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  1. Ah, hello checkpoint before squeeze through gap Unreal trope followed by a TRAP!
  2. If there are three enemies ahead, it feels like there’s not much options. Melee combat is terrible, and a fourth enemy will show up spitting acid. Do I stealth? That doesn’t feel like it works consistently. Ugh, I think this game is going to Cex.
  3. Having just finished playing through Dead Space, this is nowhere near as good in terms of movement, combat, atmosphere or design.
  4. The "minimalist connection" is a bridge between the USB OTG output on the DE-10 and the USB board.
  5. I've got a wifi dongle, an 8bit Do 2.4 GHz adapter and a Raphnet USB to SNES classic controller adapter. Also connected it an RGB to S-Video adapter being powered via the analogue board.
  6. There's a fan on the IO boards, but I think you do need to pick a heat sink unless one comes bundled with said IO board. Yeah, if you have a USB hub, OTG cables and separate hubs don't matter. I personally have found the supplied PSU fine, but some people have had power issues - perhaps with a lot of things attached?
  7. I thought that might've been the case, they were all over Fallen Order (Also Unreal) but just remembered, this is a cross-gun game so super duper IO speeds don't apply.
  8. What IS it with shimmy through gap gameplay elements? Are they supposed to be fun? They seem to be in a LOT of Unreal Engine games! Anyway. it's okay so far. Looks great. Melee combat is a bit shit.
  9. Got it installing on my PS5 despite the mixed reviews. First time using a physical game on the thing!
  10. Yeah I have GP so I’ll try to give the sequel a shot. Just not for a while. Im on what I’m guessing is the final boss now.
  11. Okay, past the cart and on to more enemies. This game has outstayed its welcome now. Might pass on the sequel.
  12. Now I’m on THAT bit with the cart. Holy shit it’s frustrating.
  13. I’ve got a new old stock 15” CRT and chassis ready to go for a custom woody at some point. I’ll probably put that one in a vertical orientation and leave my Aero City horizontal. At some point though, I’ll get another cab. Maybe a Blast City or Naomi.
  14. Mine is from RKLOK - a lockdown purchase. I only have a few real boards with Mister and Mistercade taking care of the rest. Definitely advise a CRT over an LCD.
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