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  1. What a brilliant evening.
  2. I’m well excited for later!
  3. Went to a charity match today, Liverpool Legends vs Barcelona Legends, it was boss. Got to see Steven Gerrard captain is one more time, Garcia play for both sides, Glen Johnson being a bad as ever, Edgar Davids and Rivaldo playing live and Champ Man and FM legend, Saviola, play. Loved it! Dan Agger is still deffo Championship quality too. Was in the Dugout bar thing too, so got free beer at half time. https://streamable.com/ada4o6
  4. The mrs is on a course this weekend, if I can get the baby to have good naps I’ll be getting way into this!
  5. Attacking lineup tonight. Glad to see Elliott starting!
  6. Updated this on my Xbox last night, might try it today if the pull of the second round of the Champions League Path fixtures on my FM save in Latvia doesn’t suck me in! Played like an hour at launch so going to start a fresh, any tips on what to start as?
  7. This is the closest I’ve got to some FM over the festive period.
  8. The Ox as the false 9 today then…
  9. The season was almost done when I took over, had 8 games to play. My 8th game went well And the season as a whole was good
  10. Hope they can get SWOS and the lesser loved GOAL! on it. Myself and @disperse and recoagulatealso loved “Multiplayer Soccer Manager” but I can’t see that getting added.
  11. Haha once in a job I’ll remove a bunch for speed
  12. Starting my save. Going in jobless
  13. They have a big £200mil budget yeah.
  14. Started as Liverpool for the beta before I start without a club as my main save. Asked the board to sign Haaland and £99million later then delivered him!
  15. Mike

    Apple Arcade

    Thanks guys! Partner is getting induced tomorrow so looking for stuff we can pass the time with before it all kicks off, so to speak.
  16. Mike

    Apple Arcade

    Getting Apple Arcade for a month. Any recommendations of must play games from the last year or any good 2 player games to play with my partner would be welcome.
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