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  1. I’m trying to play through The Legend of Zelda for the 10th time. My first Zelda was LTTP. This time I’m playing armed with a the manual and map that came with the game, so I at least have a rough idea where the first few dungeons are to augment the vague hints NPCs give. Oh it’s East, is it?? Liking it so far. It’s basic, obviously, but the combat and dungeons are fun. This time might be the time!!
  2. Is this "never played an Animal Crossing game" friendly? Getting sucked in my screenshots and all the chat of island sharing!
  3. I own three copies of Skies of Arcadia. US and PAL DC and Legends for the GC. I never finished it so it'll probably get my vote! None of them are signed copies.
  4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order I'd been finding the game pretty tedious and the combat wooden for a while but put it on again this evening and remembered why I stopped playing. Stupid arena combat trope. Hnnnnng...
  5. Habitat unit with a door that opens out. Only open when the PS4 is on for the sake of ventilation. Doing a good bit more PC gaming these days. Not good as I'm also doing the work from home thing here (Which I fucking HATE)
  6. One of my favourite box arts and it’s a great version of the game.
  7. I think I've just been talked out of getting this, at least at full price given the last load of posts here!
  8. Episode One is alright if you go for that one bullet achievement.
  9. That's a bit... extreme!
  10. Im so confused by this show. I think I like it, but the emergency hologram acting range and Rafi... Hnnnngg.
  11. The accents...Does the Scottish one sounds d as bad to Scots as the Irish one does to me?
  12. Maybe 2/3 through. Perhaps 3/4?
  13. I never finished Opposing Force or Blue Shift. Time to put that right!
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