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  1. Ozan Kabak In at CB and we’re set!
  2. Didn’t we also build the new training ground without using loans, taking up a load of the prize money we’ve gotten?
  3. I've an FM group chat with my mates that play the game. I don't normally post this stuff here, but they get this every season.
  4. I found when down in the lower leagues, the day premier league teams released they’re unwanted youth players was always a goldmine. Just offer them all a weeks trial and then give the good ones contracts. Then make sure you arrange a pre season friendly league and invite the highest rep teams you can to get it on tv for some much needed extra money.
  5. Just did my first solo flight in the tutorial. Took off like a boss, did all the turns like I knew what I was doing, lined up perfect for the landing. Landed, then tried to enter a taxi lane too fast and went off into the grass
  6. This woman teaching me the basics assumes I understand more than I do. Just landed a plane though!
  7. Nailed the first training. Basically a pilot now.
  8. I had it sticking on a black screen asking me to press any key. Had to do a windows update, then reset the Xbox app settings, then go into the windows store and update something. Then it worked. No asking for a disk though
  9. It’s downloading all the data now. Just so I can try fly past where I live. Excited to play though, I can’t remember the last flight sim I played.
  10. Sadly nothing too exciting. Stoke are a League one side are about the lowest of the recent Premiership teams. Liverpool had a bad few years that included an 8th and City haven't gotten in the CL in the last 3 seasons.
  11. I'm in the 2032/33 season now, and despite a media prediction of 11th I'm pushing to qualify for Europe.
  12. Aye, I work in a primary school and it’s huge on iPhones and iPads.
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