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  1. That film title is inspired. Almost a passive-aggressive troll to the Trekkies.
  2. Really?! Have to check my local outlet(s) then. Oh, curses.
  3. Floppy

    The next Xbox

    I hate the whole "hardcore gamer" mentality. I mean, I've been playin' games since the TRS-80. I find the games on my Wii and DS much more amusing and addictive (in a "back to basics" way) than anything else I've played in recent memory. I guess that makes me "middlecore" or a "casual gamer".
  4. It's bad for people who need to avoid eggs. Also, it's the lack of choice that bothers me. I can, as a consumer, choose from many different fillings these days - not seemingly, not any filling that doesn't have the foulest condiment splashed upon it.
  5. Whatever retailer, whatever the fillings on offer I just cannot find sandwiches (or baguettes) anywhere that don't have mayonnaise on them. Or worse, mayonnaise and salad. Even 'plainer' fillings like cheese and pickle are crammed with disgusting sticky white stuff and perhaps the odd letuce leaf. Why is this? I can't work it out. Surely this is potentially off-putting to many customers? Is sandwich mayonnaise considered a cheap filler ingredient, like table salt tends to be, and is just added for that purpose? Or is mayonnaise added just to 'ponce up' sandwiches, make a humble bread-based food item seem unnecessarily fancy? I must find out.
  6. Atari ST emulator? Wow, have to try that ASAP. Don't even mind if it's wobbly and flaky (like my cock in 70 years time?). (I'm an old Amiga boy, but have always used ST emus instead, as Amiga emulators are impossible to use.)
  7. I'd have to say you're right about that. Lost something over the years and wasn't totally awe-inspiring at day one. Don't think it'll be remembered long term as being anything other than the launch pad for Mario & Luigi and the Paper Mario series though. Still rather play it rather than any Final Fantasy snoozefest though...
  8. I've noticed more inaccuracies and annoyances since the new editor came on board. I guess the Greener Era (with NGTV and bigger magazine made of better paper) was NGamer's golden age.
  9. Thing is, I didn't really have much problems with Game Boy Color on the go in terms of lighting (IIRC). Going just on memories there. Now the original GBA model on the other hand... Only usable in sunlight or strong lights. Although that's a hardware issue, let's discuss the software, which at least can be played on backlit screen these days. I'm puzzled too why Nintendo haven't pushed the Wii-DS connectivity at all, seeing as both are massively popular consoles. I guess with the GBA-GCN linkage, that was going to fail because the 'Cube wasn't successful, and you also had to track down an impossible-to-find extra peripheral too, never mind buying the right games software. The Wii and DS as far I can tell can be linked wirelessly out of the box, and both are much more commonly-owned consoles. No idea really...
  10. I'm here. Leaving out conversions... Mario Kart Advance Gradius Advance Wario Ware F-Zero Maximum Velocity (for nostalgia reasons only) Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Castlevania GBA Trilogy Um, that's it. I did thoroughly enjoy a number of GBA games, but I just don't think the format really added majorly to gaming canon in terms of new ideas; the 'big' games are all sequels and remakes without genuinely significant changes to the original. I'm not saying it's a shit format, I had fun with my GBAs, but it wasn't exaclty groundbreaking. More about providing the familiar in a new, sleek, pocket-sized box.
  11. This. Mario Golf is great too, in a sorta-RPG, but fun, way. If you can read Japanese(!), Earthbound and its sequel Mother 3 are available on the GBA, remember. Oh and Final Fantasy? Life's too short.
  12. Thanks Goaty. Some of us are trying to avoid the vaguest of spoilers.
  13. "Hey there." "Despin out." You legend.

  14. AW is very alike to Super Famicom Wars. Then again, would the Wars series have been know outside Japan without the GBA and Advance Wars? Not really, no. AW was the first of the games to reach the West, and wasn't even released in Japan until three years after North America got the game(!). Another mark in favour of the GBA then.
  15. Good point. I guess back in the old days before we could forsee the existence of the Virtual Console, re-releasing old games, particularly to play on-the-go was quite welcome. Guess the GBA was more about playing familiar games, or familiar game templates with new presentation, in different settings, rather than wholly new concepts. And heck, I certainly enjoyed playing Mario Kart Advance during breaks at college.
  16. The two primary schools I am familiar with don't. They all seem to use ill-matching old PCs (with 14" CRT monitors - remember those?) which were all donated. I remember my own secondary school disposed of their BBCs in 1997... Year later all the Acorn Archimedes were replaced with PCs too.
  17. I picked up reading faster than some of my peers as I wanted to be able to read Spectrum game instructions so much. I desired to understand how to play the games myself so I wouldn't have to just watch my parents play...
  18. Every vaguely popular console or games system ever has been drowned in shovelware and/or garbage. The Speccy, the NES, the PS2... All of them. Being a discerning gamer is about picking out the wheat from the crap. IMO, the DS is a big improvement over the GBA in terms of content (in both cases if you pick out the worthwhile software).
  19. I'm beginning to think that you could safely erase the GBA from history without the timestream (of gaming) being affected at all. I mean, honestly, how many of the worthwhile games are remakes? All of them, really.
  20. Indeed. As far as we can tell, River knows the 73rd incarnation of the Doctor or thereabouts. The dialogue was more clear in this episode that she knows the Doctor from his future, but not the future of his 10th incarnation.
  21. The only real criticism I have is that the Vashta Nerada were kinda sidelined after an episode building them up as a threat. Perhaps this should've been a three-parter. Otherwise, I rate this more highly than anything ever.
  22. Seems to be, other than poor-quality pirated carts (which often don't work properly).
  23. Someone explain "wads" to me, please. As in what they are. I'm hopeless with technoterminology.
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