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  1. I just finished Light by M. John Harrison and I think I enjoyed it, but the whole thing was a pretty bizarre experience. It takes a little time to ramp up, and sometimes it felt like I was reading a post by that Centurion bloke on the forum, but yeah, it ended up being vague but satisfying all at once! I'll have to look at other books by the author in the same universe for sure! After something a BIT more lightweight!
  2. It’s a slippery slope! I use SNAC and originals for Nintendo and an M30 for everything else!
  3. Seems like it blows air across the heat sink which is fine. They don’t really get *that* hot, it seems like more of a precaution due to being in a confined spare. Ive been playing my spare MiSTer without even a heat sink for hours and it’s never that warm.
  4. Does the DE-10 plug in upside down?
  5. Yeah, it’s not needed in that case. The menu will be PAL on a PAL machine for example, but NTSC games run (pretty much) full speed and full screen. I use mine on an NTSC and PAL console no bother. https://everdrive.me official seller above, based in Ukraine
  6. If you’ve already spent a fortune on a HDMI mod on an N64, what does, “worth it” even mean? NTSC games ain’t cheap, Everdrive 64 plays all region games. How do you want to play stuff on it?
  7. To answer my own question, there's a newer downloader, but it doesn't use the update.ini file from the old base update script. https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Downloader_MiSTer
  8. https://www.mouser.ie/ProductDetail/Terasic/P0496?qs=sGAEpiMZZMug%2BNZZT2EIMybLXjFfYtXHeZj9cpOi%2FsY= Expected in Jan also. It will prompt to switch to GB to pay GB VAT.
  9. Has anyone had any success with update_all honouring the core include/exclude lists in the main update.ini file? I just want a few console cores, no computer cores and none of the alternate arcade nonsense but despite update_all.ini referencing update.ini it pulls down the lot!
  10. alt-right? Okay??!! They were available from the uk version of Mouser for months and months and what you pay is including UK VAT etc so I dunno what your problem is. Furthermore, people in this thread and specifically in this context, myself, have always been pretty helpful. Just not very tolerant of you, having been round that merry-go-round a few times on other threads. It's always everyone else though, eh?
  11. It feels ridiculous typing this, but I'm going to wait for the paperback so that it lines up with the rest of the series on my shelf.
  12. I literally bought a DE-10 Nano in September. He just wants one assembled and configured because he can’t won’t do it. Running update_all on it now to prep for MiSTerCade. MR Fusion and update_all are so much simpler than my original setup experience.
  13. If you use the right cable, either option is functionally equivalent. You’d need a pass through cable if it’s set to 75ohm (My NESRGB mod is set up that way). TTL sync just means cable reuse is possible because the resistor to attenuate the sync line is in the cable.
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