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  1. Yeah me too. Im obviously very easily pleased, perhaps thats because I havent really bothered with Star Wars outside the first three plus Mandalorian, but im absolutely loving this.
  2. For people who also have Sky, its worth ringing them up and seeing what deal they can offer you on Netflix, if they bundle it in with Sky. I think I pay £3 for UHD Netflix as part of Sky, and have done for years. It was really easy to link the accounts so you dont lose watchlists, play history etc.
  3. Do Currys tend to deliver on or before release day?
  4. Yeah those guys, thanks. I dont have any Faith!
  5. Is there some kind of strategy to beating those teleporting fuckers with a million swords in Elphael?
  6. You get that by dropping down just to the right of the main gate, and there is a path round.
  7. OK so I havent seen all of it either
  8. Are you sure you have seen all Stormveil? I missed about 75% of it first time through! Its an awesome dungeon. Leyndell is up there with Soulsborne best.
  9. Awesome, its on iTunes, thats tonight sorted.
  10. Is Bull available on the non-high seas yet? Really want to see it.
  11. Stormveil is one of the highlights of, well, ever. But Volcano Manor is superb!
  12. Hmmm, I did wonder that, but I hadnt beaten At that point, as it was before arriving at The Capital. Either that or I just dont remember fighting Margit there (unlikely, but possible with wine).
  13. Im almost certain that isnt the case… I went the side route up to The Tree Twins, so I went across the exact same location.
  14. What I really meant was…. Why there, and for him? (and not for me)
  15. Fire Giant has a bonfire nearby…. And it has a Marika statue close to it too! Its like 5 metres away, kind of towards Fire Giant, from the bonfire. Its easily missed in the snow. Edit: Actually I might be thinking of a summoning pool
  16. I dont understand why he just randomly appeared there (in Capital Outskirts) then? Do you know why?
  17. Hang on…. So did you fight him at
  18. I found 3/8. That video is awesome!
  19. Hang on a second….. Why is he…. There???
  20. Summon a +10 Mimic Tear, it makes the fight trivial.
  21. They do, but if you had removed a talisman that took you INT below the weapon requirements, then levelled up to take you back over the requirements, your damage output will jump up on the stats screen just like you explained.
  22. That is what happens on the weapon damage stats screen when you go from not meeting the weapon requirements to actually meeting them. Were you using a talisman maybe that boosted INT?
  23. Oh OK, thanks. Not quite as impressive then.
  24. How do you end up in the capital??
  25. I dont even know where that is? I thought that Draconian was not optional.
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