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  1. Whats the best way of playing this via emulation. Ive never actually played it.
  2. Im actually completely confused as to whether this is good or shit now.
  3. This post triggered me to watch this again. It really is a brilliant film, so original, and there is nothing quite like it. Easy 5/5
  4. Ive just started day 3 and have 16 hours on the clock. Roughly how far into it am I?
  5. I really wanted to like this as I had heard such good things. But I found it almost impossible to understand, so gave up after ten minutes.
  6. Your neighbours are ******.
  7. That must have been a nightmare, it was hard enough on hard! Im going to start this one on hard, I think.
  8. Anyone staying up till 12.01 to play this?
  9. Mine has as well, but im sure it said it was only 20gb?
  10. Are you playing it with HDR? That makes an enormous difference.
  11. Pretty much every time you have to go to the toilet?
  12. It does seem pretty rubbish in terms of UI, compared to Switch and PC (played on GPDWIN2). Not buying it was never an option however!
  13. These people with review copies. Can I borrow it? Name your price
  14. Im also the proud owner of an RG350M thanks to this thread. Its absolutely lovely! First two games on my list are FF7 and one of the advance wars games (cant remember which one was best). My 7 year old is currently playing Streets of Rage 1,2 and 3, as we have spent the last few weeks playing Streets of Rage 4, and he wanted to see the first games Is it worth switching to the rogue firmware? Are there any emulators that people recommend over the ones that come with the Droix card? Does it play N64 games well?
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