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  1. So why is nobody talking about the absolutely beautiful purple Evercade? I got an email for it about 5 mins ago, saw it was limited to 1,000 units, and decided in a millisecond to order.
  2. Im quite liking this but I appear to have missed a major plot point in episode 2…..
  3. Nice work. I never quite managed to A20 Heart kill with Silent, think I got up to A19 maybe. I only play Ironclad now, and have done for a long time. I think there just isnt enough space in my brain to store all the strategies and synergies for all of the characters.
  4. Hmmm… it doesnt feel like it can be mastered, I gave up trying, I never felt like a superstar, it felt like luck on the handful (very small hand) of times I got it right. How is this a perfect example of how Nintendo design things? I cant think of anything even remotely similar.
  5. I have played Super Metroid a few times over the years, so the boss was instantly recognisable. I didnt remember his name though, had to Google that!
  6. Yeah, basically this. Eloquently put. Have a pos.
  7. Disagree. The parry windows as they are, are utterly rote. I gave up even trying after 20 or 30 failures. It isnt a pang of panic, its a pang of frustration. What is basically an almost entirely unavoidable one hit kill is not fun to watch, again and again. Particularly as the EMMIs themselves arent predictable. The rest of the game is, largely, great, but the EMMIs are crap game design. Great idea, badly implemented. They almost drained my enthusiasm completely. But not quite….. just the last boss to do.
  8. Did you look at that guide I posted in my reply to you? All the attacks are well telegraphed. The other thing I did that was not mentioned in the guide was to hold down R constantly, so the missiles are constantly charging up and ready to lock on. Saves worrying about aiming so much!
  9. I didnt find him too bad actually. Once you get the patterns locked down, you can avoid almost everything. I kept the missiles charged up constantly, and kept locking on to his head. This guide is useful- https://gamerant.com/metroid-dread-experiment-no-z-57-boss-guide-cataris/amp/
  10. Yeah I get that, but when I actually have to move, uncloaked, he detects me from wherever he is on the map?
  11. This is so shit. Ive died at least 20 times. He is too fast to outrun as im mostly underwater. The cloak is useless too, as he spots any movement from anywhere on the map.
  12. How the hell do I get past the purple EMMI in Ferenia? He detects any movement. So you have to be cloaked at all times, but that does give you enough time to get past him. So bloody annoying
  13. Sometimes it is, when you crack it. But one time I literally got stuck for about two hours, that was not fun.
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