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  1. Dammit, seeing Saturn talk does funny things to me. I'm happy with my ODE, but the idea of a grey Saturn to play my originals appealed. So I wake to an "offer accepted" eBay email for a CIB VA0 Jpn Saturn. Oh well!
  2. I'm way behind, I just killed Phrike today. My PS5 is hooked up where I WFH, so I fired it up after logging off. Thanks for the advice about buying a large health item - I didn't really need it in the end but popped it in the final phase. It was nice to explore a new area after 7 hours in Biome 1. I should play this more earlier in the evening rather than before bed!
  3. It’s still emulation in the sense that its reproducing the original hardware, but at a logic gate level, instead of in code. It can be effectively 1:1 “emulation”, but it can also be someone writing their interpretation of a chip that handles sprites. I’m guessing this is the case here for some custom Cave chip.
  4. One of my biggest regrets when I was in Japan was passing on N64 games including that one. Looks awesome!
  5. My Fenrir arrived. Of course I don’t have an SD Card to spare. Nicely packaged and a good quality PCB.
  6. As mods go, it’s easy. You still need to do some soldering and lift a pretty small pin on a chip though.
  7. LTTP is definitely the best for me too. Im playing the original at the moment, never got it as a kid, looked too dated later on. It’s great, very obtuse without a guide but the DNA is there and the gameplay is really fun. I guess my point is it’s often nostalgia, but not always!
  8. That’s crazy, I’ve never seen one, but adrenaline leech is common for me. That’s good to know about the large vial, something else I get a lot is the max adrenaline consumable which is always tempting!
  9. Agree with that, I still get an adrenaline rush playing it. Which I'm going to do this afternoon.
  10. I completed OoT recently on the 3DS, it's the first time out of a few attempts I've played through it again. Honesty, I think it's still great, but without the nostalgia factor, I can see how it could feel clunky. The overworld never really worked well in 3D Zeldas prior to BotW. Back to the meat of OoT, the dungeons, they're pretty great, as are the bosses so yeah, I can see both sides. I've been playing Majora's Mask on and off, again on 3DS, having bought but never even played it on N64 and yeah, it feels super clunky in places, but it's still a really e
  11. @MikeBeaver - My original PAL cart is long-gone too. One day...
  12. Getting platinum medals in Blast Corp is still one of my fondest gaming memories.
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