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  1. A million units of something that would have a lower cost to make than developing a brand new IP isn't chump change though and gives the devs more cash flow for these new IPs.
  2. Nostalgia is big business though, there's a market for making easy money allowing people to legally buy and play old games as well as making new games and IP. Apologies for boring you though man.
  3. Great news on Hitman as I have bought all three but could never get the previous levels to appear in Hitman 3s engine, so once this is out I'll delete everything and download the GP version.
  4. It's baffling that Namco could make at least £100 profit by releasing a Ridge Racer compilation for the current gen consoles but they just sit on it like a selfish kid not sharing their toys even though they're not playing with them. Same deal with OutRun 2, I know the Ferraris are iconic but honestly even if I'm flying along those courses in a Dacia Sandero, as long as the blue skies and Splash Wave are there then I couldn't care less. I think there's a lot of old games that would be great money spinners if the IP holders just treated them with respect.
  5. A lot of us have kids and therefore have to endure a lot of children's TV programmes that are absolutely awful. So I thought a thread with recommendations for shows that are actually good might be useful. I'll start. Hilda (Netflix). A very charming cartoon set in the town of Trollsberg about a girl called Hilda and her pals going on adventures. It's clever not patronising, has very weird storyline, and has some ace synth music. Horrible Histories (iPlayer). I'm sure we all know about this one, history told through the medium of a sketch show, awesome songs and is also very enjoyable for grown ups. There are loads more but it'll be great to get some more recommendations.
  6. Ha if I'm terrible at the first, I should probably just uninstall this one before even playing going by the thread
  7. I managed to grapple bomb into the floor last night. Just ended up stuck in the scenery unable to move. This was indoors on the Nexus level.
  8. Might not be the best but the version of a golf game I enjoyed the most was Tiger Woods 2004 on the PlayStation 2. I absolutely loved that game, my avatar could have been my clone it was that good and after leveling up a bit I could basically steer the ball into the hole No other EA golf game has captured me in the way TW2004 did. Saying that though Neo Turf Masters, particularly on the Neo Geo Pocket Color is a great shout.
  9. Whatever they do I hope the rubber banding and blue shells are even more aggressive. Also they did VR with Labo as well, I’m not sure how good it was as I have never tried it.
  10. I had to go up to the antenna last night and I managed to get a Wraith I found by a nearby FOB over the anti wraith blockades with judicious boosting and smashed all the enemies with the big boom boom gun and the marine who was an absolute demon in the gunners seat.
  11. My first memory on holiday with my parents in Devon which I thought was 1981 but that would have made me 4 which seems a little young but perhaps I’m misremembering but we were at the evening entertainment and I wandered off (it was the 80’s nobody knew about paedophiles) and I found the arcade and there was the clay pigeon shooting light gun game. I was mesmerised and ran back to my dad for 10p and had a go. I lost and ran back for another and another and another. I was hooked. After that was the usual selection of arcades on the caravan holidays I went on with my Auntie and Uncle playing all the classics. The next big memory was coming across Mad Harry’s in Bristol and seeing Ridge Racer for the first time, nailing that power slide, techno music with chipmunks singing it was absolutely mind blowing. Then came the Dave and Busters era, that was where my mates and I would spend countless Saturdays loading up our cards with money and playing 355 challenge, Daytona, Point Blank and all sorts of other big games with a beer. Then they closed it down the buggers.
  12. Thank you, just a little selection of my 365. Some were absolutely rubbish but I really liked those ones. I love long exposures at night but I really should have pushed myself and attempted more portraits as I’m pretty weak on those.
  13. I recently completed my second 365 project and it's been tough going this year. If anyone wants to browse through here is the Flickr link: https://flic.kr/ps/aybqg All taken with my ageing D7000 and a variety of lenses, I still really love using my 18-135 Kit Lens that originally came with my D80 it's slow and not the sharpest but I've had some really nice shots with it. Here are a few of my favourites. I could have chosen so many more but I don't want to clog up the page. A favourite corner of my home town. Bath at night Hairpin long exposure Tennis courts taken with my drone Red Arrows from a hilltop
  14. Fletch

    The Gunk

    I finished this today and while it not being the most difficult game I totally enjoyed my playthrough. I appreciate the lack of hud but it did mean those little space dogs could sneak up on you. Really dug the atmosphere and gentle puzzles and the final boss wasn't taxing at all. I loved how you could take out those space rhino things with the Gardeners laser beam saving you a whole heap of annoyance. Becks was bloody annoying though. If it wasn't for chancing upon this thread I wouldn't have even bothered with it, I'm glad I did.
  15. Yeah that was the one I remember completing it on holiday one time but I definitely used the level skip which was done by driving through certain barriers that were different colours. Cool game though, spent a lot of my holiday money on that one.
  16. Did you use the level skip by driving through certain barriers?
  17. I enjoyed it, definitely a few plot holes and the Daleks can't shoot for shit more than 3 feet away from their target but it was fun and nicely resolved at the end. Much better than the Flux story arc which seemed to make no sense at all to me. I'm kind of done with the big story arcs that never seem to have the pay off to make it satisfying.
  18. This has been added to the Christmas watch list, I just watched the first couple of songs, marvellous stuff and something you just won’t see again. Made me really nostalgic. I always sit and wrap my presents with a big old glass of whisky and Trading Places, which isn’t necessarily a Christmas movie is set at a Christmas.
  19. I guess the 2 that really disappointed me were. Halo Infinite purely because I'm not finding any desire to push through the campaign. I'm up to the AA Guns but I suspect there's another boss round the corner and I'm not enjoying the bosses at all. The open world bits are fun if a bit samey. It's so close to being amazing which is probably the biggest disappointment. Super Monkey Ball Collection. It just doesn't feel quite right, and monkey target is an abomination compared to the glorious original.
  20. I love Walkabout Mini Golf, it's such a good experience walking round the ball checking out the angles. I really want to play it in a massive play area to see if I can walk the whole course.
  21. Enjoyed this a lot, looking forward to more of this. Is this separate from The Mandalorian?
  22. You’re right the game isn’t fun when you come to a boss.
  23. Obviously it's T1 for all the answers, T2 was also incredible but the 1st pips it for me. Watching T3 right now thanks to this thread.
  24. The latest Christmas episode was great, and the Eddie Kidd episode which I think was the first episode of this season was excellent. They are all worth a watch though.
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