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  1. Cool, sounds okay. I’ve got US Windwaker so I can use that.
  2. There's no difference, but not all PAL N64s support s-video. Not sure if they're great, but I just get any old version I can find on Amazon. The official cables pop up on eBay a bit.
  3. If I have a softmodded Wii, it is possible to add a modded save file to a GC memory card that will let me run any code I want on a Gamecube?
  4. You're in Ireland, right? I'm always interested in Nintendo stuff.
  5. Just started this so apologies if this has been said over and over... For starters, I'm loving the intro parts and new characters so far. I'm NOT loving this new traversal type, the squeeze through tight gaps thing that drove me insane playing that Jedi game whose name escapes me.
  6. Yeah, I'm alright with an iron, I've been researching getting a soldering station for a shitload of other projects so this'll be a nice refresher! I've also found that my Japanese Kirby Superstar Deluxe is SUPER flakey. I cleaned the pins and it loads consistently now, but some of the sprite tiles in the game just look a bit screwy! It's got an SA-1 chip in it too, which adds to the complexity. That cart I care a bit more about, so if all goes well with Super GnG, I've got that, and a couple of battery changes to churn through.
  7. No worries, I'm on my first play through as well and was a bit ahead of you there. I finished it last night and am sorry I didn't play through the game sooner. By the end, I was really invested in the characters and the game itself is a load of fun. The last few encounters in particular are great! I started Left Behind before work, so I should be nicely primed for Part 2 at the weekend.
  8. Nah, it leads you to the next bit of story.
  9. Popped open Super Ghouls N Ghosts while on a super-long conference call. Despite a cleaning with IPA, the pins look tired. Visually, solder joints look okay, but given my experiences with this cart, who knows?
  10. I think I’m near the end on this, it has been quite an experience. Last time I tried to play this was on PS3 and I put the difficulty too hard for my headspace at the time. I’ve been playing on normal this time and realising as I traverse areas how a little less resources and a little more consequences could elevate a good game into something else entirely. Sort of like when you jack the difficulty on the first Halo game. I don’t regret playing it this way though, I’m super upgraded and badass and it’s fun to stealth and arrow the fuck out of everything! And I want to do the DLC and start the sequel ASAP!
  11. Guys, suffice to say I’m not selling them as working if they’re not. Let’s leave it at that!
  12. @Camel I tested them on an Analogue SuperNT so it’s unlikely to be the issue. I’ll try them on a real SNES today! @MikeBeaver I kinda fancy the challenge of doing that myself if required! Been getting back into electronics lately. @Lorfarius Yep, that’s what I did, but didn’t inspect anything in too much detail!
  13. I’m having a hard time on the desert forest side quest in Chrono Trigger at the moment. Just can’t get the heal/attack rhythm on the boss right.
  14. Street Fighter 2 and Super Ghouls N Ghosts. Cart only, NTSC-U
  15. It could I can try with one other and see if they reliably boot on it. If so, I can sell them guilt free.
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