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  1. Another great episode, the Stirling Moss feature was fantastic.
  2. I love the style and humour but the actual game part is really hard.
  3. Same as you @dumpsterI bought a New 3DS earlier this year and it's brilliant. I wish I got the big one now. Mario 3D is so good, must get round to finishing it. Rhythm Paradise is great too.
  4. Looks so daft, I love it. I didn't play the first one but definitely keen to give this a go.
  5. This is absolutely glorious, such a chilled experience and the music is so good.
  6. I want to play Space Channel 5 2 again, oh I can't. Maybe a game of Outrun 2, nope can't play that either. Hey anyone remember Bishi Bashi Special? Well you can't play it. Oh man I loved Ridge Racer Revolution, shame you can't play it. I guess it's not a massive thing for most people but there are tons of games I'd love to visit again. How about Gitaroo Man that was crazy? Nope.
  7. No complaints here it's a bit of fun, I'm enjoying it, don't really understand it but it's pretty compelling to have one more go.
  8. I'm not sure why Namco and the like aren't getting in on the streaming act, I'd be well up for playing the Ridge games again and they'd make loads of money. Maybe a different answer to a different question but it would be dead good.
  9. Well I think I've peaked with this one, we can turn the internet off now I'm done. Doin Do Theme Tune https://rave.dj/SgzJ1t1VI2WYEg
  10. Lyrics a little chopped up in places but pretty good I reckon. https://rave.dj/L8CIEzwPzsV38w
  11. So I take it all back my son just told me he thinks Sunshine is better than 64.
  12. My son is enjoying 64 a lot, warms my cockles so it does.
  13. So played a little 64 and Sunshine, was Mario 64 always this juddery? The controls on Sunshine are going to take some getting used to but it looks amazing.
  14. I'm going to play them in order and instruct my son to do so as well. I've never really played 64 apart from a few minutes on an emulator but have not played Galaxy, but have played Galaxy 2. I'm hoping my aging brain can get to grips with the camera in Sunshine all over again though.
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