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  1. Does anyone want a Megacat collection? I ordered it by mistake so now I have two
  2. Thanks. Ive long given up on it unfortunately, but if they improve the balance a bit (well, a lot) I might start playing again.
  3. I would say not. It would be very challenging for a 9-11 year old. There are some violent scenes as well. Buy it and play it yourself instead!
  4. I dont read much. This month I read - The Binding. I was expecting a best seller, easy living, popcorn for the eyes. I got something..... quite different. Its a quite wonderful fairy tale about book binding. If you have something you want to forget, or others want you to forget, a binder (a magician in all but name) will seal it away in a book. Your memories are gone, and the pain will disappear. But a part of your soul is missing. It turns into quite a special love story. One thing I found quite strange was that I was never really quite clear how old the pr
  5. Also..... When he started to talk about love,
  6. This was great. I wish there were more bite sized documentaries like this. I struggle to concentrate on longer documentaries.
  7. Did you just update it? I had the same, reset the PS4 fully, started it up again, waited a minute or so on the title screen, then it loaded
  8. Which absolute weed wrote this? This is brilliant. I think I will follow a similiar path to Spelunky: Boo hoo this is so hard I hate it This is fun, but I cant imagine ever completing it Wow, I beat Olmec! Whats next! Ill try and get to the city of gold, then im done Fuck it, I am going to Hell! OK once I can beat Hell consistently on the daily challenge, im out
  9. In that case- For Sale: Call Of Duty PS5 r@re release day edition, £65 ono
  10. Are either of those companies reputable and likely to actually have stock? Never heard of either of them. I have now managed to secure pre-orders with two titans of the gaming retail industry, Gamersheek and Fashion World. I dont have any faith that either of them will be able to fulfil the order!
  11. Im quite surprised by how well received this has been. I loved it at first, but after many hours of making little progress, and having endured many frustrating deaths, I dont feel much compulsion to play this at all. I was a huge Spelunky fan, and I like to think I was pretty good at it. I beat Hell 20+ times, and got all of the trophies. Spelunky 2 just feels like the balance is all wrong. Its so much harder to get £. Its so much harder to get any items. Typically, if I arrive at a shop, I wont be able to afford anything. The first world just starts out really hard rather than ram
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