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  1. Thanks @noob appreciate it, they are both too young at the mo but could see it being an issue in the future.
  2. That's awesome news as my youngest son can only see out of one eye and I thought he'd have to miss out on something his big brother could enjoy.
  3. Absolutely, I just found myself nodding to a post so it must have been a good one. Will the devs give up the open world bloat? I'm not sure but you are bang on about the early GTA games, the newness of the open world and just being able to tit about was brilliant.
  4. This worked so much better than I thought it would Leave Home Song. Halo X The Chemical Brothers https://rave.dj/Op6rkD6_Hsfmqg Talking of cheeky mashups if anyone has a link to the DJ Hero soundtracks I would be very grateful.
  5. I was looking for Ridiculous Fishing the other day but couldn't find it, has it been taken down?
  6. I remember in the first TDU going to the road in the top of the volcano, popping it I'm neutral and just seeing how far I could roll, it was a really simple thing to do but that was all part of the charm of the game you could do what you wanted. Similarly there was a spot you could jump into the airport if you bounced just right off a wall and manage to jump the fence and enjoy all the untextured delights of the airport. Just pure freedom and I loved the car delivery missions too, just the right amount of risk and reward. Having to discover the dealerships was a really nice touch too. Then the added the bikes and the M.V. Agusta was a thing of wonder.
  7. I have no need for this at all and don't really have the money. Day 1!
  8. There was a water bed in The Woman in Red starring Gene Wilder and Kelly Lebrock, and there is no incest but they do have an affair and if your pause skills are on point you can see her lady garden.
  9. Can you set up parental controls and add the game to the blacklist on the app?
  10. Thanks and your island is amazing my son was so impressed by it, puts our to shame.
  11. Is it ok to pop in please?
  12. Fletch

    Xbox Game Pass

    I wish you could filter the games in your library by expired from Gamepass to make it easier to delete them and free up space.
  13. I'd say sewers, there's lots already but we could do with more games set in sewers.
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