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  1. I’m sure there’ll be some space misfit swashbuckling to come.
  2. Colonel Panic


    Listened to Modern Life is Rubbish a good bit after those excellent videos. It's a great album. Back on a bit of a Blur thing now, so I've got my Magic Whip t-shirt on and the record ready to put on my turntable.
  3. I liked it for the most part. Feels like the good kind of Picard driven TNG episodes, where he's a detective, not a captain... It didn't need the mad ninja shit though.
  4. Colonel Panic

    Pearl Jam

    This is different. I like it though!
  5. It’s probably a dump of a MySQL database you can restore
  6. I do agree about Analogue, and their marketing is insufferable. I personally didn’t get stung on import charges for my SuperNT and I’m very happy with it. part of the fun for many is using original carts. I think in hindsight though, a real SNES with an OSSC or a Rad2x cable is prob the best way to play if you don’t have a CRT.
  7. You can't plug carts into a MiSTer though.
  8. It’s simulation, but that doesn’t make it better or worse than good cycle accurate emulation.
  9. I have seen very few of the movies in this thread. :/ I hated Marriage Story, Ad Astra and Us, loved Apollo 11 and Midsommar. Thought Joker was okay. I need to watch Parasite, Knives Out and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
  10. Now that is a cool piece of kit!
  11. I've bought most of my top albums of the year on vinyl. I use Spotify Premium as a gatekeeper though. Anything I listen to a LOT gets bought for sure.
  12. A bit of Mario 3. I don't normally use save states, but they're useful in games like this where it's takes time to play through the game in one sitting.
  13. Alright, but how does that present itself during the first part of the game really though? All the voices and the hints at some trauma that skirt around what? Suicide? It's all euphemism so far. I wish if they wanted to tell a story, that there was LESS gameplay and more walking simulator.
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