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  1. Haha, yeah it's the same feeling as an Argos catalog when you're a kid!
  2. They sell PCBs and pre-built adapters for assorted consoles - https://www.raphnet-tech.com/
  3. I bought a PCB from Raphnet and bodged an SFC controller and GC extension cable for this purpose!
  4. Stock of RTX 3070 Ti seem to pop up from time to time on Amazon for £900, which is ridiculous. But it is more ridiculous than my need for one? The issue now is my PC has a 550W PSU and an i7 6700k so do I just replace CPU, RAM and motherboard as well? Probably. My biggest regret is passing up 20xx cards a few times when they probably would've suited my purpose and build something entirely new in another few years.
  5. Yeah, I messed up a little there by not getting one years ago, and not I want to try out the 360p output with custom RetroTink 5x scaling modes. The GBA core on a CRT via MiSTer is not quite my tempo.
  6. Thanks Mike, they sell for a pretty penny as a package so I get it! I'm in no rush and keeping an eye on eBay too, I just thought I'd ask on the off-chance.
  7. @phresh - If you want RGB SCART out, you should get the analogue I/O board. Regarding the keyboard thing… it’s useful to have one for the initial setup, but you can assign menu buttons to the controller.
  8. Are you getting the digital I/O board just for some buttons?
  9. Any GB Players for the Gamecube in your piles of retro loot, @MikeBeaver? I'm not too fussed about the startup disc.
  10. After the 2nd level of Sonic 2, I'm happy to blank the existence of sequels! *drowns again*
  11. There's probably going to be a common set of games in most people's top 25 Saturn games. Mass Destruction was never on my radar before so I'll have to check it out. Good to see Galactic Attack/Layer Section - One of my favourites!
  12. Easy to be subjective putting composite into a PVM But seriously... Of course it's subjective. I'm giving my thoughts on it like you did! (As an aside, the S-Video support out of an NTSC GC is excellent!)
  13. Slightly disturbed by this "composite is good" talk tbh. On a consumer TV, composite really depends on the quality of the comb filter, which isn't that great even on good Trinitrons. Composite into a PVM, sure, it's gonna look pretty good.
  14. FX Pak Pro is the current version, anything referring to SD2SNES is the older model (which I have) and they're different FPGA hardware hence two versions.
  15. Yes and no https://sd2snes.de/blog/archives/1157
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