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  1. Just checked I have all Hitman 2 locations available but not Hitman 1 which requires another 24 quid to unlock.
  2. I have the Hitman 2 GOTY edition with all the content from Hitman 1 I've done the carry over, I think, but it's telling me I need the Hitman 1 GOTY when I try to select Paris. This is all very confusing.
  3. Maybe not tonight then getting error messages and disconnections. Weird how they didn't think people would want to play on launch day. Although to be fair to IOI the first 2 games probably weren't this busy.
  4. My carryover is in progress, should I wait until it's complete before starting the game? Carryover is my favourite of all the religious festivals.
  5. I’ve got a series S too and like Timmo says, the loading times make it so much more pleasurable to use. Coming from a launch Xbox One it’s definitely an upgrade. I would have liked a series X but without a 4K telly it seemed pointless.
  6. Fletch


    I like the sound of this, hopefully it'll go some way to wash away the memory of the god awful Burton film.
  7. I need to stop buying indie games on the Switch and wait for them to hit GamePass instead.
  8. Are there any good prices for the digital edition? I’ve seen it for £46 on CD Keys but was wondering if you guys know of any better deals.
  9. Same way they have for years, it’ll be simplified with the option to use sticks and whatnot if you want.
  10. Some good looking games on that list and I get far too excited every time I remember about Flight Simulator coming out this year. Can’t wait for that and I’ll finally be able to find out if you can fly under the Clifton Suspension Bridge.
  11. They are definitely unique in their outlook and business model but it’s obviously working, they are selling consoles by the bucket load and it’s still selling for more than the brand new Series S. I think the gaming world would be much poorer without crazy old Uncle Nintendo doing his thing.
  12. Weekly is so much better for me, I'm not a fan of binging on a show I like to watch it and savour it looking forward to each episide. I don't usually have the time to sit and watch a load of episodes at once and I find I can't enjoy the discussion when everyone is at different places. Totally get the arguments for having the everything up at once and for some things it works. I wouldn't want to wait a week for something like Rust Valley Restorers as it's a chewing gum for the mind type show, but for something like Better Call Saul I look forward each week to the day of broadcast a
  13. No I’m not great at it either I love it but definitely could be better. Going to give the 2 player mode a try with my son when we’ve gone through the main game.
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