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  1. Thanks, when I searched my emails using that address, it found it, but when I just searched “Steam”, it didnt. Thanks for your help.
  2. Im sending my Steam Deck back due to drifting issues on one of the sticks. They have sent me an RMA slip, and also said they had sent a pre-paid shipping label, but I cant find it. It does say that you can download the shipping label at any time from Steam Help, but I cant actually find it. Does anyone know where you can access these documents?
  3. I dont remember seeing a public sale (on eBay at least) for a long time.
  4. I would have thought its worth a lot more now. No regrets. Always!
  5. Once I was done with A20, I just started playing for fun. Back down to A1 (extra elites) and just tried to be super powerful all the time. I also did a challenge with Ironclad where I tried to beat the game with as few cards as possible. I got really, really addicted again. If you are keen, try going for 10 cards first. It really changes the way you play the game. Then go for 9, 8, 7 etc…. Once you are down to 5, it completely changes the way you play the game. I managed to get the 1 card win. I spent lots of time just figuring out how to get a 0 card win, and I am convinced it is possible, without mods, but you need so much luck that it wont be a lot of fun getting there.
  6. The fact there are so few in existence, and back then, it was fairly unusual to have a download code like this in a proper Vita box and stuff. I think the game is meant to be quite good (its the PSP game actually) but I have no idea as I havent actually played it!
  7. I am the proud owner of what (I think) is the rarest, or at least one of the rarest PS Vita releases. It was given away as part of a promotion/competition in Germany. It doest even contain a cartridge, there is a download code inside, and the code itself expired years ago. I dont think anybody knows how many there are, and I have seen them come up a handful of times on eBay over the years. I am considering selling it. Does anyone have any idea of what it might be worth? I had an offer of £500 a few years back, which I decided not to take in the end. Also, any ideas where a good place to try and sell it would be? Ideally not on eBay, if I can avoid it.
  8. Deck arrived yesterday, and the right stick is drifting. Trying to play a game and its constantly dragging the screen downwards. I tested this in the controller calibration, and it shows that the right stick is going slightly downwards, when centered. Can this be fixed? Is this a known issue?
  9. Is it playable online today? Or only from tomorrow?
  10. If anyone wants the digital version, you can buy two £35 PSN cards from Instant Gaming for £58.84.
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