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  1. I don't have them all but the ones I have are all brilliant. I've got the Labyrinth one, the Jules Verne 20,000 leagues under the sea course and the Upside Down Town course. Was just playing it and the bloody space station course looks and sounds ace but can get in the sea as it's so frustrating.
  2. The new course on Walkabout Mini Golf is ace, Upside Down Town messes with your perception of gravity and you end up playing shots on the walls and the ceiling from your standard position so you end up flailing the club around your head and missing absolute sitters. It looks awesome as well, the whole course going every way with the town wrapped all around you. Well worth the 3 quid.
  3. Thanks to this thread I've restarted Yoshi's Island and even though I've played it many times over the years I'm still wowed by it. The visuals are incredible and the music is amazing. I think back in the day some quarters didn't think it was worthy of being called Super Mario World 2 but they were wrong.
  4. One of my favourites was the Docks multiplayer level on Split/Second. It was the whole level featuring online play, ranking and no time limits. I played that level so much that I was kind of disappointed when I got the real game. Rez was another great demo for the PS2. The game would have probably passed me by without it.
  5. That’s the one. Oh man I just thought they should have definitely introduced a touch fuzzy get dizzy element, also Bert the Bashful.
  6. I love the version of the music that plays when you cross the line, the little out of tune trumpets like it’s being played by buskers on the tube is so cool. I can’t remember the name of the character but the big monster in the sea towards the end is brilliant.
  7. I love the Yoshi's Island track, so many smiles throughout.
  8. Just watched the trailer again and this shot caught my eye, that sphere in the distance looks like it could be a dungeon, definitely something I can’t wait to explore.
  9. The Trials of the Sword and Master Mode were basically there for the people who find the combat too easy, the types that take down Calamity Ganon in their pants with a stick. I suck at the combat so I didn’t play that part of the DLC. I had enough fun with the Champions Ballad and the Heroes Path to make the DLC worth it to me.
  10. The sequel set on the Severn Bridge isn’t quite as good.
  11. Yeah that got my hopes up, but I can’t see it happening. Forza doesn’t seem the type of game to have bodies flying off bikes in crashes.
  12. I'm just really meh about the expansion, it looks so similar to Mexico in the main game. With Horizon 4 Fortune Island and Lego they were markedly different to the main game. Even FH3 With the Snow and Hot Wheels expansion. I may be wrong and it's ace but I'm not over confident. They just need to add dirtbikes.
  13. A few samples missing but it's great to have De La on streaming services. I've no idea where all my CDs have gone so this is my only option for now.
  14. Is this coming on Oculus Quest 2?
  15. I’ve got a bottle of sriracha in the cupboard that I’ve had for bloody ages and I’m not dead. So once again science has lied to us.
  16. Absolutely gutted, have seen De La Soul live many times and they always put on a fantastic show. Shit news indeed.
  17. Yeah I have the DLC, pretty much done everything in the game.
  18. On my second playthrough of Breath of the Wild I picked up some cheap Amibo cards from eBay. I am going to be strong and not use them to get all the goodies early in TOTK. Honest I am.
  19. That was a great direct, obviously the highlight being TOTK. I was so pleased with the GB and GBA stuff though. I've never played the Minish Cap and to use the game pass phrasing to get it free as well as all the other games is brilliant.
  20. Even though I have it on the GBA this makes me very happy.
  21. Never played Metroid Prime so this is pretty cool.
  22. There was 6.5k on the Nintendo UK stream so going with that.
  23. I would love to be in the preorder to beat the TOTK price hike gang but car related woes mean money is short this month. I wouldn’t pay £70 for any other game at all but it seems more than reasonable to the sequel to one of the greatest games ever. Might even crack open a beer for the OutRun 3 and Ridge Racer 9 announcement tonight.
  24. This sounds great! It would be extra amazing if they managed to get Corden to appear alongside John Cleeses daughter.
  25. Even Mario is going woke, absolute disgrace I don’t pay my road tax for this nonsense.
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