remake was down to 89p last night, I was till deliberating even at that price as I'm pretty sure I'll play the first couple of levels then forget all about it.
  14. I started rewatching Tales of the Unexpected a couple of years ago and it’s great, totally silly, some rad synth incidental music and daft as fuck stories (Royal Jelly). I’ll have to check if it’s still up on Now TV.
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