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  1. Yep I totally dont need one either. But love the white! Yes Amazon charge on dispatch.
  2. Working now, ordered. Thanks for the quick heads up!
  3. Getting an error. Cant have sold out in 2 mins, surely?
  4. FFS Got my Son coming round tomorrow for a SOR4DLC night Is it working OK on Xbox and PS? Ill buy it twice. I dont care.
  5. Ive updated it on Switch, get Mr X’s Nightmare as a menu option, but when I click to go to eShop, it just says “There are no products being distributed at this time”. Anybody else getting the same?
  6. Downloading Monster Train as we speak!
  7. Hmmm maybe a Yakuza game or Red Dead Redemption to start with? So much choice!
  8. Yep, exactly that. Thanks!
  9. I asked this earlier in the thread but didnt get a reply. Is there a list somewhere of the best Gamepass games to play? Series X is being delivered later. I havent had an Xbox for years, so very interested in some of the classic games!
  10. I missed out Rupture… upgraded since the buff that is a brilliant card isnt it? Before, +1 strength was just a bit too slow to scale up fast enough.
  11. Hmmm, Reaper is a brilliant card, but I wouldnt call it a perfect card, and its not quite an instapick for me. If you dont have any strength scaling, so if you were playing a defend/barricade deck, its only average at best. Of the three exhaust engine cards, I would probably rate them Corruption > Feel No Pain > Dark Embrace, but I probably pick Feel No Pain more, just because you dont really need to do anything else to get value from it, other than have a single card that has some exhaust effect. Like the example you mention... True Grit+ and Feel No Pain on its own is really powerful. I still wouldnt quite call True Grit a perfect card, firstly because it pretty much needs an upgrade, and it does rely on having cards to exhaust, so you either need a bigger deck, or some way of creating junk. I do probably pick it 90% of the time though. Disarm is amazing.... Again I wouldnt quite call it a perfect card (if it was zero energy or -4/-6, it probably would be), but I would struggle to think of a deck that it doesnt make better! And awesome against The Heart. It is so satisfying using it (or two) to totally gimp an enemy. For Silent, Footwork (+2/+3 dex) was the first one that came to mind. I have barely played Defect for more than a few hours.... This is really something I should address!
  12. I just had a fun little infinite deck run. Sundial (Every 3 times you shuffle your deck, gain 2 energy) makes it possible, because you can cycle your cards and never run out of energy. It was good because you can go for infinite attack, but you can also go for infinite block by cycling Shrug it Off and Finesse, so The Heart can touch you either- Shrug it Off+ Finesse Pommel Strike+ Pommel Strike+ Flex+ The Flex isnt needed, it just makes things a lot quicker! What are peoples "perfect" cards in this game? I mean there is no such thing as a perfect card, because every card will have some kind of downside in certain decks, but there are some cards that are so great that they are an insta-take (but not necessarily an instabuy) in pretty much all decks. I only really play Ironclad now, but most of mine are Colorless- 1) Finesse (Gain 2 block, draw 1 card) : For me this is as close as it gets to a perfect card. Zero energy, doesnt take up a draw spot as you draw another card, and entirely free block. 2) Flash of Steel (Deal 3 damage, draw 1 card): Same as the above, except free attack. 3) Master of Strategy (Draw 3 cards, Exhaust): I mean I just love this card..... Gets you closer to your powers and set up cards, and then leaves your deck. Just lovely. Gets more powerful as your deck gets bigger, and you get more cards that you need to get to. 4) Thinking Ahead (Draw 2 cards, place one card on the top of your draw pile, exhaust): Now this one.... without an upgrade its merely OK. More free draw, and exhausts. But when it is upgraded, it is a brilliant card, as it allows you to cycle through your deck quickly and also set up for the next turn. 5) Dark Shackles (Enemy loses 9 strength for the rest of the turn, exhaust): At worst this hacks away at an artifact for free. Or it is 9 block for free. But if an enemy is attacking multiple times it can completely nullify their attack for one turn. Brilliant for The Heart. 6) Offering (Lose six health, draw 3 cards, get 2 energy): This is such a great card, partly because Ironclads starting relic can offset the health loss. Other than that it is both free draw, and free energy. Feed (Deal 10 damage, if Fatal, raise your max HP by 3, Exhaust) came really close to making the cut, but I decided against it in the end. I will almost always take this in Act 1, as you have plenty of time to raise your health enough to justify it taking up valuable draw. I normally wont take it in Act 3, because it normally wont have enough time to raise your health enough to justify it. It does have other downsides - For example it is not particularly good against any Elite with Minions, as killing these with Feed does not raise your health. The only debate around those six cards for me is that whilst they are almost always insta-picks, they are not always insta-buys. It will depend how much they cost in the shop. most cases I would buy Finesse, Flash of Steel and Dark Shackles as they are usually cheap enough. The other cards are typically more expensive. Thinking Ahead is a tricky one, because you are exchanging gold (so probably giving up a remove, for example), and giving up the chance to upgrade another card, as it pretty much has to be upgraded to get the most value out of it. Thoughts anyone?
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