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  1. Its called being sad, lonely, and on lockdown, on your own. I have plenty of time to achieve these absolute not-achievements to other people, but are absolutely acheivements to me! If I can get the 0 card win then I can die happy.
  2. Thinking about it, its possible to survive that attack if The Heart is weak, provided you had 999 block and enough extra health. That would bring it down to 1,116 damage (93*12). Using a Dark Shackles card (-15 strength) you could survive it without the extra health (936 damage, 78*12).
  3. My latest challenge is to troll The Heart and see how much damage I can get him to deal. I managed to get him to attack for 1,488 (124 * 12). I wonder if it is even possible to survive this attack? Lizard Tail, Fairy potion and the relic that allows you to avoid one hit wont help much. Ah! What about the relic that gives you an intangible every six turns? Or the cards that give you intangible? The only problem will be that the intangible cards will slow down maximising block. The next multiple attack would be 2,088 (174*12). Has anyone got him to hit harder
  4. Actually thinking about it, its way less than that. Maybe 1 in 10 even!
  5. No, definitely not. I reckon I get them in 1 in 4 “shops”, if that.
  6. Can you explain how to use it properly? I think im doing it wrong…. Im ok against a single enemy, but a group creams me. Can you get Adrenalin Leech on a pylon?
  7. It is astonishingly atmospheric, oppressive and well designed. Its a shame you are not feeling it!
  8. Honestly, it looked just as spectacular back then, in relative terms. I think the sound has been improved as much as the graphics, to me it feels a lot more…. Like I can place exactly where the squid head fuckers from the sound of their bell.
  9. Yes, one of the most incredibly designed and atmospheric level in any game ever, is pretty dull and confusing. Wait, whut?!?
  10. I am really struggling with Biome 5. Ive basically died three times in the first room! Very annoying. What am I doing wrong? My L19 Carbine barely seems to scratch the enemies there. Is this the problem? It was awesome for Biome 4. I had leech rounds as well as rising whatever.
  11. Is there a shortcut from Biome 4 to Biome 5? I just beat the Biome 4 boss on my first try, then died in the first room of Biome 5!
  12. So much this. Everyone has talked about the gameplay, which is incredible. But the sound design is absolutely peerless for me, and it really raises the bar. I know exactly where all the enemies are, just by listening to the surround sound. Plenty of times I have attacked an enemy just by their sound. Or dodged their incoming attacks. Just by listening. The soundtrack, and ambiance, are just perfect, so perfect. I know what it is coming, and I feel the right emotion (discovery, danger, wonder and so on) just through the sound. The game knows exactly when to be loud. Or quie
  13. Ive just beaten Biomes 1, 2 and 3 in a mammoth, incredible run Please tell me I can now
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